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War News

Al Jazeera reporters evacuate building after shots are fired

Two "precise" shots fired into the Al Jazeera prompted an evacuation Tuesday morning. There are no reports of any fatalities from their branch on the Gaza Strip.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Israeli, Palestinian students 'cross the ocean' to create change

Washington D.c. - As the death toll from the ongoing hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians continues, five Israeli and five Palestinian students have "crossed an ocean" so they can meet, learn, talk and find the peaceful future they desperately want to see.
In the Media by Greta McClain - 2 comments

Photo Essay: Wall of Healing offers reconciliation, reflection Special

Nashville - The Vietnam Veterans Memorial “Wall That Heals” offered both visitors and citizens of Middle Tennessee an opportunity to learn, remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country during the Vietnam War.
Digital Journal Report by Greta McClain - 4 comments

Healing soldiers on the battlefront

Los Angeles - Knowing precisely the microbes present in a wound could greatly aid in the prevention and treatment of infections. This is especially important when dealing with the severe injuries that soldiers can suffer in combat.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

North Korean authorities call comedy film an 'act of war'

A trailer for the upcoming comedy called "The Interview" has aroused international interest and a response for action from North Korean (NK) authorities themselves.
In the Media by Walter McDaniel

Op-Ed: At last something we can't agree on, Iraq

Washington - It is often said that Republicans never met a war they didn’t like. That is usually said by Democrats. Republicans say Democrats never met a war they like didn’t like.
In the Media by Robert Weller

Peace envoy in Norway would testify on Sri Lanka war 'atrocities'

A report on Sunday said that Erik Solheim, a top Norwegian peace envoy, said he would testify to any international war crimes investigation over "atrocities" committed during Sri Lanka's separatist conflict.
In the Media by Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti

Op-Ed: Should Obama have swapped a soldier for Taliban detainees?

No Man Left Behind — this policy is as old as America herself. Regardless the country or the outcome, we have routinely swapped captured enemy fighters in order to return our soldiers to American soil.
In the Media by Eliana Robinson

Britain's Iraq inquiry to see parts of Blair-Bush letters

London - Britain's government agreed to give extracts of letters from Tony Blair to George W. Bush to an inquiry into the Iraq war, overcoming the main hurdle to publication of the long-awaited report.
In the Media by Danny Kemp (AFP) - 1 comment

French rout in Vietnam 60 years ago a watershed in colonial history

Hanoi - Sixty years ago, French troops were crushed by Vietnamese fighters in a landmark battle that led to the country's independence, dented Paris's prestige and fuelled independence movements in other colonies.
In the Media by Abhik Chanda (AFP) - 1 comment

Controversy drives Condoleeza Rice from speaking at Rutgers

New Brunswick - Bush-era Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has decided not to present this month's commencement address at New Jersey's largest university in the face of student protests.
In the Media by Nathan Salant - 1 comment

Obama urges Putin to back down in Ukraine

Global leaders are continuing to raise concerns about Russia's recent actions in Ukraine. As of now there are enough troops on the Ukrainian border to seize the country within twelve hours.
In the Media by Eliana Robinson - 1 comment

Australian 'Great Escape' survivor still has vivid memories

Perth - Australian Paul Royle, one of only two men alive from World War II's daring "Great Escape", says he still has vivid memories of the audacious prison breakout on its 70th anniversary.Royle, 100, was one of 76 men who tunnelled out of German prison camp ...
In the Media by AFP

Key trial of alleged Hungarian Communist war criminal opens

Budapest - The first-ever top-ranking former Communist official to be charged has appeared in a Budapest court charged with war crimes relating to the shootings of dozens of civilians in the aftermath of the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956.
In the Media by Christopher Szabo

Edmonton: Raising banners for peace Special

Edmonton - March 12, 2014 was the date of the return home for the final 100 Canadian troops from their military mission in Afghanistan.
Digital Journal Report by Paula Kirman - 1 comment

China to 'defend every inch' of territory: Foreign minister

Beijing - China's foreign minister on Saturday said his country will vigorously defend its sovereignty, declaring there was "no room for compromise" with Japan over territory or history."We will never bully smaller countries yet we will never accept unreasonable...
In the Media by AFP

Op-Ed: Dismantling the case for intervention in Ukraine

The talking heads are actively presenting the case for U.S. intervention in Ukraine; a case that falls apart under even the shallowest examination.
In the Media by Justin King - 5 comments

Op-Ed: U.S. citizens rally for Maduro, tell Obama, 'Hands off Venezuela' Special

Los Angeles - As Obama tries to undermine the democratically-elected Government of Venezuela, U.S. citizens rush to emergency rallies in support of Nicolas Maduro. Have Americans wised up to oil wars? Is Obama prepared to make war on American people to unseat Maduro?
Digital Journal Report by Ruth Hull - 8 comments

South Africa remembers worst wartime sea disaster Special

Pretoria - As the world marks the centenary in 2014 of the outbreak of World War One, South Africans are commemorating those who lost their lives 97 year ago in one of the country’s worst maritime disasters during that war.
Digital Journal Report by Christopher Szabo

