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Waterways News

Releasing goldfish into waterways poses environmental risk

Many people keep pet goldfish, either in tanks or ponds. One problem is that goldfish can become quite large and this leads to many being released into waterways. This practice has an ecological impact.

Dealing with toxic algal blooms involves reducing bird poop

Algal blooms are a big problem in many parts of the world. Algae can deplete oxygen levels in lakes and produce toxins which threatened aquatic life. One influencing factor on algal levels is bird feces.

Assessing the ‘health’ of rivers using DNA analysis

How healthy is a river? One answer is to assess the biodiversity of the waterway. This involves assessing the biodiversity. Current methods involve multiple testing, assessing microscopic marine life. A new method has been proposed based on DNA.

California businesses unite to protect waterways

Los Angeles - A network of California businesses are working together to protect the state’s coast, ocean, bays, rivers and streams. The initiative has been dubbed the 'Blue Business Council'.

U.S. Waterways Carry Drugs From Pharmaceutical Companies

Waterways in the United States are routine dumping grounds for pharmaceutical manufacturers seeping the drugs into drinking water.

Tons of Garbage Removed from Oceans and Waterways

Close to seven million tons of trash thrown into our oceans and waterways around the world have been removed by non-government organizations led by Ocean Conservancy, a science-based advocacy group.

Boaters And Fisherman: Will Poluted Waterways Make Them Sick?

We all know the hazards of swimming in polluted waterways. Now scientists want to determine if boaters and fishermen can also become ill from these waters. A 2-year and $3.8 million dollar project called "CHEERS" intends to find out.

Smokers Litter Waterways Worldwide

Smokers litter can be found just about any place that you go. The disgusting part is that this unsightly litter is at the top of the list of trash items that are cleaned up from the shorelines of waterways worldwide.

Alien invasion threatens our rivers

Alien Invasion?.. Everybody Panic!!!!... Oops, they seem to be Native to Earth go about your business...

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