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Op-Ed: 5 best off-the-shelf website solutions for small business

When the time comes for your small business to make the jump to internet sales you will need a web store to simplify and secure transactions.

Malware infects hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites

Hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs powered by content management platform WordPress have been infected by malicious malware via a plugin.

AdBlock Plus Firefox plugin could consume gigabytes of RAM

One of the most popular Firefox plugins used by millions worldwide has been revealed by Mozilla to potentially consume megabytes, or even gigabytes, of RAM on users' machines while enabled during browsing.

World's top DJ Hardwell relaunches website in interactive format

World renowned Dutch DJ Hardwell has relaunched his website in a new interactive format. He is also the head of his label, Revealed Recordings.

Teaser website launches for Xbox One exclusive 'Sunset Overdrive'

Games developer Insomniac Games and publisher Microsoft have teamed up to produce a viral teaser website for the upcoming Xbox One exclusive title 'Sunset Overdrive'.

WordPress 3.9 Release Candidate 2 is available for testing

The immensely popular content management system WordPress has entered the second release candidate stage for version 3.9.

UK website launched for May film Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

The Royal Blog of Oz, the "Wizard of Oz"/L. Frank Baum blog of Dorothy and Ozma Productions, owned by Jared Davis and others in the Oz community recently reported that the United Kingdom website for Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return has launched.

Adultery site sues ex-employee who claims she wrote fake profiles

Ashley Madison, a Canadian-based website that markets itself to people looking for extramarital affairs, is counter-suing a former employee who claimed that she strained her wrist while creating up to 1,000 fake profiles.

Mt. Gox updates website, allows customers to check bitcoin balances

Mt. Gox, a leading bitcoin exchange that late last month filed for bankruptcy protection, updated its website on Tuesday to allow customers to log in and verify their wallet, or account, balance.

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox goes dark in blow to virtual currency

The website of Mt. Gox appears to be taken down, shortly after six major Bitcoin exchanges released a joint statement distancing themselves from the troubled Tokyo-based bitcoin exchange.

M&S leaves Amazon behind as new website goes live

Marks & Spencer, Britain's biggest clothing retailer, has launched a new website platform, a key plank of its strategy to reverse nearly a decade of market share decline in its most profitable business...

Review: Choosing a host for your e-commerce website? Here's the catch

Thought having a website was as simple as 1, 2, 3? There are many other aspects of having a website than just a domain name. Hosting is one of these.

China blocks The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper's website has been blocked in China without warning or any clear indication as to why. However, some claim they can access the website without any problems.

McDonald's takes down website due to ridicule and bad feedback

Oak Brook - On Thursday, McDonald's confirmed that it had suspended its McResources employee website due to all of the negative feedback and bad press that the site has brought to the fast food giant.

Op-Ed: Changing the game for website rankings and SEO practices

Online business marketing is dependent upon using the proper tools in search engine optimization, or SEO. This has meant using keywords to be picked up by search engines, but this practice has also lead to content that is not very user-friendly.

'Tobacco Body' website shows graphically awful results of smoking

A new website from Finland is a reminder to us all of what smoking can do to our bodies and our health. Created by the Cancer Society of Finland, it gives the viewer both visuals and text on how each part of the body is affected by smoking.

States enroll more than feds on Obamacare site

Fewer than 40,000 people have signed up for Obamacare, while the states running their own program say more than 49,000 have enrolled.

Do Americans use Facebook to read news? New research finds out Special

Is Facebook becoming the place to find and read news? Do people use Facebook as a news-feed or do they just incidentally read news on the social networking site whilst engaging with friends? Pew Research Center’s brand new study answers the questions.

Police arrest teen weapons dealer for making a killing online

Casarrubios Del Monte - A minor near the city of Toledo in Spain has been arrested by police for selling hundreds of illegal weapons online. Officers found a huge arsenal of these weapons in his home.

