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Tropical Storm Cindy could pose a threat to Louisiana coastline

The National Hurricane Center has issued a tropical storm warning today after the weather system being watched in the Gulf of Mexico became better organized and its winds increased to 45 mph.

California lakes turn a slimy green due to toxic algae

Oakland - Toxic algae blooms have shown up in more than 40 lakes and waterways in California, from Los Angeles to the northern reaches of the state this summer, the worst ever seen.

Fatal attack linked to dating website prompts police warnings

Auburndale - Authorities nationwide are warning internet users who arrange dates with strangers online to be a lot more careful in the wake of the slaying of a Florida man who met a woman online who allegedly arranged to have him robbed and killed.

Global warnings on Brexit consequences

London - Britain's EU referendum has prompted a global outpouring of warnings in recent months about the potential consequences of a Brexit, ranging from the gloomy to the downright apocalyptic.- End of Western civilisation?

FDA updates drug safety warnings

Bethesda - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has updated its list of drug safety warnings and errors to labels and information leaflets.

Watch for companies to claim 'Jack Frost ate our profits'

Sick of hearing Americans complain about the winter weather? Too bad. Because the corporate kvetching has only just begun.

Black widows found on supermarket grapes in several states

Yvonne Whalen was washing red grapes in her kitchen Thursday afternoon when she felt something strange. She looked down, only to spot a long black spider leg coming up over one of the grapes—followed by its body.

Pro-senior lobby 'terrifies' some GOP lawmakers in budget talks

The pro-senior lobby in Washington, led by AARP and its 37 million members, as well as unions and Democratic-activists, stand between those ready to cut Social Security and Medicare benefits. Lawmakers are terrified of these groups, and with good reason.

Russia warned US of bomber 'multiple times' after FBI interview

As the FBI seeks to portray its failure to track Tamerlan Tsarnaev after a 2011 interview as a bureaucratic snafu, a US senator has revealed that the US was warned about Tsarnaev not once, but "multiple times," according to the Boston Globe.

Canada, U.S. rethinking products containing benzocaine

Health Canada is continuing to evaluate the safety of products that contain benzocaine, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issues warnings about the danger of products that contain benzocaine.

New cigarette packaging in Canada highlights warnings

Canadian health groups are pleased with the new warnings that will appear on cigarette packs in Canada. There are a set of 16 warnings that will circulate on both the front and back of all cigarette and little cigar packs.

France warns threat level 'very high' in the United Kingdom

After Britain issued terror-oriented travel advisories on visits to Continental Europe, and with European and Pakistani officials accusing the US of political manipulation, France issued a warning of its own on travel to the UK.

Sexual assault suspect nabbed by his victim

Hamilton - A man accused of sexual assault is behind bars today after his victim spotted him and called police in Hamilton, Ontario yesterday.

Travel alert for Mexico issued as spring break nears

Many students are looking forward to their spring break which is quickly approaching. Many think of it as a time to party and go wild. There are things they and their parents need to be aware of before the destination is planned.

Posted Tsunami Warning Signs Battered by People, Not Waves

Tsunamis hitting the west coast of the U.S. are rare, but they happen. To prepare, coastal cities from Washington to California have been preparing residents for the possibility by posting signs. Rather than heeding them, they’ve been vandalizing them.

The Beast is Alive; Millions in Oz Warned of New Fire Threat

As North America awakes, Australians face The Beast. Text messages will be sent to millions of Australians in the State of Victoria to warn them of the fire threat, as extreme weather conditions reach new threat levels.

Op-Ed: From Cassandra To Jesus Christ

From Cassandra to Jesus Christ, it is amazing how often the doomed choose to ignore those who warn them of their coming fate. Cassandra was "doomed to tell the truth yet never to be believed". I am amazed how Greek Mythology so mirrors American politics.

Flu Drugs Prompt Warnings

The Food and Drug Administration is urging that new warnings be added to the anti-viral drugs Roche Holding AG's Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline Plc's Relenza labels. There is now some concern as to whether these drugs are causing 'psychiatric events'.

Hurricane Dean On the Move

Hurricane Dean is the fourth named tropical storm of the 2007 season and the first hurricane. Within the next twenty four hours Dean could become a category 5 storm. It is on the way to Jamaica with landfall expected by Sunday morning.

New System to be Tried for Alerting Drivers to Emergency Vehicles

High-tech helpers will began to be tested next week to alert motorists of emergency vehicles that are approaching. The tests will be done in Dearborn Heights Michigan for a period of three weeks.

Warnings for This, Warnings for That: How the Fun Has Been Taken Out of Saturday Nights

As the smoking ban looms near for the UK, doctors ask for warnings to be put on to alcohol labels in public houses and bars

Texas Youth Commission Administrator Charged with Sex Abuse, after Boss Disregarded Warning Signs

Who’s supervising the supervisors if sexual predators are being allowed to work in positions of authority over children?

No new warnings planned for cervical cancer vaccine

More than 500 cases of mostly minor side effects have been reported in girls and women who got the new cervical cancer vaccine, but government health officials say no additional warning labels are needed.

Update:Google Images Regains Details, Keeps Warnings

The old Image Search is back, and those warnings are still in place.

Google Malware Warnings in Image Search

Google introduces Malware Warnings in Image Search

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Yellowstone National Park has warning signs like this one tell us to stay alert and a safe distance ...
Yellowstone National Park has warning signs like this one tell us to stay alert and a safe distance from wild animals.
A baby can strangle in the “V” shape when the top portion of the drop side detaches
A baby can strangle in the “V” shape when the top portion of the drop side detaches
Consumer Product Safety Commission
This is a typical label found on powdered caffeine bought over the Internet.
This is a typical label found on powdered caffeine bought over the Internet.
USA Today

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