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Warming News

World marks hottest June since 1880: U.S. scientists

Washington - Last month was the hottest June since record-keeping began in 1880, according to a monthly report by U.S. government climate scientists.The combined average temperature over land and ocean surfaces was a "record high for the month at 61.
In the Media by AFP - 1 comment

Study finds half of Greenland's warming due to natural causes

The rapid warming of Greenland's glaciers has been documented for a number of years, but atmospheric scientists at the University of Washington estimate that up to half of the warming in Greenland and other areas may be from natural causes.
In the Media by Karen Graham

Florida is 'Ground Zero' for sea level rise

Miami Beach - Warm sunshine and sandy beaches make south Florida and its crown city, Miami, a haven for tourists, but the area is increasingly endangered by sea level rise, experts said Tuesday.
In the Media by Diego Urdaneta (AFP) - 1 comment

UN climate goal feasible but energy reform vital

Berlin - The world has a likely chance of meeting the UN's warming limit of two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) if it cuts annual greenhouse gas emissions 40-70 percent by 2050, especially from energy, a top expert panel said Sunday.
In the Media by Mariette Le Roux (AFP)

IMF, World Bank push for price on carbon

Washington - The IMF and World Bank on Friday urged finance ministers to impose a price on carbon, warning that time was running out for the planet to avoid worst-case climate change.
In the Media by AFP

Climate change boosts conflict risk, hunger: UN panel

Yokohama - Soaring carbon emissions will amplify the risk of conflict, hunger, flood and migration this century, the UN's expert panel said Monday in a landmark report on the impact of climate change.
In the Media by AFP

UN document warning of grave climate future completed

Yokohama - Leading scientists and officials completed a fresh climate report Sunday expected to lay bare the grim impact of climate change, with warnings that global food shortages could spark violence in vulnerable areas.
In the Media by AFP - 1 comment

Weather extremes 'consistent' with man-made climate change: UN

Geneva - The Philippines' devastating Typhoon Haiyan and drought in Australia were among recent weather extremes consistent with man-made climate change, the UN's weather agency said Monday."Many of the extreme events of 2013 were consistent with what we would ...
In the Media by Jonathan FOWLER (AFP) - 1 comment

UN scientists see grim future if no action

Yokohama - UN scientists are set to deliver their darkest report yet on the impacts of climate change, pointing to a future stalked by floods, drought, conflict and economic damage if carbon emissions go untamed.
In the Media by Richard Ingham (AFP)

Global warming amplifying malaria risk

Paris - Global warming will expose millions more people to malaria as parasite-bearing mosquitoes move to higher altitudes, according to new research into the health perils from climate change.
In the Media by Mariette LE ROUX (AFP)

Scorcher summers predicted for Europe

Paris - Europe is headed for scorching summers with temperatures well over 40 degrees Celsius (104 deg Fahrenheit) and droughts in the south within the next 40 years, climate scientists said Friday.Europe is expected to witness some of the most dramatic climat...
In the Media by AFP

Time running out for Great Barrier Reef: scientists

Sydney - Time is running out for Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef, with climate change set to wreck irreversible damage by 2030 unless immediate action is taken, marine scientists said Thursday.
In the Media by AFP

Global warming may imperil Statue of Liberty, Tower of London

Paris - The sightseer of 4014 may have to pay a virtual visit to the Tower of London or Statue of Liberty, said a climate study Wednesday that warned of dramatic ocean encroachment on heritage sites.
In the Media by AFP - 2 comments

Wind farms can tame hurricanes: scientists

Paris - Huge offshore wind farms can protect vulnerable coastal cities against devastating cyclones like Katrina and Sandy by tempering winds and ocean surges before they reach land, a study said Wednesday.Had such installations existed at the time, Hurricane ...
In the Media by Richard Ingham (AFP) - 4 comments

Geo-engineering no Holy Grail - study

Paris - Far from offering a simple fix, sci-fi solutions to global warming may in fact make the problem worse, a probe of "geo-engineering" options said on Tuesday.Once mocked as unscientific, geo-engineering proposals are gaining traction as carbon emissions ...
In the Media by Mariette Le Roux (AFP)

2013 sixth-hottest year, confirms long-term warming: UN

Geneva - Last year tied for the sixth-hottest on record, confirming that Earth's climate system is in the grip of warming that will affect generations to come, the UN's weather agency said Wednesday.
In the Media by Nina LARSON (AFP)

2013 sixth hottest year, confirms long-term warming: UN

Geneva - Last year tied for the sixth hottest on record, confirming that Earth's climate is in the grip of long-term warming, the UN's weather agency said Wednesday.
In the Media by AFP

2013 another unusually warm year across globe, US says

Washington - Last year was among a handful of the warmest on record since 1880, according to US government figures out Tuesday that provide more evidence that the planet is heating up.
In the Media by Kerry Sheridan (AFP)

Warming climate is helping to spread toxic algae on Lake Erie

Toledo - A warming climate, coupled with questionable soil management practices, has created ideal conditions for an explosion of toxic blue-green algae growth on Lake Erie. Alarm sirens blare as government officials work to find a solution to the algae problem.
In the Media by Karen Graham - 2 comments

Al Gore to Launch The Climate Project in China

Washington - The Climate Project supports more than 3,000 diverse and dedicated volunteers worldwide who have been personally trained by former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to educate the public and to raise awareness about climate change.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman

Report: Canadian North facing host of problems from climate change

The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy reported today that global warming will have a significant and deleterious impact on the built environment in the Canadian Arctic.
In the Media by Bob Gordon - 4 comments

Study: African wars brought on by global warming

A controversial new study that looks at the effects of climate change on global conflicts says that Africa is about to experience a surge in civil wars.
In the Media by Kevin Jess - 6 comments

Six Volcanoes Erupt Simultaneously in Russia

Six volcanoes are currently erupting in Kamchatka, a remote region in Eastern Russia. Experts say that volcanic and earthquake activity is increasing worldwide.
In the Media by Kevin Jess - 11 comments

'Cloud Ship' is Favorite to Cut Global Warming

Scientists say that an armada of ships with huge funnels travelling the world's oceans are the best idea to cut global warming.
In the Media by Kevin Jess - 1 comment

Federal political appointments stir ire of scientists

The Harper government is being accused by top Canadian scientists of politicizing science funding and jeopardizing climate research.
In the Media by Jan Rose - 1 comment

U.S. Putting Heat on Itself to Cool Global Warming

After eight years of Bush ‘head in the sand’ global warming policies and rewriting scientific reports to downplay it, the Obama administration is doing a 180 and jumping in feet first to join the world in the heated battle.
In the Media by Sandy Sand

Op-Ed: Global Cooling On Its Way But Don't Criticize Al Gore

A new study suggest that global warming may be on hold for 30 years and global cooling will take its place. But wait, when that 30 years is up, there will be aggressive warming again! Don't you worry Al Gore.
In the Media by Samantha A. Torrence - 5 comments

Trees migrating North due to warming

A study conducted by U.S. Forest Service has found that some tree species in the Eastern United States are migrating North at a rate not seen before. Some of them are moving at an average clip of 62 miles (100 kilometers) a century.
In the Media by Kesavan Unnikrishnan - 5 comments

U.N. Issues Dire Warnings about Global Food, Water Supplies

The U.N. has issued strong warnings about the consequences of inaction regarding implementing new farming methods and water conservation.
In the Media by W.V. Fitzgerald - 1 comment

Great Barrier Reef Affected By Ocean Acidification

A sampling of 328 massive Porites coral reveals that growth of these colonies has slowed by roughly 13 percent since 1990.
In the Media by Bob Ewing
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