Teenager says PayPal denied him reward for finding website bug

A 17-year-old teen, who is a student from Germany, says that PayPal has denied him a reward for finding a vulnerability in its site.

Interview: Zach Marks talks about Grom Social Special

On Feb. 20, 2013, Zach Marks, a 12-year old innovator, chatted via telephone about his new social network, Grom Social. It is a website designed for kids by kids, which affords them a forum to interact in.

Anonymous hacks U.S. Sentencing Commission website

Washington - The Internet hactivist group Anonymous is continuing their protest against the Department of Justice, this time targeting the United States Sentencing Commission, part of the government’s judicial branch.

Site accuses women of being hookers and posts their private info

The 'potential Prostitutes' site posts photos and numbers of women who users claim are prostitutes, and then charges 'offenders' if they want the information removed.

Anonymous targets Westboro, releases addresses, phone numbers

The hacker group Anonymous has targeted the website of Westboro Baptist Church after the church announced plans to protest Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Warner Bros. launches Oscar campaign for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Beverly Hills - Should "The Dark Knight Rises" receive any Academy Award nominations? The studio heads at Warner Bros. launched a campaign website this week in order to push for Oscar consideration of the final film in the Batman trilogy.

Op-Ed: Did Romney's failure to prepare lead to election loss?

As President of the United States, one must prepare for nearly every possible scenario, good or bad, and it appears as if Mitt Romney was prepared for the good, but not prepared for what would happen if he did not win the election.

Op-Ed: RT's website suffering a massive DDoS attack (update)

Many people from all over the world are complaining on RT's Facebook page that they cannot access the RT News website. Turns out they are suffering a massive DDoS attack.

Op-Ed: Akbar hated Romney, launched website to stop him last year

One thing you can always count on from a Conservative -- and that's being consistent. If they hate you today, they will hate you tomorrow, next month, next year and forever. Until they don't anymore.

Cyber-attack in progress against WikiLeaks (video update)

London - For just over a week, WikiLeaks websites have been hammered by DDoS attacks. The websites are often not available, or are extremely slow to access.

Anonymous hacks 'Aryan Front' neo-Nazi website

In their latest strike, the collective of hacktivists have attacked the Aryan Front Neo-Nazi website, leaving messages and downloading member information.
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Podium is a website collecting dozens of Toronto talks and lectures on 1 site
Podium is a website collecting dozens of Toronto talks and lectures on 1 site
Anonymous targets Israeli government websites
Anonymous targets Israeli government websites
Screen Capture
Screenshot of front page of Google Maps
Screenshot of front page of Google Maps
A screen cap of the Life of Brian page
A screen cap of the Life of Brian page
The AskForTask banner image showing the layout of the website and app and highlighting the top three...
The AskForTask banner image showing the layout of the website and app and highlighting the top three categories for jobs on the site - cleaning, delivery and office work.
The Chartbeat page of  showing various metrics and analytics stats
The Chartbeat page of, showing various metrics and analytics stats
Chartbeat screenshot
A woman shopping online
A woman shopping online
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The front page of MySpace
The front page of MySpace
Topic pages give Digital Journalists  bloggers and photographers a new way to get their content seen...
Topic pages give Digital Journalists, bloggers and photographers a new way to get their content seen.
Screenshot of Grooveshark s Popular playlist page
Screenshot of Grooveshark's Popular playlist page
Browsing the Web
A woman is browsing the Internet outdoor
Digital Journal
Adobe Muse  the company s website creation tool
Adobe Muse, the company's website creation tool
Adobe homepage August 16 2010 homepage August 16 2010
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Israeli military website hacked by Anonymous
Israeli military website hacked by Anonymous
A screenshot of using Kickstumbler
A screenshot of using Kickstumbler
The 17-year-old Russian inventor of Chatroulette!
The 17-year-old Russian inventor of Chatroulette!
Jewgenij Kondakow
The front page of
The front page of