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Washington state News

Neurotoxic pesticide approved for use on Washington oyster beds

Seattle - Southwest Washington state oyster-growers have been battling the native shrimp that burrow in the mudflats for years, making it difficult for the oysters to grow. Now they have been given state approval for the use of a neurotoxic pesticide.

Park Service will study restoring grizzlies to North Cascades

Seattle - Grizzly bears in America's Northwest only exist in stories and legend. The last confirmed sighting was in 2010, when a hiker photographed one in the North Cascades. That may soon change, depending on the results of a three-year study by the Park Service.

Op-Ed: U.S. biz pays CEOs more than taxes, and no questions asked?

Sydney - Generosity to oneself is pretty normal. When U.S. corporations who refuse to consider raising minimum wage and audit staff toilet time start giving their pet high flyers more money than they pay in taxes, questions need to be asked. Nobody's asking.

Congressmen who voted for NDAA detention face voters on Aug. 5th

A round of primary elections is scheduled to take place on August 5th in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, and Washington.

Op-Ed: Federal actions against marijuana show Obama's lack of leadership

When Colorado and Washington State legalized recreational marijuana, Barack Obama claimed his administration would allow them to govern their own marijuana laws. Yet the Obama administration has sent mixed signals on whether marijuana laws will change.

65-foot long crack found in major dam in Washington state

A two-inch wide crack measuring 65-feet in length has been discovered on the spillway of the Wannapum Hydroelectric Dam on the Columbia River in Washington state. This has prompted officials to start lowering the water level to assess the damage.

'Pot-bellied' pig could take on a whole new meaning

We have all seen pictures of them — pot-bellied pigs — the little short-legged porcine that supposedly make a good pet. Those grunting little creatures are not raised for food, but their cousins that are, may soon be "pot-head" pigs flying high.

Op-Ed: Boeing receives biggest tax break ever from Washington State

Everett - Boeing Co. received a huge tax break from the Washington State legislature on Monday November 12 as governor Jay Inslee signed into law tax breaks that stretch out over 27 years until 2040.

Washington State releases regulations for legal marijuana

A little over a month ago, the Washington State Liquor Control Board released an initial draft of the regulations and restrictions that will govern the newly legal marijuana industry in Washington State.

Thousands of Washington State workers face potential layoffs

Olympia - Thousands of Washington State government employees are receiving notices that they could face a potential layoff if lawmakers are unable to reach an agreement in order to prevent a government shutdown.

Washington bill would require health insurers to cover abortion

The Reproductive Parity Act, if passed, would have required almost all health insurers in Washington State to pay for elective abortions.

Woman accused of fraudulently residing in various mini-mansions

Seattle - An accused con artist on the run, she assumes identities and careers somewhat like a chameleon changes colors to match surrounding terrain in order to hide from predators.

Unseen dangers from the Japanese tsunami may linger for decades

The debris from the tsunami which struck eastern Japan two years ago today could still be washing up on the western seaboard of Canada and the United States decades from now with, as yet, unknown consequences for marine life.

Six nuclear waste tanks leaking in Washington

Richland - Officials have confirmed that six underground tanks at Washington state's Hanford Nuclear Plant are leaking radioactive waste.

Seattle Space Needle crowd celebrates reefer madness

Seattle - On Tuesday, hundreds of Washington State residents descended upon the Seattle Space Needle in a gathering that resembled a New Year's Eve celebration, complete with cheering and a countdown to midnight.

A shooting, two alligators, an exotic dancer and a pot plantation

Olympia - While it sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, there was a report of a shooting at a quiet, suburban house in Washington State on Monday. Police following up on the report got a little more than they bargained for.

Video: 'Superhero' knocks out guy on street, cops watch

Seattle - In Seattle, Washington, there is a "mutual combat law" in effect. "Superhero" Phoenix Jones took advantage of this law to deliver his own brand of justice.

'Zombie bees' found in Washington state for first time

It has been confirmed an amateur beekeeper in Washington state has found "zombie bees" on his property. This is the first time "zombees" have been identified in Washington state.

