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Warship News

US carrier visits Hong Kong amid heightened China tensions

Fpo - An American warship and carrier strike group visited Hong Kong Wednesday in a move seen as a conciliatory gesture by China ahead of next week's crunch meeting between the global superpowers' presidents.

Pentagon chief visits warship in South China Sea

US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter visited a warship close to flashpoint waters of the South China Sea on Friday, as Beijing reacted defiantly to an American military build-up in the area.Carter's trip to the USS John C.

Off Syrian coast, Russian warship backs up air campaign

Captain Alexander Shvarts watched on as the iron covers whirred open on the air defence system aboard the Russian navy's Moskva missile cruiser off the Syrian coast.

Lavrov says France 'must fulfil obligations' on warship delivery

Basel - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday warned France its reputation was on the line over the delivery of a controversial warship to Russia, which has been delayed due to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

France delays warship delivery to Russia 'until further notice'

Paris - France on Tuesday pushed back "until further notice" the delivery of a controversial warship to Russia because of the Ukraine crisis, sparking a measured initial response from Moscow.

Video: Warship called 'Cursed' reveals lost treasure

Researchers combing the bottom of the Baltic Sea for new scientific information have turned their attention to the "Mars" and the ship has yielded a new discovery of a different kind.

Canadian warship adrift in Pacific after engine room fire

A fire originating in the engine room on the Canadian warship HMCS Protecteur has left the vessel adrift in the Pacific Ocean in heavy seas. The ship has no propulsion power and is waiting for a tugboat to arrive from Hawaii.

Op-Ed: Mideast nuclear arms race heats up

Iran seeks short buildup time for assembling its nuclear weapons, while Israel procures another submarine with nuclear strike capability.

British warship destroys Somali pirate 'mother-ship' vessel

British forces on patrol off the Somalian waters have destroyed a pirate vessel, according to NATO. The craft, a mother-ship, was spotted by a helicopter from HMS Montrose.

South Korea's fishing boat seized by North Korea

North Korea reportedly seized a South Korean fishing boat Sunday in the disputed Korean peninsula amid tension caused by the sinking of a South Korean warship last March 26.

Russia demands total technology transfer for warship deal

In a move that may well anger Washington, Russia insists on French agreement to a full technology transfer before signing a contract for two French-designed warships. Russia wants to construct more of the ships in Russia in the future.

North Korea threatens severe punishment for American prisoner

An American citizen being held by North Korea for illegally entering the country will be subjected to severe punishment if the US will continue its campaign in the UN to censure it for the sinking of a south Korean warship in March this year.

North Korea insists torpedo findings a fabrication by South Korea

Pyongyang has rejected the findings of an international investigative group pointing to North Korea as the culprit in the sinking of a South Korean warship last March which killed 46 crew members on board.

Cash flow restriction eyed as punishment for North Korea

Restricting cash inflow to North Korea could be an effective way to punish North Korea for the sinking of a South Korean warship that left 46 people dead last March 26, according to the South Korean Foreign Minister.

Russia to conduct own probe of South Korea's warship sinking

Russia has started its own probe on the sinking of the South Korean warship last March 26 which killed 46 crewmen on board.

Pyongyang says South Korea faked warship sinking

Pyongyang denied responsibility in the sinking of South Korean warship which killed 46 of its crew members last March 26 and accused the south of faking the sinking of the warship.

South Korea breaks trade ties with the North, 'tensions escalate'

Seoul - The South Korean president has announced in a nationwide television address that his country was taking stern measures against North Korea in retaliation for the sinking of one of its naval patrol vessels in March.

Clinton: Report proves North Korea attacked South Korean warship

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says a report proves a North Korea submarine attacked the South Korean warship by firing a torpedo that sank the ship. North Korea denied the charges, saying it will retaliate with an "all-out war."

South Korea publicly accuses North of sinking warship

Seoul - South Korea has formally accused North Korea of sinking a naval patrol ship and causing the deaths of 46 crewmen in March after an international investigation found parts of a North Korean torpedo at the site of the sinking.

Hopes fade for missing South Korean navy sailors

Seoul - Hopes of finding 46 South Korean navy sailors are fading after their ship sank in frigid waters near the North-South Korean sea border on Friday.

Japanese warship rams into container vessel

Japanese defense officials say a navy destroyer has collided with a commercial ship off Japan's southern coast Tuesday, starting fires on both ships.

South African Navy Showcases ‘Cutting Edge’ Ship Special

The South African Navy has given a “Capability Demonstration” on board one of its newly acquired warships, the frigate SAS Amatola. The sea trip was offered to potential employers of SA Navy reserves, potential recruits to the navy and the media.

Salvage firm finds British warship

The remains of a legendary British warship believed to have sunk in the English Channel in 1744 have been found by a US-based salvage firm.

Modern Day Pirates Outmanned, Outgunned and Nearly Out of Time

Modern pirates roam the coast of Somalia capturing ships for ransom, but one recent group caught a prize much bigger and more deadly, from a number of perspectives, than they imagined. Facing US and Russian warships, they have vowed to fight to the death.

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Soon to be the USS Zumwalt after the christening ceremony  the Zumwalt on sea trials in December  20...
Soon to be the USS Zumwalt after the christening ceremony, the Zumwalt on sea trials in December, 2015.
Sa ar 5 ships were built by Northrop Grumman Ship Systems of Pascagoula  Mississippi) for the Israel...
Sa'ar 5 ships were built by Northrop Grumman Ship Systems of Pascagoula, Mississippi) for the Israeli Navy, based on Israeli designs. What will "Son of Saars" look like?
World War One cruiser
World War One cruiser
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The South Korean destroyer Munmu the Great  a Korean king of the 7th Century.
The South Korean destroyer Munmu the Great, a Korean king of the 7th Century.
A Mistral Class French amphibious assault ship in 2005
A Mistral Class French amphibious assault ship in 2005

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