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New Vivaldi 'smart' browser features home automation integration Special

Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzchner announced the latest version 1.5 of his web browser Vivaldi, a niche product that has been met with highly positive reception since its release.

Opera adds a built-in VPN feature for secure web browsing

In its upcoming update, Opera is going to offer a new built-in virtual private network (VPN) to increase users' security during web surfing.

Google Chrome to start blocking Flash content on every website

Google has outlined a proposal to start blocking Flash content altogether in its Chrome web browser. It already disables Flash content by default and is now planning to take this further. It wants to completely block Flash media, excluding only 10 sites.

Save webpages to read later with Google's new Chrome extension

Google has quietly launched a new Chrome extension that lets you save webpages to the cloud for later reading. The extension rivals existing tools with the same purpose including Pocket, Evernote and Microsoft OneNote.

Microsoft Edge joins Google Chrome, to block Flash automatically

Microsoft has announced that a future version of its Edge web browser will disable non-essential Flash content by default. The move will speed up web browsing and increase security. Flash is regularly hit by critical exploits, including one this week.

Chrome to dethrone Internet Explorer as most popular browser

Google Chrome is now very close to becoming the world's most popular web browser. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome are about to swap places in the charts as Microsoft's aging browser continues to quickly fall out of favour with many consumers.

Chrome app launcher being killed off as Google simplifies browser

Google has announced it will remove the app launcher from Windows, Mac and Linux versions of its popular Chrome web browser. The company is making the change to streamline the browsing experience as few people actively use the feature.

First extensions come to Microsoft Edge in new Windows 10 preview

Microsoft has officially announced browser extensions for its new Edge web browser. Edge extensions are almost identical to Chrome extensions, making it simple for developers to bring their existing code to Microsoft's browser.

Opera gets a built-in ad blocker, dramatically boosts performance

Opera has announced that a major update to its web browser will include a native ad blocker, the first in the industry. The company says it will speed up websites and improve user experience, claiming a built-in blocker is more effective than plugins.

Internet Explorer update adds banners to advertise Windows 10

Some users of Internet Explorer on Windows 7 and 8.1 have discovered banner advertisements have begun appearing inside the web browser. The adverts market Windows 10, attempting to convince users to upgrade in yet another unwelcome marketing push.

Opera receives $1.2 billion buyout offer, accepts the deal

Internet company Opera has confirmed it has been approached by a consortium of Chinese firms interested in purchasing it for $1.2 billion. Opera, best known for the web browser of the same name, has indicated it will accept the offer.

Report finds Microsoft Edge 'InPrivate' mode isn't private at all

An investigation into the internals of Microsoft's new Edge web browser has found its InPrivate mode is flawed and continues to store browsing data as normal. Outsiders could work out which sites were viewed with InPrivate, making it insecure.

Apple rushes to patch Safari bug preventing people from searching

Apple has acted quickly to fix a bug in its Safari web browser for iOS and Mac OS X that caused it to crash instantly every time a search was made from the web browser. Reports of the crashes were widespread earlier today.

Brave web browser has automatic ad block, built by ex-Mozilla CEO

Brendan Eich, founder and ex-CEO of Mozilla, has announced a new web browser for desktop and mobile devices that blocks adverts by default, replacing annoying and intrusive ones with ads more applicable to the user.

340m PC users thrown 'hot potato' as Microsoft pulls plug on IE 8

Microsoft has followed through on its plans to end support for old versions of its Internet Explorer web browser and Windows operating system today. The move, described by experts as a "hot potato," puts as many as 340 million Internet users at risk.

Microsoft will abandon old Internet Explorer versions next week

Microsoft is issuing reminders to people who still use old but popular versions of its Internet Explorer web browser that it will be ending support for IE 8, 9 and 10 next week. The company will no longer issue security patches, putting PCs at risk.

Microsoft slip-up reveals Edge browser extensions coming soon

The erroneous posting of a Microsoft webpage has revealed that support for third-party extension support could be nearly ready for its new Edge browser. The feature was first expected to arrive in November but ultimately needed more development time.

Samsung's new VR web browser makes the Internet immersive

Samsung has launched a new app for its Gear VR headsets that lets users browse the Internet in an immersive, optimised browser. It natively supports 360-degree video streaming and can be navigated using voice commands.

Firefox web browser now available on iOS

Mozilla has publicly released a version of its Firefox web browser for iOS devices including the iPhone and iPad. Long-promised by the company and often-requested by fans, Firefox for iOS includes support for many of the browser's key features.

Google Chrome to end support for Windows XP and Vista next year

Google has announced that its Chrome web browser will no longer be supported on Windows XP, Windows Vista and some older versions of Mac OS X from next year. Users still have a little time left but the company is keen to get people upgrading.

EdgeHTML — Microsoft releases a new open source browser

Microsoft is struggling to keep pace with competition in mobile and they are finally looking to go open source, at least with the new EdgeHTML browser.

The Pirate Bay launches PirateBrowser to bypass censorship

The Pirate Bay recently celebrated their 10th anniversary. The infamous peer-to-peer torrent tracking site posted on their blog that they did not think they would make it this far, but they did.

Op-Ed: Is Google's Chromecast worth looking into?

Its name is the 'Chromecast', but it's often described as the 'dongle'. Could this low cost solution answer the woes surrounding the internet-enabled TV industry? Furthermore, is it really worth pursuing in such a device?

Google's Zopfli promises faster Internet speeds

Google's new algorithm, called Zopfli, promises faster data transfer speeds and reduced Web page load times by compressing content up to 8 percent smaller.

Yahoo launches Axis web browser, receives acclaim from pundits

Sunnyvale - Digital media company Yahoo has launched its own web browser, Axis. The company describes it as an innovative tool to surf the Internet and make it easier and faster. Will this surprise move help revamp the struggling but once dominant Internet giant?

Web browser, IQ study discovered to be hoax Special

A recent study linking a person's use of a Web browser and IQ level has been found to be an elaborate hoax created by a disgruntled Web developer.

Microsoft debuts Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate

Microsoft has today announced the immediate availability of a release candidate for their forthcoming web browser, Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft Recommends Firefox, Is it the End Days

Microsoft has an ingenious plan of recommending Firefox to users who can not get the company's AdCenter program to work correctly.

12-year old programmer creates a web browser

met a 12-year old programmer yesterday. He was on a field trip to the Microsoft Technology Center in Chicago with his middle school. He'd brought a USB storage stick with a program he'd written on it to show us. What he had written was a very cool web ...

12 Year Old Programmer Creates a Web Browser

This student is 12 but has already been programming for three years. Bill Gates started programming when he was 13 so this young student has a four year head start. Just imagine the possibilities.
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The Opera web browser
The Opera web browser
Opera web browser built-in ad block
Opera web browser built-in ad block
Extensions preview in Microsoft Edge
Extensions preview in Microsoft Edge
Bar graph comparing the results of a 2006 and 2011 survey demonstrating the relation between web bro...
Bar graph comparing the results of a 2006 and 2011 survey demonstrating the relation between web browser and IQ level.
AptiQuant Psychometric Consulting Co.
Google Chrome app launcher
Google Chrome app launcher
Opera power saving compared to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
Opera power saving compared to Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome
Opera web browser
Opera web browser
Opera web browser built-in ad block
Opera web browser built-in ad block
Opera web browser built-in ad block
Opera web browser built-in ad block
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screenshot of Bing Translate
Opera web browser built-in ad block
Opera web browser built-in ad block
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Save to Google extension for Chrome

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