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Army cuts power to large military base to simulate cyberattack

Last week, the U.S. Army's largest military base, Fort Bragg in North Carolina was purposely plunged into darkness for 12 hours. This was done to “determine the readiness and resiliency of the installation in a real-world scenario."

Call for increased monitoring of U.S. drinking water

Washington - A call has been made for increased monitoring of U.S. drinking water supplies, specifically for chemical and microbial contaminants. The concern is with vulnerable people like pregnant women, infants and young children.

Lake Erie's toxic blob may be putting drinking water at risk

Cleveland - In what sounds like a Halloween horror story, a toxic blob of cancer-causing chemicals in the sediment of Lake Erie might be spreading dangerously close to a water intake pipe that supplies drinking water to Cleveland.

California's Sierra Nevada snowpack at 500-year low

While California's record drought may be severe, new research suggests it may be even worse than previously thought. Researchers have found that the exceptionally low snowpack in the Sierra Nevada's is an ominous sign of things to come.

Wrecked oil train in West Virginia burns for second day

A 109-car CXS oil train carrying crude oil from North Dakota to Yorktown, Virginia derailed in a small West Virginia river valley town on Monday, causing 20 cars to erupt in flames. As of 3 p.m. Tuesday, the fire was still burning.

Brain eating amoeba found in water supply where boy died

Tests carried out by the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of a Louisiana parish's water supply found that it contained the deadly brain eating parasitic amoeba.

Ecuador oil spill threatens Brazilian water supply

An oil spill in Ecuador is beginning to impact Peru and is now threatening Brazil as the oil travels through waterways. According to media reports, Brazil's water supply is under threat of contamination.

Op-Ed: Are economic opportunities created by fracking worth the risks?

Hydraulic fracturing, probably better known as "fracking", is a controversial issue in the U.S. and across the pond. Proponents of this practice often cite economic opportunities as the primary benefits.

Poisonous chemicals found in German water supply

Unlawful amounts of dangerous chemicals have been found in the water supply of Germany's North Rhine-Wesphalia. Experts indicate the problem has been ongoing for years.

Texas town on verge of running out of water

Groesbeck - A small town in Central Texas is being threatened with running out of water as its main source, the Navasota River, continues to dry up. The only thing officials can do is put a pipeline over three miles long in place that will bring water from up north.

World’s population to pass 10 billion by 2100, UN projects

New York - The world’s population is expected to continue its rapid growth, escalating past 9 billion before 2050 and going over 10 billion by 2100 if current fertility rates continue at their projected levels, according to United Nations figures just released.

Op-Ed: Think like the sheep; Australia’s future water fiasco, explained

If there’s one working brain cell in this country on the subject of water supply, it’s well camouflaged. Recent reports from the water industry indicate both a water shortage and more expensive water, partly through the costs of desalination.

Bogus workmen foiled by 93-year old Edinburgh woman

Edinburgh - Police are warning members of the public about two bogus workmen who targeted a 93-year old woman in her flat in the Blackford are of the city.

Israel cuts off chlorine to purify Palestinian water

Although "group punishment" is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions, the Israelis have cut off supplies of chlorine to Gaza which are desperately needed to help purify the water supply of the 1.5 million residents.

Olympics Taking Away Water From The People

A senior Chinese government official announced that the Beijing Olympics could be threatening the livelihoods of millions of the Chinese people. Water is being diverted for the games putting a strain on many local water supplies.

The drying of the West: Water 'Armageddon' Looms as the Colorado Shrinks

Shrinking rivers are big trouble, globally. Now the US West is experiencing conditions some of us have had for years. The big western rivers are overstrained, and drying up. It’s a deadly scenario, and it affects everyone.

Australia Sydney Doomsday report exaggerated

While it is true that Australia suffers a terrible drought and a lack of water as a result of it… this is mostly affecting our agriculture… not our cities.

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Los Angeles dumps 96 million plastic balls into a reservoir to protect  the city’s water supply.
Los Angeles dumps 96 million plastic balls into a reservoir to protect the city’s water supply.
Screengrab via YouTube
Boreholes  such as this one near Burkina Faso  provide essential water needs for many of Africa s ur...
Boreholes, such as this one near Burkina Faso, provide essential water needs for many of Africa's urban dwellers.

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