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Water News

Oil companies fracking dangerously close to water sources

According to a new study performed by researches at Stanford University, oil and gas companies are fracking much closer to underground water sources than previously thought.

Op-Ed: Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is absolutely ridiculous

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become nothing more than another ridiculous Internet meme and has done very little to raise awareness about the disease.

Brita recalls children’s water bottles due to risk

Taunusstein - Four varieties of children’s water bottles produced by Brita have been recalled throughout the U.S. after it was discovered that the lids can break into sharp pieces, posing a potential laceration hazard.

Donetsk queues for water as fighting shuts off supply

Donetsk - Anastasiya clutches two empty five-litre bottles as she joins a queue of Donetsk residents buying water in the rebel-held east Ukrainian city where supplies were abruptly cut off by shelling damage.

New 'killer' jellyfish found in Australian Waters

A newly discovered species of Irukandji jellyfish has been found off the Australian coast. Analysis suggests that the jellyfish can cause stroke and heart failure if a human was to be stung.

Scientists create water-based tractor beam

Canberra - Researchers with the Australian National University (ANU) have created a water-powered beam which can move objects with the flow.

Wastewater turned into tap water thanks to man-made wetlands

Technology keeps healthy water continuously flowing between Dallas and Houston in Texas with the help of nature and human ingenuity.

Tunisian 'mystery lake' baffles, concerns officials

Gafsa - A lake which has mysteriously appeared in the middle of a Tunisian desert has authorities concerned and searching for an explanation.

Op-Ed: Detroit's controversial water shutoff reeks of 'too big to fail'

Detroit's deep financial woes have been public for years. Many of its residents are behind on their water bills, and the city has been controversially shutting off water to some delinquent residents. But are delinquent businesses getting a free ride?

California businesses unite to protect waterways

Los Angeles - A network of California businesses are working together to protect the state’s coast, ocean, bays, rivers and streams. The initiative has been dubbed the 'Blue Business Council'.

Best choice for summertime hydration

Kids need proper hydration not only to preform and feel their best, but to stay healthy and out of danger. High heat indexes and summer sports can leave kids out of time and out of fluid. Learn what exports are saying about energy drinks and hydration.

Texas begins recycling wastewater for people to drink

Wichita Falls - Wichita Falls, near the Oklahoma border, has begun reusing millions of gallons of water at the River Road Waste Treatment plant. The purified water is being diverted as drinking water. The move has been initiated to help combat a severe drought.

Creating safe water for Tanzania

Scientists have developed a solar filtration system, designed to produce high-quality drinking water from polluted brackish water, for regions in Tanzania. The filter effectively separates undesired substances, bacteria, and viruses.

Call for horses to be protected from mosquitoes

A leading veterinarian in the U.S. advises that horses should be protected from mosquitoes to in order to protect the horse and people from West Nile virus, especially during the heavy infection season in mid to late summer.

Fighting hits water supply in east Ukraine city

Donetsk - Up to one million people face water shortages in eastern Ukraine as workers battle to repair pipes damaged by fighting in rebel-held Donetsk, a city spokesman said on Thursday.

Baby steelhead released early as California river water heats up

Rancho Cordova - State wildlife officials released hundreds of thousands of baby steelhead trout from a Northern California fish hatchery on Wednesday — months too early — to try to save their lives in the face of a severe drought.

Op-Ed: ACFN lawyer Larry Innes discusses oilsands expansion and more Special

Calgary - This is an interview with Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s lawyer Larry Innes about Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Project approval, the Jackpine mine consent, First Nations’ land and water rights, regulatory protection, a vision for Canada and more.

How to stay afloat when shopping for jet skis

As the summer months set in, the season of shopping for jet skis has now begun in earnest. But with prices ranging from $5,000 to $18,000, it's a major purchase that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Water the issue of the day at Walrus Talks in Toronto Special

Toronto - Water is the essence of life on this planet, and in the latest Walrus Talks event, a group of speakers spelled out the dire state of this natural resource — but not without a few words of hope.

