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Wave News

Monster ocean wave sets southern hemisphere record: scientists

Wellington - Scientists have recorded what is believed to be the largest wave ever in the southern hemisphere, a 23.8 metre (78 foot) monster the height of an eight-floor building.

First ever photo of light as both wave and particle at same time

For the first time ever, light in the simultaneous form of both wave and particle, has been captured on camera by scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)

Viral Internet hoax prompts users to microwave iPhone 6

A hoax involving an iPhone 6 software update is going viral, and costing scores of users not only their phones, but their microwaves as well.

Video: Woman dances on beach, gets swept away by huge wave

Santander - Some people really take chances, as can be seen with this woman, dancing on the beach as a huge wave comes in and sweeps her off her feet. Luckily she escaped with only minor bruises.

Video: Giant wave washes woman out to sea in Biarritz, France

Biarritz - An amateur cameraman captured footage of a woman being washed out to sea by a giant wave, while strolling on the rocks near Biarritz in France. Rescuers have tried to find the woman without success.

Search ends for N.Y. teen swept by wave while on Hawaiian tour

For days, rescuers have been searching for 15-year-old Tyler Madoff after he was swept away by a large wave on July 4. Madoff had traveled to Hawaii with a tour company that offers teen adventure trips.

Cruise ship hit by 26-foot waves, killing 2

Two passengers were killed and fourteen injured after a series of mammoth waves smashed into a cruise ship carrying almost 2,000 people off the northeast coast of Spain last Wednesday, officials say.

Google Wave preview begins with 100,000 lucky users allowed in

Google today is preparing to unveil its new communications platform dubbed Google Wave to the wider public, with invitations to join the program being sent out to over 100,000 people across the world.

Google's 'Wave' at next-gen email announced

Google has announced a new product overnight at their I/O conference, called Wave. It's being referred to by some as the Web 3.0 model for communication and collaboration on the web.

Increasing death toll after tidal wave Jakarta

A huge tidal wave, caused by a dam break south-west of the Indonesian capital Jakarta, has led to the death of at least fifty people.

Flowers 'wave' at passing insects to get attention

Welsh scientists say flowers are attention seekers that wave at insects to attract pollinators like bees and flies. The more they wave, the more seeds they produce.

Nine South Koreans killed, 14 injured after being swept away by large wave

On Monday South Korea's coast was being searched by scuba divers and crews in boats because they were looking for remaining victims after a huge wave killed nine people and injured 14 others the day before.

20 surfing dolphins line up to catch a wave

Sometimes bottle-nosed dolphins that live along the 1500-mile long west Australian coastline like to enjoy time off on their own - and do what humans do. Or did we learn it from them?

Gravity Wave Caught On Camera

A beautiful sunset captured on a webcam yesterday in Iowa presented something more quite spectacular in the dusk skies

Scottish engineers will soon deploy an offshore "wave farm" in Portugal

As we all know the most familiar sources of energy are wind and solar . WE have one more energy called as wave energy which has been slow to take off.

Awesome video of sound waves seen through salt

Salt being transformed into patterns via the alteration of sound waves.

Militants plotted second wave of UK bombs, court told

An Islamist cell tried to carry out suicide bombings on London's transport system just two weeks after attacks that killed 52 people and wounded about 700, a prosecutor said on Monday.


I wonder how many people are mad they didnt use THIS ATM MACHINE after they see this.

Tsunami Alerts Issued Following Huge Quake

A tsunami warning was issued Saturday for Japan and a broad area surrounding the Pacific Ocean, including Alaska, after a major undersea earthquake east of the Kuril Islands

Japanese tech enables instant tsunami alerts

"Hardly any Japanese felt the earthquake in the distant north Pacific this week, but anyone watching television saw a tsunami warning almost instantly and thousands evacuated to higher ground within minutes."

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Wave Image

Ocean wave
Ocean wave
Jon Sullivan
The first-ever image of light behaving as both a particle and a wave.
The first-ever image of light behaving as both a particle and a wave.
Fabrizio Carbone/EPFL
Heavy Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik Croatia
Heavy Adriatic Sea in Dubrovnik Croatia
Gentrification in the US: The North Loop neighborhood  Minneapolis  Minn.  is the  Warehouse Distric...
Gentrification in the US: The North Loop neighborhood, Minneapolis, Minn., is the "Warehouse District" of condominia for artists and entrepreneurs. This image is in the Public Domain.

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