Local firefighter and Army Staff Sergeant welcomed home Special

Elk Grove - A local firefighter received a hero's welcome home Monday Feb. 17, after a year's deployment in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army Staff Sergeant.
Digital Journal Report by W. Mark Dendy - 17 comments

US Marine Corps investigate body-burning pictures

The United States Marine Corps are investigating after pictures of soldiers burning bodies in Iraq have appeared online.
In the Media by Andrew Dyer - 1 comment

Iraq army, Sunni tribes join forces against al Qaeda militants

In an alliance defying recent cultural tensions, Sunni and Shi'ite forces joined together in opposition to al-Qaeda insurgents, fighting over control of the Iraqi city of Ramadi.
In the Media by Cameron Christner - 1 comment

War in Central African Republic: The human side of the story Special

Bangui - In war-torn Central African Republic (CAR) the former Séléka rebels have been wreaking havoc up and down the country by looting and instituting a rule of terror and total chaos, resulting in the flight of entire populations.
Digital Journal Report by Christopher Szabo - 3 comments

World mourns Mandela while Central African Republic bleeds

Bangui - While the world watches one point on the African continent as South Africa mourns its great president, in Central African Republic a humanitarian tragedy is unfolding.
In the Media by Christopher Szabo - 2 comments

Search for relatives to attend funeral of war vet who died alone

Middlesbrough - Decorated army veteran Frederick Leach passed away at the age of 94 on Nov. 6 at Briarwood Care Home in Eston, about five miles from Middlesbrough in northeast England, and there are concerns that he will have nobody to attend his funeral.
In the Media by Richard Milnes - 1 comment

Op-Ed: No leniency for Marine A convicted of killing injured insurgent?

London - The trial of a British military marine accused of killing an injured insurgent ended late last week. The man was found guilty and is awaiting sentence. Two other soldiers in the Dock were found not guilty. Should this man be shown leniency?
In the Media by Eileen Kersey

Op-Ed: NATO and the Disposable Male

Next Autumn, NATO will be holding a major conference in Newport, Gwent. This organisation seems also to hold some peculiarly politically correct ideas.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

Op-Ed: Paul Kagame’s trips to the West not worth the headache Special

Toronto - It is simply too embarrassing for Paul Kagame to visit the West anymore, as eager as the Rwandan president is to pose as a respected African statesman. His visit to Toronto last month was stirring evidence of this.
Digital Journal Report by Judi Rever

Hungary charges former Communist minister with war crimes

Budapest - In a historic move, the Budapest Branch of the Hungarian National Prosecutor’s Office has charged a former high Communist official with responsibility for war crimes leading to multiple deaths, as well as other, less serious offences.
In the Media by Christopher Szabo

Op-Ed: An alternative American letter to Vladimir Putin

In the fallout from Russian President Vladimir Putin's open letter to Americans and U.S. Senator John McCain's response, I would like to offer an alternative letter to President Putin.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 4 comments
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War Image

Elk Grove High School s drill team rounds the corner at the start of the parade.
Elk Grove High School's drill team rounds the corner at the start of the parade.
The Memorial Wall in the town of Utrecht  remembering foreign volunteers who fought for the Boers.
The Memorial Wall in the town of Utrecht, remembering foreign volunteers who fought for the Boers.
Turkish warplane taking off
Reuters video capture
Turkish warplane taking off
Libyan rebels
Libyan rebels
SS-N-22 SUNBURN missile
SS-N-22 SUNBURN missile
Staff Sergeant Ferguson s daughter wears her father s fatigues to show her support for her dad.
Staff Sergeant Ferguson's daughter wears her father's fatigues to show her support for her dad.
Battlefield Losses of US Servicemen
If You're Reading This
Battlefield Losses of US Servicemen
The wife of a soldier who did not return home.
Heaven Was Needing a Hero
The wife of a soldier who did not return home.
Tears for a fellow soldier
Here with You- American Soldier Dedication
Tears for a fellow soldier
Two Israeli F-16 flying on the Negev Canyon near the city of Mitzpe Ramon in South of Israel.
Two Israeli F-16 flying on the Negev Canyon near the city of Mitzpe Ramon in South of Israel.
Afghan man and his son wait to see a U.S. military doctor providing medical services to the local po...
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Paige J. Bray
Afghan man and his son wait to see a U.S. military doctor providing medical services to the local population
U.S. Navy sailors on watch for pirates in the Gulf of Aden
DoD photo by MC2 Michael Russell
U.S. Navy sailors on watch for pirates in the Gulf of Aden
Amazing Grace - A fallen soldier
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace - A fallen soldier
A US soldier conducts a security patrol in Sangin Valley  Afghanistan. Marines conduct security patr...
US Department of Defense
A US soldier conducts a security patrol in Sangin Valley, Afghanistan. Marines conduct security patrols to decrease insurgent activity and gain the trust of Afghan citizens.
Anderson Digital & Barking Cow Media Group
Destruction in Aleppo
Destruction in Aleppo
The Korean War exhibit at the SAAF Musuem near Pretoria.
The Korean War exhibit at the SAAF Musuem near Pretoria.
The sign says it all!
The sign says it all!

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