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Salsa dispute leads to injury, arrest

Akron - An Ohio woman has been jailed and charged with stabbing her boyfriend because the man failed to leave her enough salsa dip.

Vietnam veteran get his prosthetic leg back following theft

Philadelphia - A disabled man has reclaimed his prosthetic limb some 24 hours after it was stolen ahead of Sunday's Giants-Eagles National Football League game in Philadelphia.

Chainsaw-tossing thieves in high speed police chase

Duluth - During a high speed chase with two hardware thieves a Duluth, Georgia police sergeant found himself dodging chainsaws as he drove.

Man rescued trying to reach Bermuda via inflatable bubble

Miami - The U.S. Coast Guard rescued endurance runner and peace activist Reza Baluchi as he tried to reach Bermuda by sea in an inflatable bubble. The attempted 1,033-mile journey to Bermuda began in Miami and ended about 70 nautical miles east of St. Augustine.

Taliban leader messes up tweet, gives away location via geotag

Kabul - With a mistaken tweet, the Taliban's Afghanistan spokesman, Zabihullah Mujahid, revealed with a geotag that he was in Sindh, Pakistan. The Friday tweet which went out to almost 5,900 followers claimed an attack; Mujahid claims the tweet was a conspiracy.

Woman caught burglarizing cars was looking for members of ISIS

Hurley - A woman caught burglarizing cars in the parking lot of East Central High School claimed she was looking for members of ISIS. Lisa Carol Roche has now reportedly joined in the global fight against one of the world's deadliest terrorist organizations.

Man takes ex to court for return of $40K family heirloom ring

When Owen Muir asked Stephanie Foley to marry him in August of 2012, neither could have known that less than two years later, they’d be going to court over the expensive family heirloom diamond ring he presented to her.

Woman gets cocky, allegedly etches penis in car

Wesley Chapel - A woman in Florida apparently decided to take the law into her own hands and prove to a citizen that disobeying traffic laws has consequences.

Thieves steal entire bridge in Turkish province

Kocaeli - On March 11, local villagers from the western Turkish province of Kocaeli reported that an entire bridge mysteriously went missing.

Op-Ed: Everyday fools need recognition too

On any given day Hollywood stars and politicians are reported doing and saying the most ridiculous things imaginable. Doubt me? Listen closely to the next "star" interview you randomly stumble across.

In Thailand, creepy bees suck on human tears

Consider yourself warned: if you start crying on the streets of Thailand, you might just find a swarm of bees landing on your face.

Keep an eye on your cat if you plan to visit Angers, France

Angers - The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Angers, France warns all citizens to hold on to their furry little friends.

Man calls 911 to make his wife go to bed so he can view Facebook

Doyle Hardwick, 57, was sitting at home trying to browse through Facebook, but his wife would not leave him alone. Hardwick then called 911 in order to seek some assistance.

Fist fight at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Chicago - A fight broke out at Orchestra Hall, home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra around 9 p.m. Thursday night between two viewers. One man was injured and the attacker has not been found.

Video of Facebook tattoo revealed as hoax 

Tuesday's report on a young woman getting all her Facebook friends profile pictures tattooed on her arm has been discovered to be a fake.

Woman gets social with Facebook tattoo

In weird and interesting news, a YouTube video shows a young woman getting a tattoo of all of her friends' profile pictures on Facebook down her entire arm.

Man Accused of Being Nude on Ski Lift

A N.Y man has been accused of riding nude at a mountain resort. The man who is 46 years old has pleaded not guilty to felony lewd and lasivious conduct and misdemeanor marijiuana possession. A witness reported that the man was nude and touching himself...

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Lisa Carol Roche  41
Lisa Carol Roche, 41
Jackson County Sheriff's Department
Screenshot from the dashcam video taken during high speed chase with chainsaw-tossing thieves. City ...
Screenshot from the dashcam video taken during high speed chase with chainsaw-tossing thieves. City of Duluth Police Department dashcam video.
The U.S. Coast Guard took this photograph before their rescue of endurance runner and peace activist...
The U.S. Coast Guard took this photograph before their rescue of endurance runner and peace activist Reza Baluchi who was trying to reach Bermuda by sea in an inflatable bubble.
U.S. Coast Guard