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Water pollution News

China's other less-talked-about pollution problem — Water

Mention air pollution and a lot of conversations would involve China. But there is another type of pollution that is reaching crisis levels in China — water pollution, along with a scarcity of water.

Common weed could tackle water pollution

A common weed called Typha domingensis may have an application in reducing bacterial contamination of water. This plant could significantly off-set contamination from sewage associated bacteria.

Wave Home Solutions is making waves in clean air and water

The world we live in is changing every day, and not all these changes are for the better. Decisions are being made that result in actions which change the way people interact with the planet, and the thing is that not everyone has a say in these changes.

Mutiny in Brisbane Parliament: Bill tabled by ordinary people

Brisbane - August 15, a group of everyday Queenslanders surged into the desolate Upper House Chamber of the Queensland State Parliament and tabled a new Bill.

Op-Ed: Canadian wilderness lakes to be mining waste dumping grounds?

Toronto - Canada’s fabulous lakes are world famous for their fishing and their beauty. A new take on mining laws, however, could put them in the firing line as mining waste dumps.

Alpha Natural water pollution settlement largest of its kind

Alpha Natural Resources Inc., one of the largest coal producers in the US, will pay a $2.75 million fine for violating water pollution limits. The EPA celebrates the settlement as the largest of its kind.

82,000 tons of coal ash spills from plant into N. Carolina river

Eden - As many as 82,000 tons of coal ash have spilled into a North Carolina river from a disused coal plant run by the nation's largest electricity provider.

Molasses spill causes mass fish death in Honolulu Harbor

Honolulu - Thousands of fish were found dead in the water at the Honolulu Harbor this week. It is now known that the cause was a molasses spill from a faulty Matson pipe under Pier 52.

Humans could exhaust fresh water supplies in two generations

Over a billion people struggle to find safe drinking water on a daily basis. Now, a new report suggests that fresh water scarcity could turn into a global crisis within two generations.

Giant slugs march on Angers Cathedral in France's Loire Valley

Angers - Dutch sculptor Florentijn Hofman does not do things by halves, so there was a sense of anticipation when it was revealed that Hofman would be constructing a sculpture in the city of Angers located in Pays de la Loire region in western France.

Fisheries Minister promoting ‘flexibility’ for water pollution

Vancouver - Canadian Federal Fisheries Minister Keith Ashfield has created controversy and drawn harsh criticism from environmental advocates over statements in a letter recently released where he promotes options allowing the industry to contaminate fish habitats.

Op-Ed: Environmental Concerns

There are two sides to the controversy on wind turbines - many who see the importance of encouraging sustainable clean energy and those who don’t.

Tourists endangered by cholera at Kruger Park in S.Africa

Health officials ran tests of the rivers in the world-famous border-straddling Kruger National Park in South Africa - and have found cholera. Reserve spokesman Raymond Travers hastened to announce that 'visitors and workers need not worry'.

Israeli scientists can find water pollution by listening to plants

Scientists in Israel can detect the water pollution levels and health of plants just by listening to how the plants respond in water.

Water Pollution Concerns Grow Over Hindu Idols

India is catching the attention of environmentalists. With a high number of religious festivals taking place in September and October, fears of water contamination are raised as potentially toxic god statues are sent downstream.

China To Spend Almost $1 Billion on Clean Energy

China, with a population of over 1.3 billion people and an important coal industry, is looking to implement a clean energy strategy to curb air pollution and energetic uncertainty. The government has announced a $925M fund to tackle the issue.

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Water pollution

Water pollution Image

Screen grab from video showing the extent of pollution of many of China s rivers.
Screen grab from video showing the extent of pollution of many of China's rivers.
Link TV
Compressed plastic waste collected by fishermen at a processing plant in Chiva  near Valencia in Spa...
Compressed plastic waste collected by fishermen at a processing plant in Chiva, near Valencia in Spain
Pedro Armestre, AFP

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