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Wars News

Chevy Chase, Stevie Wonder talk Obama, wars, & Gitmo

According to recent interviews, Chevy Chase and Stevie Wonder, two extremely popular individuals, are not only supporters of Barack Obama but of several of his controversial policies as well.

Op-Ed: Why Aliens are hiding from us

From wars of religion to aggressive intent on the territories of others, Earthlings have killed for a variety of reasons. They are now entering an era of exceptional hatred of the difference. Is it really a wonder that no one wishes to pay Earth a visit?

Love and Star Wars: Speed dating in costume

Orlando - It was speed dating Star Wars style when costumed fans got together to find someone special during the recent Star Wars V convention in Florida.

Op-Ed: April – month of historical tragedies, wars and burning memories

Delights of love and beauty envisioned by mythical goddesses have not been element, essential or diminutive, for the month of April for many a moon. Events of great influence on the world emerged in this month, leaving despair and tears in their wake.

South Africa Remembers Dead Of All Wars, On All Sides Special

South Africa has remembered its war dead with wreath-laying ceremonies marking Armistice Day, also known as “Poppy Day,” in Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Palestinians call for United Nations to stop Israeli attacks

called on the United Nations (UN) to intervene in what he called ongoing settler attacks against Palestinian residents in the West Bank.

Op-Ed: Memorial Day Tribute For All Soldiers And Americans

This video tribute is stirring and emotional to all American soldiers and people. These brave men should be remembered every day of the year for their ultimate sacrifice to this nation.

Star Wars Galaxy Gets Slowly Closer

"As great as the infinite space beyond is the space within the lotus of the heart. Both heaven and earth are contained in that inner space; fire and air, sun and moon, lightning and stars."

Fears grow over L.A. gang wars

Gang-related violence is surging in Los Angeles and now the mayor plans on appointing a "Gang Czar." A stand-out high school football star was killed recently in broad daylight because he had no answer to the question "What gang are you from?"

Study Shows Climate Change May Trigger Wars and Population Decline

A new study shows that reduced agricultural productivity caused by climate change triggered wars and population decline during the Little Ice Age, when the number of wars increased, famine occurred and the population declined.

War over Halo Wars?

The well known gaming company Bungie is mostly famous for their creation of the Halo franchise. Bungie is recognized where ever the words Halo are read. But, gaming company Ensemble says other wise (creators of Halo Wars).

Lucasarts' Clone Wars heads to handhelds

LucasArts has started work on a handheld title based on its CG Clone Wars TV show, according to Develop magazine.

Free Radical making Star Wars Battlefront III with Lucas Arts

Free Radical - the team behind GoldenEye and TimeSplitters - is masterminding the next iteration of the Star Wars Battlefront franchise.

Star Wars, Force Unleashed website gives new details

In the wake of details hitting on the new Star Wars game by developer LucasArts, The Force Unleashed, the company has set up an official website.

Bush's flimsy historical fig-leaf

Two stories on DJ have reported Geroge Bush's comments on George Washington's birthday and I don't intend to repeat them, more provide a brief riposte.

Harry's minder in Iraq

Your tax pounds at work: Elite cops have already flown to Iraq to pave the way, so Prince Harry can pretend to be a soldier -- in safety

How to make a Star Wars X-Wing Out Of Metro Tickets

Have you ever fiddled around with an old metro ticket between two stops? I did it for six months (in 2004, magical year) while wondering how I could give it a cool shape.

Maybe it’s time to turn the television off

You would think that Mother Teresa had just died all over again the way the media - especially television - is covering every nuance of the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith.

Halo Wars, If they want a war, we'll give them... an RTS

While the boys at Bungie are stealing all the limelight with Halo 3, Ensemble Studios are going about bringing the Halo -verse to 360 in RTS form quietly under the radar.

Honda Civic Turned Into X-Wing Starfighter

This Honda Del Sol was completely converted into a X-Wing Starfighter from Star Wars.

the United States has deployed stealth fighters in Japan

"Residents here live with multiple fears and worries," Tanaka said. "Our patience has already reached a limit. We cannot tolerate more than that." a statement from a town in Japan where U.S will be stationed.

The United States has Rejected an Investigator's Guantanamo Visit Request

"If I cannot speak freely with detainees -- as I understand from the American reply -- such a visit would be pointless," Investigator Dick Marty

Is Saddam alive?

Now for the unseen Saddam video which clearly has people asking is Saddam still alive.

Egyptian man held by Ottawa since 2000 ordered released

"I am satisfied that Mr. Mahjoub ... will not pose a danger to national security or to the safety of any person if released under the terms and conditions that I consider appropriate,'' Justice Richard Mosley said in a decision released today.

George Lucas: Empire Was the Worst Star Wars Film

At the Publicists Guild luncheon last week, George Lucas gave an award to publicist Sid Ganis, who was the publicist on Star Wars: Episode Five - The Empire Strikes Back, said, 'Sid is the reason why The Empire Strikes Back is always written about as the

Is Al-Qaeda Going to attack France?

Frence intelligence says that al-Qaeda plans an attack on the country during forthcoming presidential elections.

Update on : Web Retailer's Rude Reply to U.S. Soldier in Iraq

The email showed a rude response sent by online retailer in answer to a product inquiry from an American soldier stationed in Iraq, the employee was fired, what has happened to discount mats .com?

Store Wars

very interesting analogy...

Marine Withdraws Guilty Plea to Killing of Iraq Man

A Marine Corporal's request to withdraw his guilty plea to charges of murdering an unarmed Iraqi civilian, was granted but he was warned that he could be sentenced to death if convicted.

Iraq's deputy health minister arrested

U.S. and Iraqi forces detained Iraq's deputy health minister, a senior member of a radical Shi'ite political group, in the first major sign that a security crackdown in Baghdad was under way.
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Jamaican police in street battles with supporters of drug lord Christopher Dudus Coke
Jamaican police in street battles with supporters of drug lord Christopher Dudus Coke
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