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Washington dc News

Wash. D.C. harboring mosquitoes capable of carrying Zika virus

Researchers reported on Monday they have identified a major population of Aedes aegypti, the mosquito responsible for carrying dengue fever, chikungunya, and the Zika virus in a capital hill neighborhood in Washington, D.C.

Ex-con arrested in the deaths of rich family he worked for

An arrest has finally been made in the grisly murder of a millionaire’s family and their housekeeper that occurred just over a week ago in the wealthy area of Woodley Park, just outside of Washington DC.

Op-Ed: Cops threaten couple with $750,000 fine over missing dog flyer

Washington D.c. - Roger Horowitz and his wife Annemarie did what many of us do when we lose a pet. They posted flyers. Then they received a call from a D.C. police officer who allegedly said they would face a $750,000 fine if they didn't take the posters down.

Your Chesapeake blue crab cakes may be fakes

The iconic Chesapeake Bay blue crab cake is much sought after by locals and tourists alike. The distinctive fresh-caught flavor is the crab cake's best selling point. But guess what? Over one-third of the crab meat in some crab cakes comes from overseas.

The late Mayor of Washington, DC, Marion Barry, dies at 78

Former DC mayor, Marion Barry, a debatable and tireless supporter of the nation’s capital who created jobs for generations of black families, Marion Barry was the ultimate D.C. politician. Barry died on Sunday, November 23, 2014 at the age of 78.

Op-Ed: D.C. pols focus on public goals would go far to rebuild trust

Washington D.c. - Outgoing Washington Mayor Vincent Gray is likely to spend his remaining few months in office focused more on his mounting legal troubles, than any lame duck initiatives he may have planned for the city.

D.C. rabbi arrested, accused of video recording women in shower

Washington - A prominent rabbi in Washington D.C has been arrested, accused of installing a hidden camera in a women’s restroom at the National Capital Mikvah.

Washington's yoga community opposes 'yoga tax'

The Washington D.C. city council will be imposing a 5.75 percent sales tax on facilities that provide fitness services starting from October 1.

Uber tests new delivery service in D.C.

Washington, D. C. - The popular car service company is test-driving a new product delivery service in the nation's capital. However, the test area leaves out African American and Hispanic neighborhoods.

Former White House press secretary James Brady dies at 73

Alexandria - Former White House Press Secretary James Brady, who was severely injured in an assassination attempt on US President Ronald Reagan in 1981, died Monday at a retirement home in Virginia, a family spokesman announced.

Citigroup to pay $7 billion to settle U.S. financial claims

Washington D.c. - U.S. banking giant Citigroup Inc. agreed Monday to pay $7 billion to settle government claims that it lied to investors when it sold them some $30 billion in financial products backed by subprime mortgages, precipitating the 2007-2009 financial crisis.

Op-Ed: Devil's advocate — Keeping the Redskins name

In recent weeks, pressure has mounted on the National Football League to compel Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, to change the name of his team.

Video: Santa Claus got arrested at the White House

Washington - It seems that Santa himself has been a very bad boy. He got arrested at the White House the other day. He really wasn't asking that much, just an increase in the minimum wage, but it seems his Christmas wish didn't come true.

John Kerry promises some U.S. spying practices will end

John Kerry, United States secretary of state, said last night some of America's spying activities have "reached too far." Speaking by videolink yesterday to a conference with the Open Government Partnership, Mr Kerry confirmed trust needs to be restored.

Man torches himself with gasoline near Capitol Hill

Washington - An unidentified man set himself on fire early Friday evening at Washington’s National Mall close to federal museums currently closed as a result of the US government shutdown. There was no immediate explanation for the incident.

Op-Ed: 9/11 a day of tribute, and remembering the importance of living

Minneapolis - Like Pearl Harbor, it's a day that will live in infamy. Thousands were lost and countless families never even got a chance to say goodbye.

One day waiting period proposed for Washington DC tattoos

Getting tattoos and body piercings on impulse may become less impulsive if Washington DC health regulators get their way.

Washington wants to host Summer Olympics in 2024

Despite being snubbed to host the Olympic games in 2012 officials in Washington believe their city is a perfect location for the 2024 Summer Games.

Giant panda, Mei Xiang, gives birth at Smithsonian National Zoo

Washington - Giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth at the Smithsonian National Zoo. This is the giant panda's third cub. She had given birth last September, but sadly, that panda only lived for a few days.

