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War on drugs News

Cannabis equity in California aims to level the playing field

On September 27, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Cannabis Equity Act. In many ways, the act recognizes the failed efforts of the war on drugs and the devastation cannabis criminalization had on minority and underserved communities.

Op-Ed: Grass as green as the bucks as marijuana sales soar

New York - J Edgar Hoover was the main tool in banning it. Puritans preached against it. Moral crusaders crusaded against it. So what? The famous weed turned over $5.4 billion in legal sales last year, and nobody minds a bit.

What do Ireland’s new drug policies mean for the USA?

In November, Irish officials announced radical new plans to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of drugs and offer help and compassion to addicts instead of jailing them. So what’s the case for decriminalization?

Obama pardons dozens of nonviolent federal inmates

Washington - President Barack Obama on Monday commuted the sentences of 46 individuals imprisoned in federal lockups for nonviolent drug offenses, part of his administration's efforts to address the mass incarceration of mostly poor, mostly minority Americans.

Two Iranian women executed at Qerchak prison

According to the National Council of Resistance of Iran, two women were executed in Iran today at the infamous Qerchak Prison in Varamin. Executions in Iran appear to be on the upswing with 63 other people having been executed in recent days.

Louisiana man gets life in prison for selling $20 worth of pot

Angola - A hungry and homeless man who was entrapped into selling $20 worth of marijuana to an undercover narcotics officer in Louisiana has been sentenced to life in prison, with hard labor, and no parole.

Connecticut governor proposes changes marijuana laws

New Haven - In a speech at Yale Law School on Tuesday, Connecticut Governor Danell P. Malloy argued current drug laws have diminished America's "second-chance society," and proposed changes to the way his state prosecutes drug crimes.

Op-Ed: Many Americans in prison due to weak job market, tough hiring

Why are so many Americans in prison? Many factors are to blame, but one thing that likely keeps offenders returning to lockup is the new, weaker economy that makes it tougher for one-time offenders to find decent jobs.

Op-Ed: Mexico — 1st place for worst human rights developments 2014 Special

Chihuahua - In its December 16 report, Freedom House says developments in Mexico for human rights the worst, citing the recent murder of 43 students by corrupt officials in cahoots with drug gangs. This Digital Journalist based in Mexico tells you why.

Patriot Act powers used beyond terrorism mandate

Washington - The so-called "sneak and peek" powers of the Patriot Act allow investigators to do searches without informing the target of the searches.When these controversial powers were granted assurances were given that they would be used only to counter terrorism.

Op-Ed: Medical marijuana: choosing compassion and science, not politics

2014 should be another turning point in America when it comes to medical marijuana. It is irresponsible to refuse patients in need a viable medical treatment any longer, especially when the refusal is based on politics rather than facts.

Op-Ed: The real issues for U.S. Federal legalization of marijuana

New York - Since The New York Times published an op-ed calling for the Federal legalization of marijuana the stakes have risen. The extraordinary maze of legal issues involved in this process is the real problem.

Father reportedly caught hiding heroin in child's diaper

New Castle - According to allegations in the media 25-year-old Michael N. Penn placed 16 bags of heroin in his child's diaper to hide it from police. Reports state that he was caught and is facing multiple charges related to drugs and child welfare.

'War on Drugs' search warrants and disturbing SWAT trends

SWAT teams are kicking in doors in the early morning to serve search warrants typically related to the War on Drugs and according to a new American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), report, it’s happening in 124 homes every single day.

Texas teen faces life in prison for making marijuana brownies

Round Rock - A Texas teen accused of making and selling marijuana and hash oil-laced brownies could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted.

Rachel Hoffman: Six years gone but not forgotten Special

Tallahassee - May 7th marks six years since the death of Rachel Hoffman, a Florida State University graduate who dealt marijuana for extra income. Her death showcased everything wrong with drug prohibition.

Nobel Prize-Winning Economists say end the drug war

According to a new report endorsed by five Nobel Prize-winning economists, the decades-long global war on drugs has failed and it's time to shift the focus from mass incarceration to public health and human rights.

