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Waste News

Putin says Russia must tackle waste crisis

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Russia needed to improve its waste management, after stinking and dangerous landfills sparked a national protest movement.

Essential Science: Transforming plastic waste into fuel

Researchers have developed new technology that can convert plastic waste (the biggest environmental issue associated with modern society) into a clean fuel. This represents one application to address the plastic crisis.

War declared on world's growing e-waste crisis

Paris - Weighing more than all commercial airliners ever built and worth more than most countries' GDP, electronic waste poses a growing economic and environmental threat, experts said Thursday, as they launched a global initiative to clean it up.

Musculoskeletal risks linked to recycling waste

London - Recycling is beneficial to the planet, whether conducted by the average home owner or by waste collection teams. There are aspects that need to be taken care of, however, such as avoiding musculoskeletal disorders, as a new study points out.

Alarm at recovery of plastic waste in human bodies

Vienna - Plastic pollution and the recovery of micro-particles of plastic is not only a concern for marine life, according to a new report. Particles of plastic material are being recovered in the human digestive tract.

Q&A: Why developed economies need new waste solutions Special

Levels of recycling in developed economies like the U.S. are low and considerable quantities go to landfill. To address this requires new policies, new behaviors, and new technologies. An expert in waste solutions provides some solutions.

Q&A: The ever-growing rise of waste in developed economies Special

Many countries have problems with waste and a considerable proportion of this waste is not recycled. More needs to be done to transition from focusing on waste management to focusing on sustainable materials management, according to a leading expert.

Paris, Tokyo, New York and others pledge to slash waste

New York - By slashing food waste and improving waste management and recycling, 23 global cities and regions representing 150 million people pledged Tuesday to significantly cut the pollution-causing garbage they generate by 2030.

Sofia theatre group explores 'invisible hands' of recycling

Sofia - In a neighbourhood in downtown Sofia, theatregoers are looking for entertainment among the city's rubbish -- quite literally.

'Trash is gold' as Benin community turns waste into biogas

- Garbage has never smelled so sweet for a small village in southern Benin since it opened a pilot waste treatment centre to turn household rubbish into gas -- and cash. "Our trash has become gold. We no longer throw it into the bush.

Australia supermarket bagged after plastic backflip

Sydney - A leading Australian supermarket was Thursday forced into a backflip after facing a barrage of criticism for reneging on plans to phase out free plastic bags.

'Bag rage' as Australia supermarkets impose plastic ban

Sydney - Dozens of supermarket staff have suffered abuse as two major Australian grocery chains struggled to impose a ban on single-use plastic bags, with one irate customer putting his hands around a shop assistant's throat.

Electric Zoo is going eco-friendly, says 'no' to plastic straws

New York - New York's premiere electronic dance music festival, Electric Zoo, is saying no to plastic straws at this year's event, "The Big 10," which will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary.

UN says world choking on plastic as environmental crisis grows

New Delhi - Up to five trillion grocery bags are used each year and like most plastic garbage barely any is recycled, the UN said Tuesday as it warned the world was choking on trash.

Plastic wasteland: Asia's ocean pollution crisis

Vietnam - A Vietnamese mangrove draped with polythene, a whale killed after swallowing waste bags in Thai seas and clouds of underwater trash near Indonesian "paradise" islands -- grim images of the plastic crisis that has gripped Asia.

No time to waste: Moscow urged to recycle, not burn

Moscow - Protests have been growing in recent months over the stench from landfill sites around Moscow, overflowing with millions of tonnes of rubbish.

Indonesia scrubbing the 'world's dirtiest river'

Indonesia - The scabies on Indonesian rice farmer Yusuf Supriyadi's limbs are a daily reminder of the costs of living next to the "world's dirtiest river".

Campaigners slam UK plans on cutting plastic waste

London - Campaigners on Thursday criticised British Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years, calling it a "missed opportunity" that lacked the necessary urgency.

Mountains of garbage and despair in India's dirtiest city

Gonda - Flies throng over piles of faeces, the drains overflow with sewage and the foul smell in the air is inescapable.Welcome to Awas Vikas: one of the most exclusive parts of Gonda, a city suffering the ignominy of being branded the dirtiest in India.

The waste-collecting cyclists who caught the UN's eye

Nantes - Putting an end to the unnecessary burning of biodegradable waste, one restaurant at a time, has become the forceful mission of a team of French cyclists.

