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Weight News

June is Lipedema Awareness Month

This month is "Lipedema Awareness Month." A series of events and promotions are taking place to raise public awareness of lipedema.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Obesity rates show a global increase

A global study of obesity, taking in 30 years of data, reveals that an increasing number of people around the world are overweight. One of the causes is technological advances that promote inactivity and the increasing availability of unhealthy food.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Weight bias discovered in U.S. elections

Overweight political candidates in the U.S. tend to receive fewer votes than their thinner opponents, according to new research. Also, heavier men don't face discrimination unlike slightly overweight women.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Will sunlight help you to lose weight?

Bright morning light is associated with weight loss, according to a new study. People who had most exposure to bright light in the morning had a significantly lower body mass index (BMI) than those who had most of their light exposure later in the day.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

New obesity related gene discovered

Scientists have discovered a new gene connected to obesity in a surprising part of the genome. This is the latest "genetic" link to obesity.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Parents underestimate the size of their youngest child

Most parents underestimate the size of their youngest child, often by several inches, according to a new study. This tends to become apparent when a second child is born.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Op-Ed: How much is too much? The weight debate continues

When it comes to the "fat" issue, it's difficult to distinguish whether it's just a health concern or an actual case of discrimination. Research has only one stand, though: You can't be fat and healthy at the same time.
In the Media by Anna Johansson - 1 comment

Why do ex-smokers gain weight?

One reason why ex-smokers gain weight is because they eat more. However, weight gain is not necessarily due to an increased calorie intake, it also relates to a change in the composition of the intestinal microorganisms.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 6 comments

Weight Watchers now offers accessible solutions

Chicago - Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE: WTW) today announced its ongoing initiative to make its websites, mobile applications and print information more accessible.
In the Media by Robert Kingett

Is the Body Mass Index ethnically biased?

The U.K. government has questioned whether its own one-size-fits-all approach to the recommendations for ‘health,’ Body Mass Index, is ethnically biased.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 4 comments

Can a gut bacterium curb obesity?

A certain bacterium has been found in high numbers in the guts of people who are not over weight and in lower numbers in people who are. The bacterium appears to have a role in preventing certain types of obesity.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 7 comments

Can the fat burning 'toggle switch' be found?

Several scientific inquiries have sought to find a way to convert undesirable white fat cells into brown fat cells as a means of stimulating weight loss. Some new research may have found the answer.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Possible probiotic treatment for premature babies

Scientists have put forward the idea that chemicals secreted by ‘good bacteria’, which typically live in the intestines of babies, could reduce the frequency and severity of diseases of premature infants.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 1 comment

Where you live may affect your weight, a national study shows

The odds of rural Americans to be obese could be almost 20 per cent more compared to their counterparts in the cities, WLS reports based on a national study of more than 8,800 Americans published in the Journal of Rural Health.
In the Media by Arthelo Palma - 4 comments

World's heaviest woman sheds 98 lbs with seven-times-a-day sex

Pauline Potter, Guinness Book of World Record's heaviest living woman, weighing 643 lbs, turned to seven-times-a-day marathon sex sessions with her ex-husband to help shed 98 pounds.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 16 comments

Want to lose weight? Don’t eat as often, states new research

New research suggests that the time at which food is eaten is almost as important as the types of food that are eaten in relation to obesity levels.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 3 comments

'Early to bed, early to rise' keeps kids healthy and thin

A study in Australia has taken the old adage "early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," and proved at least the healthy part to be legit. It also confirmed that early birds are generally thinner and more active than night owls.
In the Media by Abigail Prendergast

Survey: Half of men would leave a woman who gained weight

In a recent poll, almost half of the men surveyed said they would dump their partner if she gained weight, 37% said they fantasize about their partner's friends, and 55% think they can tell when a woman fakes an orgasm.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 4 comments

Correct dosages important in medicating children Special

Toronto - When it comes to giving your children medicine dosage is key, experts say. In the past, over-the-counter medications and prescriptions used age and weight as the guidelines. That is changing in the wake of over and under dosages of medication.
Digital Journal Report by KJ Mullins

Meat eating linked to weight gain

Reducing the amount of meat being consumed, or eliminating it from the diet, may be the key to keeping weight down. A study found that people eating the most meat gained the most weight, even when they ate the same number of calories as other people.
In the Media by Lynn Curwin

Sopranos' star arrested in Florida on a DUI charge

Tampa - Driving under the influence has another Hollywood star in the spotlight this week. Joseph Gannascoli, who played a gay mafia character on the Sopranos' was allegedly drinking and driving when he was stopped by police officers in Tampa Florida.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman

Hooters girl sues for Weight Discrimination

Roseville - Hooters waitress Cassandra Smith claims that her bosses advised her to lose weight during her annual review and gave her 30 days to do so.
In the Media by John Graham

So Exercise Doesn't Lead to Weight Loss?

Maybe you've noticed lately that even when you do a lot of exercise, you aren't necessarily losing any weight. Not, of course, unless you also change your eating habits.
In the Media by Joan Firstenberg - 2 comments

Could we go back in time and slim down to save the planet?

We didn't know it at the time...those of us who lived through the 1970's. But those are being called slimmer and trimmer times by researchers who say we really should go back to that era now to save the planet.
In the Media by Joan Firstenberg

Study: Beverages More Vital to Weight Gain or Loss Than Food

A study from John Hopkins finds that beverage consumption has a greater impact on weight than food consumption. Sugar-sweetened beverages are the source.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 3 comments

Fat Doesn't Get Good Sex for Men

A study has found a good reason for men to lose weight. Those extra pounds can significantly interfere with sex life. On the other hand, there are ways to reverse that.
In the Media by Carol Forsloff - 1 comment

Op-Ed: Jessica Simpson looking fat these days? Please!

Jessica Simpson is in the spotlight this week for being too "curvy" following a recent country music event in Florida. Some blame it on the jeans; others, the camera guy. The girl still looks fantastic despite the jealous attacks on her trunk.
In the Media by Nikki Weingartner - 7 comments

Obesity Germ? New study links weight gain to virus

Recent medical studies have concluded that obesity may be contagious in humans and could be as easy to catch as a common cold.
In the Media by Sitafa Harden

Neighborhood Greenness Has Long Term Positive Impact on Kids’ Health

In the first study to look at the effect of neighborhood greenness on inner city children's weight over time, researchers that higher neighborhood greenness is associated with slower increases in children's body mass.
In the Media by Bob Ewing - 4 comments

Is body weight in the genes?

A woman’s waistline may have less to do with rigorous exercise and abstaining from sweets than it does with the genes of her parents, according to a new study by Tel Aviv professor Gregory Livshits.
In the Media by Bob Ewing
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