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Washing machine News

Microplastics risk from washing machines flagged

Geneva - Plastic pollution of the oceans has been highlighted as a significant ecological concern, with billions of pieces of plastic floating in the oceans. A new concern are the ‘microfibers’ released from clothing when washed in domestic washing machines.

Man shoots, kills wife, 2 others before son grabs gun, kills him

Rowland Heights - An argument over a washing machine sparked a tragic quadruple homicide on New Year's Eve when a man shot and killed his wife and two other people in his home, leading his son to wrestle the gun away and allegedly fatally shoot him, authorities say.

'Scrubba Wash Pack' - The washing machine you wear on your back

Have you ever been someplace off the beaten track and needed to wash your clothes? Australian inventor and frequent traveler Ash Newland has been there, done that. He has invented the Scrubba Back Pack, a washing machine that travels with you.

LG unveils washing machine with mini-washer built in

Las Vegas - Among the cavalcade of tech news that is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), LG has unveiled a new take on the humble washing machine.

Naked man rescued after becoming stuck inside a washing machine

Melbourne - A man has been rescued by fire fighters and paramedics after becoming wedged naked inside a washing machine, while trying to surprise his girlfriend.

Many dishwashers contain harmful fungi

A potentially pathogenic fungus has found a home living in the extreme conditions of the dishwasher. This comes from a survey of several households.

Video: Man puts son in washing machine, panics as prank backfires

A man shoved his son into a washing machine as a joking response to a sign that said "Junior wash $2.95." But the washing machine didn't know it was just a prank. Panic followed as the auto-lock mechanism initiated and a washing cycle began.

2-year-old drowns in family's washing machine

A toddler from Oregon, 2-year-old Ollie Hebb, died after getting stuck in the family's washing machine. Ollie was helping his mother with the laundry when he climbed into the washer and drowned in the water.

McDonald's refutes video of washing lettuce in washing machines

Fast food chain McDonald's says that a video showing vegetables being washed in a washing machine at a branch in Saudi Arabia was faked.

Video of McDonald's washing vegetables in machine faked

McDonald's has now stated that the YouTube video showing a branch of McDonald's in Saudi Arabia preferring to clean their vegetables in an automatic washing machine is reportedly staged.

CES 2012: Samsung debuts 'smart' washing machine

Las Vegas - As many electronic devices go the "smart" route and use wireless technology to provide consumers with enhanced, hi-tech features, Samsung just unveiled a new appliance that kicks this trend to a new level.

Boy, 3, killed by father in France

Both the father and the mother are being held in jail for the death of their son, misbehaving in nursery school was the reason the father gave for the killing.

Hide-and-seek boy trapped in washing machine

A game of hide and seek turned into a major rescue effort for a three year old boy in China. Firefighters were covered by China’s state broadcaster freeing the boy.

Australian cat survives ordeal in washing machine

Cats often hide away in unlikely places. They can choose the sunniest spot in the middle of a walkway to lounge in, but they also enjoy the deepest, darkest, tiniest spaces to "get away from it all."

Robbers break into home, put kitten in washing machine

Kimberly Ross got a little kitten from a friend as an early 50th birthday present. She named the kitten Ruby and bought her a red collar and a red litter box. Now Ruby is gone.

MIT students develop bicycle-powered washing machine

MIT students want to help the poor and third world countries with their bicycle-powered washing machines made out of 100 percent recycled materials.

Girl, 4, dies in washing machine accident

According to California police authorities, a four-year-old girl climbed into the washing machine and her 15-month-old brother switched the machine on.

Washing machine uses a cup of water, a pinch of detergent and 1,000 plastic chips

The machine soon to be launched in 2009 by Xeros uses just a cup of water, a pinch of detergent and about 1,000 small reusable plastic chips to wash clothes.

Washing Machine Uses a Cup of Water, Requires No Dryer

British scientists have developed a washing machine technology that uses as little as a cup of water for each washing cycle. It also doesn't need a dryer.

Worlds Fastest Washing Machine Unveiled

For Japanese people who want their lives to be even faster, a company on Monday unveiled a washing machine billed to be the quickest in the world.

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A washing machine.
A washing machine.
The Scrubba Wash Pack is versatile and functional.
The Scrubba Wash Pack is versatile and functional.
The WF457 DV457 digital washing machine from Samsung
The WF457 DV457 digital washing machine from Samsung
Courtesy Samsung

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