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Weekend News

Radio Romance talks new single 'Weekend,' dream collaborations Special

Radio Romance chatted with Digital Journal about their new country single "Weekend," and their dream collaboration choices.

Review: Radio Romance releases liberating new single 'Weekend' Special

Radio Romance, the winners of the Nash Next competition, have released their breakthrough single "Weekend" on Big Machine Label Group's Nash Next Records.

Weekend rainstorms expected to keep Bay Area soaking on Monday

San Francisco - Frances Picazo of San Francisco couldn't sleep Saturday night, not with a new storm bearing down on the family home in the city's Mission District.

'Ant-Man' arrives and will battle 'Minions' for top spot

After an impressive first weekend win, "Minions" will be tough to beat. But, "Ant-Man" is here and the buzz has been good. The buzz, however, is still solid for those pesky "Minions."

Publicist Karine Delage talks about Karyzma Agency Social Lodge Special

Studio City - Canadian publicist Karine Delage's Karyzma Agency Social Lodge is expected to take place on February 28 in Studio City, California.

'Jackass: Bad Grandpa' bounces 'Gravity'

A poor showing for "The Counselor" meant a raunchy comedy took over the top spot at the box office with an impressive $32 million. It also knocked out three-time champ, "Gravity."

Summer heat claims at least two lives in one weekend

Las Vegas - Other parts of the world suffer from thunderstorms and pouring rain, over on the Southern West coast heat has claimed the lives of two people this weekend.

'Scary Movie 5' spoofs horror while '42' aims to hit a home run

It is not always a good thing to launch two genre-related films within a week of each other but it might actually help "Scary Movie 5."

Review: 'The Carpenter's Miracle' premieres on GMC TV Special

On March 30, the original film “The Carpenter’s Miracle,” starring Emmy-nominated actor Cameron Mathison, was televised on GMC TV, in an effort to kick off the Easter holiday weekend.

Saudi businesses push for weekend to be changed

Riyad - Businesses in Saudi Arabia are losing billions of riyals due to the Kingdom's weekends being out of sync with the international community. They are calling for the current Thursday-Friday weekend to be changed to Friday-Saturday.

'The Possession' possesses the number one spot in weak weekend

Not much talk centered around movies this Labor Day weekend, and even with one day left on the holiday, break lights could be seen at the turnstiles.

New releases may not help box office but '2016' doing well

The box office is in the doldrums as kids head back to school and now, football is starting, so why no mention of the success of a documentary? After all, when headlines are scarce at the box office, one must look a little deeper.

Polish roads claim 41 lives on the last weekend of the holidays

The last weekend of the summer holidays is always deadly on Polish roads as holidaymakers return home. This year was no different with 41 people losing their lives over the weekend on Poland's notorious roads.

Oscar Mayer wienermobile is on ebay

Kraft foods has announced the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is now available on ebay. The national winners will be riding "shotbun' for the day if they win the bid for the giant Wiener ride, which is currently at $1111.11 and run through June 4.

ANSWER's Mass March and Die-In Took Place On September 15

On Saturday the ANSWER Coalition sponsored a large Mass March and Die-In in the nation's capital. Reports show about 200 protesters were arrested. Protesters numbered about 5,000. It is estimated that 1,000 took place in the Die-In.

Weekend Useful Reminders

Great tips from Seth Godin for spring cleaning your house hold activities.

If You're Going to Have A Stroke, Have It During the Week

A study published in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association found that of patients who had strokes, more died if their strokes were over the weekend.

Janitor spends weekend in courthouse

Think you had a boring weekend? Talk to Harold Jones. The 32-year-old janitor spent two and a half days without food, water or access to a bathroom after he was accidentally locked in a secure room at an upstate courthouse.

Britney Spears Strips, Dances And Blacks Out In Manhattan Over The Weekend

Britney Spears goes to a club in Manhattan, gets drunk, takes her clothes off, writhes around with another nearly naked dancer, passes out and has to be carried out. Submitter is so taking her in the next 'dead celeb' pool

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