Photo essay: World Deserts exhibit at the U.S. Botanic Garden Special

Washington - The United States Botanic Garden houses a wonderful collection of plants. Every day many people enter the conservatory's doors in order to get a glimpse at the often rare, and always beautiful, collections.

FBI counter-terror team celebrates 30 years of service

Quantico - The FBI is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Hostage Rescue Team. Always ready to respond to a crisis situation, this specialized entity is America's premier SWAT team and a world renowned counter-terrorism force.

Trump approved for 60-year lease of historical Old Post Office

Washington - The deal between the U.S. General Services Administration and real estate tycoon Donald Trump has been finalized. Trump can now move forward with plans to redevelop Washington D.C.'s historic Old Post Office. His company has secured a 60-year lease.

Rapper Nas pledges to help homeless family in Washington

After hearing about a Washington family who lost their home in a fire, New York rapper Nas was deeply moved and decided to take action.

Grazing goats to clean invasive plants in Capitol Hill cemetery

Washington - A team of goats has been "hired" to clean out the invasive plants that are currently taking over the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C. The work is expected to take about six days of 24-hour shifts.

Study finds Washington, DC is the least honest place in America

Washington - An informal study determined that people in Washington, DC were the least likely to use the honor system when it came to paying for bottles of tea. This marks the second year in a row that the nation's capital has received the unflattering distinction.

Video: Iraqi woman speaks at Free Bradley Manning rally in DC

Washington - During a rally in support of Pfc. Bradley Manning, an Iraqi citizen, Farah Muhsin Al Mousawi, gave an impassioned speech, calling for the release of Manning, directly addressing Major General Jeffrey Buchanan.

Lincoln Memorial vandalized, splashed with green paint (UPDATED)

Washington - Vandals reportedly splashed green paint on the Lincoln Memorial located on the National Mall. The U.S. Park Police are currently investigating the crime.

Unpublished interview with now-deceased reporter Helen Thomas Special

Washington - Legendary White House reporter Helen Thomas died today at the age of 92. She achieved many "firsts" in her career, including opening up the White House Correspondents' Dinner to women. Thomas shared some details of that event with this reporter.

Mobile payments bring taxi cabs into the 21st century

Taxi cabs have been cruising the United States helping passengers traverse the landscape for close to a century. And for most of that 100 year period, cash and coin have been the only compensation taxi drivers could accept.

Hundreds protest Zimmerman trial outcome in Washington DC

As the news about the George Zimmerman trial in Florida spread, people from coast-to-coast in America took to the streets and CNN showed Zimmerman's personal data on nationwide TV.
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Washington dc Image

U.S. Capitol (from west side facing east) in Washington  District of Columbia  USA.
U.S. Capitol (from west side facing east) in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.
U.S. Capitol East Front
U.S. Capitol East Front
Architect of the Capitol
Major General Alexander McDowell McCook  full-length portrait seated on horseback  facing left.
Major General Alexander McDowell McCook, full-length portrait seated on horseback, facing left.
Library of Congress
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington  D.C.
Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Tom LeGro / PBS NewsHour
Photo of the White House
Photo of the White House
Cherry blossoms loom large over the crowd.  Washington  DC 2011.
Cherry blossoms loom large over the crowd. Washington, DC 2011.
The western front of the United States Capitol
The western front of the United States Capitol
Festival goers pose for pictures along the Tidal Basin on the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festiv...
Festival goers pose for pictures along the Tidal Basin on the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington DC 2011.
From this real photo  it is obvious the skies were overcast and foggy.
From this real photo, it is obvious the skies were overcast and foggy.
Andrew Roszak/Twitter
A parade participant in Washington D.C. s 2012 St. Patrick s Day parade
A parade participant in Washington D.C.'s 2012 St. Patrick's Day parade
U.S. Capitol
U.S. Capitol
Some of the Reason Rally VIP s  including Youtuber AronRa  in the back wearing the black hat.
Some of the Reason Rally VIP's, including Youtuber AronRa, in the back wearing the black hat.
Image of Canada s embassy in Washington D.C.
Image of Canada's embassy in Washington D.C.
A couple strolls along the Tidal Basin in Washington DC on the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festi...
A couple strolls along the Tidal Basin in Washington DC on the first day of the Cherry Blossom Festival, March 2011.
Large crowd at the Reason Rally.
Large crowd at the Reason Rally.
Police car in Washington  D.C.
Police car in Washington, D.C.
Washington DC Metro City Bus
Washington DC Metro City Bus
A view of the sky from the ground  obscured by clouds of cherry blossoms.
A view of the sky from the ground, obscured by clouds of cherry blossoms.

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