Russell Brand: Elites don't follow their own rules

In a follow up to his interview with Oprah Winfrey, comedian and political activist Russell Brand breaks down the "war on drugs" in a new YouTube video.

Unlike U.S. law, cannabis and heroin no longer equal in Italy

Italy's constitutional court has declared a law that tripled sentences for selling, cultivating and possessing cannabis "illegitimate" and has overturned it. Antigone, a prison rights group, say the law has caused prison overcrowding.

Mexican security forces step between vigilantes and drug cartel

Apatzingan - A combined force of Mexican security forces, army and federal police, Tuesday, launched a major operation in the Mexican state of Michoacan aimed at ending violent clashes between armed vigilantes and members of the Knights Templar drug cartel.

In Detroit visit, Senator Rand Paul seeks diversity for the GOP

Detroit - Speaking at the opening of the Republican Party office in Detroit, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) stressed the need for the GOP to infiltrate markets the party has largely ignored.

Man jailed for misdemeanor pot possession died in custody

Everett - A young Washington man who turned himself in to authorities because of an outstanding marijuana possession warrant died last year in a county jail from a severe food allergy.

New Canadian study shows the global war on illegal drugs failing

The International Centre for Science in Drug Policy reported this week the war on illegal drugs has failed, with worldwide illegal drugs supplies cheaper and purer now than 20 years ago. This raises questions on government abilities to cut drug supplies.

French authorities seize record $270 million cocaine haul

Paris - Venezuelan authorities moved swiftly to make a number of arrests associated with a seizure by French police of a huge illicit stash of cocaine aboard an Air France flight from the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, bound for a Paris airport.

With U.S. aid, Honduras building navy bases to fight smuggling

With money from the United States, the Honduran military has built one navy base and plans to build two more in an effort to curb drug trafficking.

Mandatory drug sentence author: 'We may have overreacted'

One of the authors of the Reagan-era law that instituted minimum mandatory prison sentences for non-violent drug offenders now says Congress may have "overreacted."

Holder seeks to cut 'draconian' minimum mandatory drug sentences

San Francisco - US Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Monday that the Justice Department will seek to reduce "draconian" minimum mandatory prison sentencing for certain non-violent drug offenders.

Medical marijuana distributors are in crossfire of war on drugs Special

Portland - Medical marijuana is supposed to be legal and available to patients, according to laws of 20 states, however distributors are caught in the conflict between the Federal regulations and state laws in the war on drugs.

Mexican Vice Admiral Carlos Salazar killed in drug war

Two Mexican navy soldiers, including a vice admiral, were shot dead Sunday in southwestern state of Michoacan, where the military is trying to regain control of areas dominated by warring drug gangs.

Around 34 people are 'executed' daily in Mexico

On average, 34 people die every day in Mexico, in crimes related to drug trafficking and the war on drugs. In the latest numbers released by Mexico’s government, 4,451 people had been murdered in the period between January and April 2013.
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Special Agents with a Drug Enforcement Administration s (DEA) Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Team...
Special Agents with a Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) Foreign-deployed Advisory Support Teams (FAST team) burns a hashish field in Afghanistan after a joint raid on the location with NATO troops in 2008. The DEA is in Afghanistan supporting nation-building efforts by the U.S. government and military as well as targeting the hashish and opium crops that are believed to generate hundreds of millions in funds for the Taliban and al-Qaida annually.
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)
Sinaloa plaza bosses
Sinaloa plaza bosses
US Department of Treasury
According to the RCMP Fentanyl killed more than 200 people in Alberta alone.
According to the RCMP Fentanyl killed more than 200 people in Alberta alone.
Courtesy CBC TV
Mexican federal forces enter the western town of Apatzingan to quell unrest between vigilante groups...
Mexican federal forces enter the western town of Apatzingan to quell unrest between vigilante groups and the Knights Templar drug cartel.
Valor por paracuaro michoacan Facebook
Eric Holder announcing the DOJ s new  Smart on Crime  initiative in San Francisco on Monday.
Eric Holder announcing the DOJ's new 'Smart on Crime' initiative in San Francisco on Monday.
CNN screen grab

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