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Nitrates poison water in California's Central Valley

Porterville - In California's Central Valley, where verdant fields of fruit and vegetables unfurl under sunny skies, the water that feeds them -- and flows into taps across the region -- contains a toxic and silent poison.

Tunisia water shortages spark 'thirst uprising' warning

B - Activists are warning of a potential "thirst uprising" in Tunisia following protests over severe water shortages after one of the North African nation's driest summers on record.

Modi urges calm in Indian tech hub after deadly protests

Bangalore - Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed for calm Tuesday in the Indian tech hub of Bangalore which was placed under curfew after deadly violence erupted over a water dispute with a neighbouring state.

French environment minister announces partnerships in Iran

Tehran - French Environment Minister Segolene Royal met with her Iranian counterpart in Tehran on Sunday to announce plans for a number of joint projects addressing energy, water shortages and pollution.

Summer spells cold showers for Russians as hot water cut

Sanktpeterburg - For Russians it is a sure sign that summer has really come -- the annual, rolling switch-off of municipal hot water that hits homes across the vast country.

Are Americans at risk from unsafe drinking water?

Washington - The drinking water supplied to over six million people in the U.S. could be unsafe, according to new research. This is based on a review of chemicals present in the water.

Four days without running water in sweltering Aleppo: UN

Geneva - Up to two million people in Syria's Aleppo have gone without running water for the past four days, the United Nations warned Tuesday, describing the situation as "catastrophic".

Op-Ed: Bees need water too. Here is a simple way to provide water Special

As summer continues with intensely sunny days and warm moonlit nights, a thoughtful custom that many people in some towns (like Sonoma) do is to provide water set out for pets, along merchant corridors.

Essential Science: Making dirty water drinkable

In many parts of the world water is not fit for people to drink. Technologies to render dirty water drinkable are limited by size and cost. Now a lower cost solution is on the horizon, based on graphene.

Chile rejects Bolivia call for talks on sea access

Santiago - Chile on Wednesday submitted legal papers to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) seeking to slap down persistent arguments from its landlocked neighbor Bolivia for negotiations on sea access.

Abbas rejects charges of 'blood libel' against Jews

Ramallah - Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas said on Saturday he opposed "any attack on any religion" after Israel accused him of libelling the Jewish people in an address to the European Parliament."Palestine is the cradle of the three monotheistic faiths.

Life-saving water holding nanorods invented

Researchers have accidentally created nanorods with incredible water holding potential. These rods could be used to help those who need to work in hot climates or travellers through desert regions.

Southwestern U.S. records four deaths as heatwave becomes lethal

Summer's advent was a scorcher today for over 30 million people living in the southwestern part of the U.S. and the National Weather Service is forecasting more life-threatening extreme heat to continue for several more days.

Disposable battery runs on drops of water

A new disposable battery has been developed. The battery remarkably folds like an origami ninja star, and it runs on only a few drops of water.

Obama drinks water in Flint, hits Republicans

Flint - A combative President Barack Obama visited crisis-hit Flint, Michigan, Wednesday where he conspicuously sipped filtered water to prove it was potable and attacked "corrosive" Republican attitudes toward "big government.

Ireland edges closer to forming new government with deal on water charges

Dublin - A deal between two rival parties to suspend controversial water charges nudged Ireland closer to the formation of a minority government on Wednesday after more than two months of tortuous negotiations.

Chatting with country singer Travis Rice: 'Women, Water and Beer' Special

Country singer Travis Rice chatted with Digital Journal about his new single "Women, Water and Beer," and dream female duet choices in country.

Drought parches El Salvador

San Salvador - Citing lack of rain, the Salvadoran government has declared a drought emergency as rivers and lakes have dropped to record levels and many are going days without running water.

Criminal charges filed in Flint tainted water scandal

Washington - Michigan filed the first criminal charges Wednesday in the scandal over lead contamination of Flint's water supply, accusing a city official and two state regulators of falsifying tests and tampering with evidence.

Gripped by drought, Ethiopia drills for water

- With Ethiopia in the grip of its worst drought in decades, the government has appealed for aid to help 10 million people living in Africa's second most-populous nation.