Youth water education flows through Ontario this summer Special

Toronto - The Ontario Waterpower Association (OWA) is supporting the Children’s Water Education Council (CWEC), by participating at various Children’s Water Festivals this summer.

Video: fish successfully defends itself against dog

Using skills that would put Bruce Lee to shame, a fish, which clearly appeared to be the "underdog," has managed to defend itself from becoming a dog’s dinner!

Ancient microbes have industrial potential

Norwegian scientists have found that microorganisms that live in the depths of an oil reservoir can withstand such extreme conditions they can be used in harsh chemical processes in industry.

Megacities and the risks of sinking land

Utrecht - The world's coastal 'megacities' face bigger problems from land subsidence than they do from a potential rise in the sea level.

Caracas to begin four months of water rationing

Caracas - Water use in Caracas will be rationed for at least four months due to drought, authorities said Tuesday, as Venezuela grapples with shortages of basic goods which have spurred massive anti-government protests.

Ice, liquid found on Jupiter's moon Ganymede, may harbor life

Think Mars is the ultimate life-harboring planet in our solar system? Think again. Recent findings from NASA indicate there may be life on not one, but two of Jupiter’s moons.

Low California snowpack could force limits on water use

Sacramento - California's three-year drought seemed to get even worse Thursday when official measurement of the state's mountain snowfall showed even lower accumulations than expected.

Op-Ed: North Charleston man facing federal charges over $.89 refill

North Charleston - A North Charleston man is now facing federal charges over an $0.89 drink refill. Christopher Lewis says he was not aware that refills at the VA Medical Center in North Charleston were not free.

World faces 'water-energy' crisis: UN

Paris - Surging populations and economies in the developing world will cause a double crunch in demand for water and energy in the coming decades, the UN said Friday.In a report published on the eve of World Water Day, it said the cravings for clean water and ...

Radioactive Fukushima waters detected by Canada's coastlines

Radioactive cesium isotopes have been detected in the waters off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia, although the levels detected are said to be below the permissible limits for drinking water.

Water filter made from sapwood provides amazing low-tech solution

Run out of drinking water during a lakeside camping trip? Then simply break off a branch from a pine tree, peel away the bark, and slowly pour lake water through the stick, according to a research team at MIT.
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Water Image

Floods in Queensland have soaked the region for days
Floods in Queensland have soaked the region for days
A closer view of the dirty water  mixed with mud and parts of belongings of different towns as it ma...
A closer view of the dirty water, mixed with mud and parts of belongings of different towns as it made its way from Toowoomba to Greenslopes, Brisbane.
Keepers IV conference  over five hundred people from across Canada and the US  as well as locals wer...
Keepers IV conference, over five hundred people from across Canada and the US, as well as locals were in attendance.
Janice Pitman
Ivy Main
post Tomatina hose down
post Tomatina hose down
A still from the documentary Watermark
A still from the documentary Watermark
Courtesy TIFF
A variety of bottles waters
A variety of bottles waters

Women scientists testing water quality on a river in Alberta  Canada.
Women scientists testing water quality on a river in Alberta, Canada.
Orange County Water District sees water education as vital for the future of water as the 21st Centu...
Orange County Water District sees water education as vital for the future of water as the 21st Century enters its second decade. This is why for the past 17 years water education festivals have been helping schools to raise awareness about the future of the earth's natural resources.
Courtesy of Orange County Water District Media Dept.
Last day of the Keepers of the Water Athabasca conference
Last day of the Keepers of the Water Athabasca conference
A man and his bicycle seem to float on water as the road is submerged in flood including the vast ri...
A man and his bicycle seem to float on water as the road is submerged in flood including the vast ricefield behind him in the Philippines
IRRI Images
Gaza Strip water and sewage.
Gaza Strip water and sewage.
Jackie and Cassie
Jackie and Cassie
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
Calif. Department of Water Resources
There are several streams and rivers that create mini waterfalls along some of the areas hiking trai...
There are several streams and rivers that create mini waterfalls along some of the areas hiking trails.
Ocean wave
Ocean wave
Jon Sullivan

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