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Shellshock bug attacks begin

Computer watchers have spotted several attacks on websites and servers using the serious Shellshock bug. This has resulted in several thousand infected servers being used to bombard web firms with data.

Sears stores offer curbside pickup/returns to online shoppers

Hoffman Estates - Online shoppers picking up or returning items to brick-and-mortar Sears stores nationwide can take care of business without leaving their cars.

Proposed limits generate 1 million comments from web users

Washington, D. C. - More than 1 million US residents are expected to weigh in on a controversial federal proposal to allow some paid Internet traffic to have priority over free messages and the public comment period still has nearly two months to go.

Eric Elliott's fight against poverty with code goes viral

In his words, Eric Elliott lost everything in 2008 and had to sell his house in 2009, resorting to couch surfing with friends. But by 2010, he had turned all of that around by entering one of the highest-paid industries of all right now: web development.

NeoCities throttles FCC over net neutrality protest

Two-tier internet service is not the way to go and one web hosting service took an interesting approach to get this point across. By giving them a taste of their own medicine, NeoCities hopes the FCC will reconsider their net neutrality proposal.

Half of Americans have changed browsing habits due to NSA spying

It would appear as though leaks by the US whistle-blower Edward Snowden last year about how the NSA snooped on the browsing habits of hundreds of thousands of Americans has actually caused people to take notice and be actively more secure online.

Somali suicide bomber attacks newly captured town

Mogadishu - A suicide bomber in Somalia rammed a car packed full of explosives into a hotel in a southern town, days after it was recaptured from the Al-Qaeda-linked Shebab, security officials said Tuesday."There was a suicide attack involving terrorists at a hote...

Inventor of the World Wide Web calls for online 'Bill of Rights'

The British inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, wants a digital bill of rights to protect Internet users from surveillance. Today is the 25-year anniversary of the Web's creation.

Op-Ed: 3 challenges web hosting companies will face in 2014

If recent trends hold, 2014 will see a lot more companies, from small to large, leverage the advantages of being on the Web. With more business on the horizon, hosting companies will face new challenges that will require them to adapt.

Clinic treats people with Internet addictions

People that cannot seem to put down their gadgets, such as smartphones and laptops, are finding more remedies to help treat their addiction to the Internet.

Yahoo! draws more U.S. traffic than Google in latest statistics

Yahoo! drew the most Internet traffic in the United States during July 2013, even beating out rival Google. According to the statistics presented by comScore, Yahoo! received the most unique visitors during July.

Google has removed 100 million piracy links during 2013

Over 100 million requests have been made to Google to remove more than 100 million links since January 2013. The requests relate to web pages considered to be in breach of copyright laws.

Google working to eliminate all child porn on the Web

Google announced that it is going to be spending $5 million on an effort to wipe out photos of child sexual abuse from the Internet, as well as another $2 million to research on more ways to find images and report and eradicate them.

/newsrooms coverage of mesh, Toronto's digital media conference

Toronto - In Toronto the mesh digital media conference wrapped up on Thursday. The mesh team gathered together leading thinkers and talented innovators who have earned their stripes accomplishing impressive digital work.

Mozilla sends cease-and-desist to Gamma for Firefox surveillance

Firefox, one of the most popular Web browsers, was recently found to serve as a medium for Gamma Group, a surveillance company of FinFisher, to spy on users using Firefox's brand and trademark to avoid detection.

Video: Travel back in time to the Internet in 1995

Ah, the good old days. In this video episode of Computer Chronicles, we travel back to 1995 and find out all the really exciting options available at that time on the Internet.

Web advertisers attack Mozilla for protecting consumers' privacy

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is irate that Mozilla is planning to make future versions of its Firefox web browser block third-party cookies by default.

Photo: President Barack Obama caught in Spider Man's web

Washington - A photo snapped by White House photographer Pete Souza, shows Obama in a playful moment with one of the White House staffers' children dressed up as Spider Man. The boy zaps the President with a spidey web and Obama plays the villain caught in the web.

Picnicface dominates comedy awards in Canada

The Canadian Comedy Awards Foundation handed out their awards and one act dominated the night. Note the name Picnicface.

Iran government offices logging off the Internet

Tehran - Iran is planning to move the country's key ministries away from the World Wide Web. Tehran states that the Internet is "untrustworthy" and the country is planning a domestic intranet.

Op-Ed: Declaration of Internet Freedom is exactly what we need

A broad coalition of activists, organizations and civil interest groups have banded together to create the Declaration of Internet Freedom. Now more than ever we need a guide intended to keep regulators in line with any policy relating to the Internet.

Internet censorship? Arizona law could outlaw trolling on the web

A new proposed law in Arizona is currently sitting on the desk of Gov. Jan Brewer awaiting signature. If signed, this could potentially have extensive ramifications, including a form of Internet censorship.

UK Government announces plans to monitor digital communication

The UK Government will be able to monitor the calls, emails, text messages and web habits of every person in the UK under new legislation set to be announced soon.

Video of man flying like a bird raises online controversy

The Hague - A video showing Dutch engineer Jarno Smeets taking off the ground on kite-like wings and flying through the air has drawn attention online. Smeets claims he is the first man to fly like a bird, without a jet engine or rotor.

Researcher makes violin strings out of spider silk

A researcher at a Japanese university has created violin strings from spider silk, and many people are impressed by the sounds.

White House mulls idea of mandatory ID cards for Web users

The White House Cyber Security Adviser Howard Schmidt and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke have recently announced a proposal for mandatory virtual ID cards for Internet users, called the “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace.”

Rogers introduces Web-based home-security system Special

Toronto - Complex system called Smart Home Monitoring connects to Internet service provider by cable and sends alarms and alerts via landline or smartphone

Man uses spider webs to create works of art

A New Jersey man spends a lot of time outdoors, collecting the central pieces for his works of art - the webs of spiders.

Op-Ed: Google+ Sparks feature disappoints, doesn't get aggregation right Special

While Techvibes’ Knowlton Thomas reported that Google + reached 10 million users in 16 days, let’s not jump the gun and call Google’s latest foray into social media a smashing success yet.

Google redesigns core sites, hopes to create more consistent look Special

Google sites are getting a facelift in a redesign to unify the look of the company's popular applications, a Google spokesperson said in an interview with Digital Journal.
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A packed Chinese Internet cafe
A packed Chinese Internet cafe
Lionel Bonaventure, AFP/File
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
by taliesin
Screenshot from s Roast of Facebook video
Screenshot from's Roast of Facebook video screenshot
The Electronic Frontier Foundation s office in San Francisco is shown.
The Electronic Frontier Foundation's office in San Francisco is shown.
David Silver/Wikimedia Commons
Nikki and Nora
Nikki and Nora
Obama in Spidey s web
Obama in Spidey's web
Pete Souza / Facebook
Re-publica 2010 in Berlin
Re-publica 2010 in Berlin
Network error page from ISP SCS in Syria  identical to similar message in Burma
Network error page from ISP SCS in Syria, identical to similar message in Burma
Courtesy Citizen Lab
A man using notebook computer
A man using notebook computer
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A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
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Sony Pictures The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb stars Andrew Garfield  Emma Stone  Rhys I...
Sony Pictures The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen and Sally Field.
Nikki and Nora
Nikki and Nora
Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365
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Close-up of the cephalothorax on Eriophora sp
Close-up of the cephalothorax on Eriophora sp
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Re-publica 2010 in Berlin
Re-publica 2010 in Berlin
Photo by Ed Yourdon
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
An illustration of the ubiquity of social media
Rosaura Ochua