Storms leave three million without water in Chile capital

Santiago - Three million people in the Chilean capital were without drinking water on Saturday after heavy rain caused landslides that fouled the rivers supplying the city, officials said.

Kayakers protest Balkans 'dam tsunami' in lake paddle

Ljubljana - More than 60 kayakers took to Slovenia's Lake Bohinj Saturday to kick off a 35-day environmental protest over plans to build dams on rivers in six Balkan countries.

Looking for clean water a never-ending task for many Haitians

Port-au-prince - Under the blazing sun in Haiti, Malinka Dorleus trudges up a hill with a 20-liter bucket of water on her head -- a trip she makes up to four times a day.

Bolivia to take Chile to court over water dispute

La Paz - Bolivian President Evo Morales said his country has decided to file suit against Chile at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) over a water dispute.

In Florida, calls to keep 'saving the manatees'

Crystal River - When Brandy Pounds swam in central Florida's Crystal River earlier this month, she came so close to an endangered manatee that she could feel the sea cow's breath tickling her toes.

Lead-free food a daily challenge in Flint

Flint - The United States is known for trends like fat-free and gluten-free diets, but residents in Flint, Michigan are struggling with a much more serious concern: how to keep food lead-free.

Syria's Aleppo gets taste of peace but thirsts for water

Aleppo - A landmark ceasefire has lifted the burden of daily rocket attacks and bomb blasts in Syria's second city Aleppo -- but not its residents' profound thirst.

Delhi warns water crisis could run for another 15 days

New Delhi - A water crisis in India's capital will take up to two weeks to fix, authorities warned Tuesday, as taps ran dry, days after protesters sabotaged a crucial waterway to press a demand for better treatment for their caste.

Benin: Turning the scourge of fishermen into a resource

- A dug-out canoe speeds along the water then slows down suddenly before stopping altogether. Blocking its path are water hyacinths as far as the eye can see.

Water crisis increases Zika threat in Venezuela

Caracas - Yurman Torres is standing in line at the foot of Avila mountain, on the edge of Caracas, to fill a large jug with water, a rare commodity in crisis-hit Venezuela.
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Water Image

Nov 12 2011 Nova Scotia
Nov 12 2011 Nova Scotia
post Tomatina hose down
post Tomatina hose down
Maude Barlow s attack comes a week after the UN
declared water a fundamental human right ©IISD
Maude Barlow's attack comes a week after the UN declared water a fundamental human right ©IISD
Mauritius beach near the Indian Ocean
Mauritius beach near the Indian Ocean
The Bushmen rely on donkeys to bring water into the
reserve. ©Survival
The Bushmen rely on donkeys to bring water into the reserve. ©Survival

Erik Johansson s photography  where images are manipulated with Photoshop
Erik Johansson's photography, where images are manipulated with Photoshop
Courtesy Erik Johansson
Three drummers set the tone on December 30  2012  when people of the grassroots movement Idle No Mor...
Three drummers set the tone on December 30, 2012, when people of the grassroots movement Idle No More met for a peaceful protest outside of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s constituency office.
Various Vitamin Water bottles
Various Vitamin Water bottles
Women scientists testing water quality on a river in Alberta  Canada.
Women scientists testing water quality on a river in Alberta, Canada.
Grape vines in Crimea.
June 16  2003
Grape vines in Crimea. June 16, 2003
Mount Tallac  Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit  Lake Tahoe  Eldorado National Forest  California. Sn...
Mount Tallac, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, Lake Tahoe, Eldorado National Forest, California. Snow accumulation is far below normal in 2014, leading to concerns about drinking water supplies.
jcookfisher / Wikimedia Commons
Orphaned ship left high and dry as the Aral Sea receded near Aral  Kazakhstan. Just 40 years ago the...
Orphaned ship left high and dry as the Aral Sea receded near Aral, Kazakhstan. Just 40 years ago the Aral Sea was larger than any of the Great Lakes except Lake Superior.
Credit: Staecker
My boyfriend and I (Matt)
My boyfriend and I (Matt)
Ocean wave
Ocean wave
Jon Sullivan
Little Pine Creek Flooding.
Little Pine Creek Flooding.

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