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Warfare News

Op-Ed: The Mideast crisis continues as Iran celebrates nuclear weapons

The Mideast becomes increasingly dangerous. Iran continues pursuing nuclear weapons. Israelis encrypt UAVs as cyber-war widens. And Turkey fears the Syrian conflict will spill over into its country.
In the Media by Eliot Elwar

Russia and Iran continue to support crumbling Assad regime

The Assad Regime begins to crumble; Netanyahu says Assad is slaughtering Syrian civilians with the aid of Iran and Hezbollah; Russia delivers more arms to the Syrian regime; and Russian warships visit Syria with intelligence data.
In the Media by Eliot Elwar - 3 comments

South African Army shows off urban warfare skills Special

Carletonville - The South African Army demonstrated its urban warfare skills to lawmakers and the media with house-clearing, parachute insertion and helicopter fast-roping tactics among other things.
Digital Journal Report by Christopher Szabo

Op-Ed: The Imminent Water Wars

It takes 1000 tons of water to produce 1 ton of grain and agriculture consumes almost 70 percent of the world's water - though only less than 30 percent in OECD countries.
In the Media by Sam Vaknin - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Private Armies and Private Military Companies (PMCs)

The end of the Cold War spelled the termination of many an illustrious career in the military and the secret services - as well as the destabilization and disintegration of many states.
In the Media by Sam Vaknin

Op-Ed: Arab Spring, Israeli Winter

Jerusalem - Israel has witnessed and survived through many convulsions in the Arab street. Israel is a natural foe of progress and democracy in the region because it would like to maintain its monopoly on these important political currencies.
In the Media by Sam Vaknin - 1 comment

U.S. To Train Pakistani Forces in COIN Warfare Special

The United States and Pakistan have signed a little-known agreement whereby the U.S. will train Pakistani soldiers in counterinsurgency (COIN) warfare and supply them with long-requested special equipment.
Digital Journal Report by Christopher Szabo - 8 comments

Op-Ed: Military robots, the future of war where nobody needs to show up?

In military circles, and maybe cubes, a debate is getting personal. The rise of the armed robot. The robots make a lot of sense, in terms of IEDs and body bag shortages. The trouble is that they’re a whole new type of war.
In the Media by Paul Wallis - 1 comment

White mineworker torched to death in South Africa

A white Afrikaner mineworker was dragged from his bed by two black men, tied to the car in his garage, and torched. Neighbours found Willie Klopper, 51, burning brightly on the road: he got lose from his bonds and fled, screaming 'come and help me'.
In the Media by Adriana Stuijt - 6 comments

Perpetual Warfare

The war against all humanity which cannot be resolved. In places such as Sri Lanka, the Civilians & Government VS the Terrorists war will go on and on.
In the Media by Varun B. Krishnan - 4 comments
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Photograph taken from a high-speed video camera during a record-setting firing of an electromagnetic...
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Photograph taken from a high-speed video camera during a record-setting firing of an electromagnetic railgun (EMRG) at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Va.

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Make War and Money: Innovate!

War and money confer an evolutionary advantage on Mankind by spurring innovation: hence their ubiquity. Attempts to...
Dec 20, 2011 by Sam Vaknin - 1 comment


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