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Warming oceans News

Half-a-million mussels cooked to death in waters off New Zealand

The climate crisis has given us another casualty. Nearly 500,000 dead green-lipped mussels washed up on a beach in New Zealand after being cooked alive by rising ocean temperatures.

Slow-moving mega-storms are going to be our new normal

Moving at a pace of 1 mph, Hurricane Dorian was slower than an adult’s walking pace⁠—and because of scientific phenomena caused by these slow mega-storms, hurricanes that are economically devastating could over time become our new normal.

UNH researchers one step closer in predicting vibrio outbreaks

Reports from state health departments in New England show that the annual number of reported human cases of vibriosis from eating oysters have increased in recent years. Researchers wanted to know why this is happening.

Op-Ed: Climate change puts B.C. at major risk of devastating flooding

Vancouver - A study of the lower mainland in British Columbia done by the Fraser Basin Council is the first of its kind to describe the damage estimates of a major flood event on the Fraser River or coastal flooding, putting the projected cost at $30 billion.

Shark attacks on the rise globally as human population increases

There were 98 unprovoked shark attacks worldwide in 2015, with the U.S., Australia and South Africa witnessing the highest numbers.

Study: Oceans heating faster, slowing warming at surface

Livermore - The world's oceans have sucked up as much heat from global warming over the last 20 years as was soaked up during the previous 130 years, according to a study by U.S. scientists.

Frozen methane gas being released by warming ocean

Researchers are reporting that the unusually large number of methane gas plumes detected off the Washington and Oregon coasts may be due to the warming Pacific Ocean.

Lobster population moves northward as ocean temperatures increase

Portland - Lobster populations off the southern New England coast have plummeted to record lows, while lobsters have increased in numbers in the colder waters off the coast of Maine and other northern reaches.

Warming oceans triggering population explosion of marine animals

Along the Central and Northern California coastline, observers are seeing an explosion of bright pink, inch-long sea slugs in the tide pools. Scientists are saying the "population boom" of these sea slugs this far north was predicted in 2011.

Ocean warming affecting inshore fish species

Australian scientists have reported the first known detrimental impact of southern hemisphere ocean warming on a fish species, the banded morwong.

Warming oceans could shift earth's axis

A recent study claims human-induced warming of the oceans could shift Earth's axis up to 1.5 meters (4.9 feet). This shift could happen by the end of the century.

Bleaching Events Killing Soft Coral

Bleaching events are increasing in areas such as the Indo-Pacific Ocean and this is because the water temperature is rising. the increase in bleaching events is causing soft corals to die.

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Warming oceans Image

Oceans in our Southern Hemisphere are warming at astounding rates.
Oceans in our Southern Hemisphere are warming at astounding rates.
Celia Guerrieri (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Warming oceans have flooded California with starving sea lion pups.
Warming oceans have flooded California with starving sea lion pups.
Photo courtesy of NOAA

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