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With deadline looming, UN climate talks fall short

Bonn - UN talks ending Thursday failed to hammer out a draft of the "operating manual" that would bring the landmark Paris climate treaty to life, forcing governments to add an emergency negotiating session ahead of a December climate summit.

California to 'whiplash' between drought, floods: study

Paris - California will zigzag between droughts and floods which will become more intense and more frequent in the coming decades unless global emissions of planet-warming greenhouse gases are checked, researchers said Monday.

World shipping industry agrees to halve carbon emissions by 2050

London - Members of the UN International Maritime Organisation on Friday struck a deal to halve carbon dioxide emissions from shipping by 2050 in a deal that will force the industry to redesign fleets.

'Devastating' ocean heatwaves on the rise

Paris - Ocean heatwaves which can have "devastating and long-term impacts" on ecosystems have become longer and more frequent over the past century, according to an international study published Tuesday.

Climate change makes mountain tops bloom, for now

Paris - Europe's mountain summits are flush with new plant species, a greening that has increased in lock-step with the acceleration of global warming since the mid-20th century, researchers said Wednesday.

2C cap on global warming won't save Arctic sea ice: studies

Paris - Even if humanity stops global warming in its tracks at two degrees Celsius, long seen as the guardrail for a climate-safe world, Arctic sea ice will still disappear in some years, scientists have warned.Holding the line at 1.5 C (2.

Two degrees no longer seen as global warming guardrail

Paris - Limiting global warming to two degrees Celsius will not prevent destructive and deadly climate impacts, as once hoped, dozens of experts concluded in a score of scientific studies released Monday.A world that heats up by 2C (3.

'Doomsday' seed vault gets makeover as Arctic heats up

Longyearbyen - Designed to withstand a nuclear missile hit, the world's biggest seed vault, nestled deep inside an Arctic mountain, is undergoing a makeover as rising temperatures melt the permafrost meant to protect it.

Icy Europe, balmy North Pole: the world upside down

Paris - Not for the first time in recent years, Europe has descended into a deep freeze while the Arctic experiences record high temperatures, leaving scientists to ponder the role global warming may play in turning winter weather upside down.

Coming decades vital for future sea level rise: study

Paris - How quickly humanity draws down the greenhouse gases driving global warming will determine whether sea levels rise half-a-metre or six times that, even if Paris climate pact goals are fully met, researchers reported Tuesday in a study.

Last three years hottest on record: UN

Geneva - The last three years were the hottest on record, the United Nations weather agency said Thursday, citing fresh global data underscoring the dramatic warming of the planet.

Quarter of land will be drier under 2 C warming: study

Paris - More than a quarter of Earth's land surface will become "significantly" drier even if humanity manages to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius, the goal espoused in the Paris Agreement, scientists said on Monday.

Climate change: can hummingbirds take the heat?

Paris - Extreme heat sometimes forces hummingbirds to seek shade instead of foraging for food, researchers said Wednesday, warning that global warming could test the tiny birds' capacity to adapt.

Keeping it real: UN climate talks struggle to stay relevant

Bonn - There was a telling moment at the 23rd edition of UN climate talks that underscored both the life-and-death stakes in the fight against global warming, and how hard it is for this belaboured forum to rise to the challenge.

UN climate envoys agree on way forward, despite Trump

Bonn - Negotiations to bolster the climate-saving Paris Agreement, crafted over two decades, closed in Bonn Saturday, deflated but not derailed by Donald Trump's rejection of the treaty and defence of fossil fuels.

Battle lines drawn over coal at UN climate talks

Bonn - A score of mostly wealthy nations banded together at UN climate talks Thursday to swear off coal-fired power, a key driver of global warming and air pollution.To cap global warming at "well under" two degrees Celsius (3.

US official to defend Trump stance at UN climate talks

Bonn - An American official will address the UN climate meeting in Bonn on Thursday, where envoys have battled to make progress in the shadow of President Donald Trump's rejection of a global action plan.

France, Europe come to aid of UN climate panel

Bonn - France's president promised funding Wednesday for the UN's IPCC climate science panel, which faces a budget shortfall as it prepares to bring out a major report next year on the planetary perils of global warming.

Trump pullout from climate pact means even hotter world: study

Bonn - US President Donald Trump's pullout from the Paris Agreement will push up global temperatures nearly half a degree Celsius (0.9 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100, according to a report released Wednesday at UN climate talks in Bonn.

World leaders plead for climate action at UN forum

Bonn - World leaders shared the spotlight with a 12-year-old Pacific islander on Wednesday to drive home a plea for urgent climate action despite the Trump administration's rejection of a planet rescue plan.

Merkel, Macron to front diplomatic push at UN climate talks

Bonn - The leaders of France and Germany will lead a diplomatic charge Wednesday to reinvigorate UN climate talks clouded by Washington's rejection of a planet rescue plan backed by the rest of the world.

Syria signs up to Paris Agreement, US lone outsider

Bonn - Syria has officially signed up to the Paris Agreement, the UN said Tuesday, leaving the United States as the only country to reject the global climate-rescue pact.

Climate change pushing Earth toward risky 'tipping points': report

Bonn - As climate change drives up temperatures, Earth comes ever closer to dangerous 'tipping points' that could accelerate global warming beyond our capacity to reign it in, scientists warned at UN talks in Bonn Monday."Climate change is here.

US to defend fossil fuels at UN climate meeting

Bonn - The White House will host an event defending fossil fuel use Monday at UN climate talks in Germany, in a move blasted by green energy campaigners and conference president Fiji.

Climate change imperils one in four UNESCO natural sites

Bonn - Climate change imperils one in four UN-listed natural heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands -- nearly double the number from just three years ago, a report said Monday.

Climate change imperils one in four natural heritage sites: report

Bonn - Climate change imperils one in four natural World Heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands -- nearly double the number from just three years ago, a report said Monday.

Scientists warn of 'giant leap backward' at climate talks

Bonn - Carbon dioxide emissions are set to rise this year after a three-year pause, scientists said at UN climate talks Monday, warning that "time is running out", even as White House officials used the occasion to champion the fossil fuels that drive global ...

Under Trump, US to miss Paris climate targets: report

Paris - The United States will fail to meet its commitments for reducing greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris climate treaty, according to a report released Saturday at UN negotiations in Bonn.

UN chief says $100 bln climate fund far from guaranteed

New York - UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday said a $100 billion annual fund to help developing countries tackle climate change was crucial to achieve the goals of the Paris climate deal.

Developing world says rich nations shirking on climate

Paris - The failure of wealthy nations to deliver on short-term climate commitments could hinder the rollout of a landmark treaty, a bloc of 134 developing countries, including India and China, warned at UN negotiations in Bonn.
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