White supremacist couple indicted on murder charges

Portland - A federal grand jury in Portland indicted a militant white supremacist couple on murder charges this past Thursday after the pair allegedly unleashed a wave of terror across the Pacific Northwest region that left four dead last fall.

Photo Essay: Summer at Long Beach, Washington Special

Long Beach - While the rest of the United States shows temperatures in the 80s, 90s and 100s, the Pacific Northwest sports temps in the 60s. This, however, does not stop beachgoers at Washington's famed Long Beach.

Washington state to introduce Facebook app for voter registration

Washington state is changing the dynamic of voter registration this week. According to several media reports, in the very near future there will be an app that will allow residents to register to vote through Facebook.

California's Gallo Wines grabs an opportunity to expand

Seattle - E&J Gallo, the largest family-owned wine producer in the world, as reported in Washington State's 'Yakima Herald,' July 9, reports Gallo has purchased, not one, but two wineries in the second largest wine producing state. California being first.

Boy, 13, rescued after being trapped between waterfalls

Rescuers in Snohomish County, Wash. have saved a 13-year-old boy from a large waterfall. The young teen had been trapped overnight, crouching on a ledge to avoid going over the falls.

GOP Washington Caucus Results: Mitt Romney wins another state

Seattle - It has been announced that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has won the state of Washington. Texas Congressman Ron Paul and former Senator Rick Santorum battled it out for a strong second place.

Toll enacted on 520 floating bridge

Seattle - Thursday marked the first day that a toll fee would be required to cross the 520 freeway bridge in Washington State. The heavily traveled bridge spans across Lake Washington and connects Seattle to the Eastside communities.

Shooting outside Washington restaurant injures two

Renton - A shooting occurred outside a restaurant in an area south of Seattle just after midnight early Friday morning. A man and a woman were wounded and had to be taken to a local hospital.

Woman receiving welfare lives in million dollar home

Seattle - A Washington State woman has been receiving $1,272 a month in public housing vouchers, plus disability pay and food stamps, all while living in a $1.2 million lakefront home.

Washington woman missing for 18 years turns up in California

A woman who was reported missing in 1993 from Stanwood, WA is alive and doing well. She now has a new life and a new family in Southern California.

Pledge of allegiance upsets Air Force veteran

Seattle - One Air Force veteran is upset over the adherence to a Washington State policy of reciting the pledge of allegiance in school on a daily basis.

Photo Essay: Westhaven Cove in Grays Harbor, Washington Special

My dad and I went crabbing in Westhaven Cove on July 19. Aside from a few crabs, I caught some great photography as well.
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Mt. Baker as viewed from Galiano Island  BC. The ferry is on its way from Victoria to Vancouver.
Mt. Baker as viewed from Galiano Island, BC. The ferry is on its way from Victoria to Vancouver.
Picking oysters by hand at low tide  Willapa Bay  Washington.
Picking oysters by hand at low tide, Willapa Bay, Washington.
Mt. Baker as viewed from Galiano Island  BC.
Mt. Baker as viewed from Galiano Island, BC.
Local law enforcement officers from Kennewick  Washington participated in the annual  Tip-A-Cop  fun...
Local law enforcement officers from Kennewick, Washington participated in the annual "Tip-A-Cop" fundraiser on Saturday Oct. 13, 2012. Proceeds raised from "Tip-A-Cop" one-day event go to the Special Olympics. Red Robin franchises in 39 states across the USA participated in the fundraiser.
Courtesy of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
Collapsed bridge in Washington state
Collapsed bridge in Washington state
ITN - Screengrab
I-522: The People s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
The annual  Tip-A-Cop  fundraiser was held at more than 300 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers franchises in ...
The annual "Tip-A-Cop" fundraiser was held at more than 300 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers franchises in 39 states this past Oct. 13, 2012. Seen here are the staff of the Red Robin with local law officers in Kennewick, Washington
Courtesy of Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
I-522: The People s Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
I-522: The People's Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act.
Picking oysters by hand at low tide  Willapa Bay  Washington.
Picking oysters by hand at low tide, Willapa Bay, Washington.