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Water conservation News

Q&A: Water conservation comes to the smart home Special

Alert Labs produces smart-home technology devices which optimize water use, reduce the costs associated with water damage, and advance conservation efforts in homes and businesses.

Danish company produces smart sensor solution to help save water

Copenhagen - Peter Nartoft, Chief Executive Office (CEO), of Aqubig heads a company that makes a smart water sensor solution that not only can tell you when your water consumption increases or decreases but also how it compares with the consumption of others.

California prepares to tackle 'water waste' if drought continues

Sacramento - After going through five years of drought, California is preparing to crack down on water waste with a heavy hand, including stiffer fines and in some cases, public shaming of water conservation abusers.

California to be under revised mandates to restrict water usage

Sacramento - California's State Water Resources Control Board on Saturday released a revised plan for the state's first-ever mandatory water cuts. The plan will entail putting the state's water agencies in a nine-tier bracket, based on consumption in 2014.

Op-Ed: Poo Power—DiY waste-to-energy and water conservation

Home biogas reactors, used throughout China and India, turn human waste into energy, conserve water, and stop fresh water pollution. Why don’t we have these systems in the U.S.?

Green building trends to look out for in 2015

It's a fact: green building is not a craze or a fad, but the future of construction. And this is true for both new construction and renovation/retrofitting.

Water the issue of the day at Walrus Talks in Toronto Special

Toronto - Water is the essence of life on this planet, and in the latest Walrus Talks event, a group of speakers spelled out the dire state of this natural resource — but not without a few words of hope.

Old toilets flushing away Canadian water

Every year Canadians are flushing away more than 580 billion litres of water because of toilets and older appliances. The older models are not efficient when it comes to conserving water.

Canada Launched Awareness Campaign to Celebrate World Water Day

Canada is holding several programs across the nation aimed at creating awareness among its people on the importance of water in observance of the World Water Day

Nations Around the World Observe World Water Day

The United Nations observe World Water Day March 22 with many countries participating in its campaign to create awareness among the people on the importance of water conservation and its impact on our environment.

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the  Greenway Project  is one of eight projects City-wide in San Francisco that is being envisioned ...
the "Greenway Project" is one of eight projects City-wide in San Francisco that is being envisioned and built to upgrade and completely renovate the storm water and sewage system of the City that for decades has been long over due.
Lily Madjus, Media Dept. of SF Water/SF Public Utilities Commission
An electric Fountain in Beverly Hills  California photographed on September 4  2013.
An electric Fountain in Beverly Hills, California photographed on September 4, 2013.

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