Waste industry needs to wake up to digital technology

The waste collection industry has been slow to adopt digital technology according to a business analyst group. In unregulated areas, established companies are starting to face challenges from start-ups.

Waste-to-energy technologies present opportunity for startups

Researchers have demonstrated that landfill waste can be used to produce energy which generates less greenhouse gases than simply letting the waste decompose. The study highlights an opportunity for startups.

Earth's 2017 resource 'budget' spent by next week: report

Paris - Humanity will have used up its allowance of planetary resources such as water, soil, and clean air for all of 2017 by next week, said a report Tuesday.

Kicking up a stink: Ukraine's Lviv blighted by trash crisis

L'viv - Ukraine's western city of Lviv is famous for its picture-postcard graceful domes and cobblestone streets but it's not such a pretty sight in the back alleys, which are blighted by growing mountains of garbage.

Plastic-eating caterpillar addresses waste problem

Cambridge - A plastic-eating caterpillar could munch polymeric waste and help to address the problems of plastic waste disposal that accumulates in landfills, according to a Cambridge science team.

Despite EU fines, Greece struggling to promote recycling

Atenas - A steady stream of EU fines and two decades of trying have failed to get recycling off the ground in Greece, where eco-awareness is only half-heartedly promoted by authorities.

Desperate choice of Ethiopia landslide survivor: run or die

Addis Ababa - One minute, Zemed Derib stood negotiating with her precocious siblings who had locked themselves inside their uncle's home as a prank.The next, the playful scene gave way to horror as the hillside of the rubbish dump above them collapsed.

Hazardous waste sites in Florida may be linked to cancer

Tallahassee - There are several environmental factors associated with an elevated risk of cancer. One area that is receiving attention is the disposal of hazardous waste (such as waste from industrial sites). New results from Florida suggest a concerning connection.

How India's 'Garden City' became garbage city

Bangalore - The stench of rubbish hanging over swathes of Bangalore is so powerful it rouses residents in the middle of the night, the fetid result of a trash crisis that threatens its reputation as one of India's nicest places to live.

Why the technosphere keeps increasing in size

The space on the Earth is rapidly becoming full of mechanical objects, quite a few of them are now obsolete and classed as junk. The so-called technosphere now weighs some 30 trillion tons.
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Waste Image

Frozen food waste
Frozen food waste
TGER is a deployable machine tactically designed to convert military field waste into immediate usab...
TGER is a deployable machine tactically designed to convert military field waste into immediate usable energy. This green technology could benefit commercial market
Edgewood Chemical Biological Center
A baked potato with a pat of butter.
A baked potato with a pat of butter.
Renee Cormet
World Bank
A duo representing camping  or homelessness  and discarded waste.
A duo representing camping, or homelessness, and discarded waste.
Unnecessary death. Polyethylene / polythene plastic in form of wraps  bags  foils kills many thousan...
Unnecessary death. Polyethylene / polythene plastic in form of wraps, bags, foils kills many thousands of cows every year. In India alone.
Stan Dalone
In Africa  almost two-thirds of all food is spoiled before it ever reaches the market.
In Africa, almost two-thirds of all food is spoiled before it ever reaches the market.
Discarded medicine
Discarded medicine
Wikimedia Commons
The Valley of Drums  a toxic waste dump located in Bullitt Co. Kentucky is one of the reasons the U....
The Valley of Drums, a toxic waste dump located in Bullitt Co. Kentucky is one of the reasons the U.S. Superfund law was enacted.
Environmental Protection Agency
Bales of crushed blue PET bottles and bales of various other plastics. In Olomouc  the Czech Republi...
Bales of crushed blue PET bottles and bales of various other plastics. In Olomouc, the Czech Republic.
Michal Ma┼łas
Computer waste
Computer waste
Groovy Vegetarian Blog
Some Toxic Waste candy has been recalled because it is contaminated with lead.
Some Toxic Waste candy has been recalled because it is contaminated with lead.
Screen Grab: Toxic Waste
Afghan National Army soldier.
Afghan National Army soldier.
CBS Evening News
 TerraCycle and the City of Vancouver launched a new pilot program today to recycle cigarette butts ...
"TerraCycle and the City of Vancouver launched a new pilot program today to recycle cigarette butts, which will help keep Vancouver's downtown clean and move the City closer to its Greenest City 2020 Action Plan goals." Mayor Gregor Robertson on Nov. 12, 2013.
Vancouver Mayor's Office

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