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Watson News

IBM launches Watson data kits for enterprise AI adoption

IBM has launched Watson data kits to help accelerate enterprise artificial intelligence adoption. The news was delivered at the inaugural THINK conference.

Actress Emma Watson takes feminist book happening to Paris

Paris - "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson spent Thursday hiding copies of Margaret Atwood's classic novel "The Handmaid's Tale" across Paris to promote feminism."I'm hiding copies all over Paris!

IBM's Watson assists with cancer screening

Jupiter Medical Center in Florida has adopted IBM's supercomputer Watson for its oncology service, becoming the first hospital to so. The artificial intelligence platform will aid in cancer treatment decisions by providing doctors with data insights.

Review: Campy ‘Holmes’ touring production is a little too elementary Special

Toronto - Like Batman, James Bond and other iconic heroes, Sherlock Holmes has seen so many reinventions that the original image is almost forgotten. Arthur Conan Doyle would faint if he were alive to see what pop culture has made of his famed creation.

IBM’s Watson to compute clinical trials

IBM’s cognitive computer has a new task for its massive "brain". The computer will be individualizing trial plans for cancer patients at the Mayo Clinic.

IBM attempts to make Watson a virtual assistant for veterans

Watson, from IBM, has moved into another capacity; he works as an assistant for war veterans seeking to re-integrate. He can help them with resumes,

Jeopardy! computer helps search for cancer cure

The IBM supercomputer Watson, famous for its game show performance, will aid in cloud-based analyses of data relating to cancer research.

Temasek agrees to buy stake in beauty retailer A.S.Watson for $5.7 billion

Singapore state investor Temasek Holdings <TEM.UL> has agreed to buy almost a quarter of health and beauty retailer A.S.

First 'Sherlock' series 3 trailer excites but reveals little

Friday, August 2, BBC One released the first teaser trailer for their popular, award winning, Sherlock series' third season.

DNA researcher Leonard Lerman dies

Molecular biologist Leonard Lerman has died. He was noted for his research into the structure of DNA and the way in which proteins are produced.

Op-Ed: IBM’s cognitive computers are coming & they reprogram themselves

Sydney - What do you think of a computer which can learn and reprogram itself? IBM flagged this with its Watson system, but things are moving fast. The game show playing Watson is now being replaced by serious computing capabilities.

Jeopardy! concludes with Watson, IBM Challenge

New York - The concluding episode of Jeopardy! concluded with Alex Trebek stating what he's learned during the IBM Challenge. Trebek's first stated point was "Watson is fast, knows a lot of stuff and is capable of dominating a match."

Watson dominates Double Jeopardy, wins conclusion of first match

New York - Whether you've been following the story of IBM's Jeopardy! Challenge for years, months, days or just happened to catch the first episode of Jeopardy! to feature a computer, named Watson, as a contestant.

Watson: American education to STEM leaders of global innovation

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are the required elements envisioned by President Barack Obama to equip Americans as the leaders of innovation in an expanding global economy.

Meet Watson: Behind the IBM Jeopardy! Challenge

Imagine a typical conversation between two humans. Exchanges of thought and insight are portrayed through a natural understanding of common language. Until IBM's Watson, modern day technology has only scratched the surface of cognitive interaction.

Chicago Bulls' C.J. Watson triggers Floyd Mayweather's violence

Josie Harris was sleeping on the couch inside her house in Las Vegas when Floyd Mayweather, Jr. apparently came in with a friend and took her cellphone.

Daughter of IBM Computer Magnate Adopts 44 Year Old Lesbian Lover

Daughter of wealthy computer magnate now wants annulment to save inheritance

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Watson Image

IBM s Watson will appear on Jeopardy! between February 14 and February 16
IBM's Watson will appear on Jeopardy! between February 14 and February 16
IBM Smarter Planet
Tommy Watson Masterpiece.
Tommy Watson Masterpiece.
Adam Knight - Tommy Watson Masterpiece
IBM s Watson is a question-answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural...
IBM's Watson is a question-answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language.
Logo for Watson (computer).
Logo for Watson (computer).
Watson has had an impressive career so far and IBM has more plans for it.
Watson has had an impressive career so far and IBM has more plans for it.
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