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Op-Ed: Wealth tips from the 10 richest people in the world

2014 saw some changes on the leaderboard of the world's richest people. But they all have some things in common we common folk can learn from in order to get rich, or more likely die trying.

Saving the Miami tiger beetle — Going up against a retail giant

Miami - On Thursday, environmentalists made a desperate bid to save a rare, and once thought to be extinct beetle living in one little corner of the Earth. The Miami tiger beetle is only found in the Richmond pine rocklands in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Video shows cop threatening girlfriend of man killed at Walmart

Dayton - After killing a young black man who'd been holding a BB gun in an Ohio Walmart, a police detective aggressively questioned his weeping girlfriend and accused her of lying, threatened her with jail time and accused her of being on drugs.

'Santa B' pays off $50,000 in layaway bills at Penn. Wal-Mart

A mysterious person known only as "Santa B" paid off $50,000 in layaway bills for a variety of customers at a Silver Springs Commons, Pennsylvania, Wal-Mart Monday morning.

Wal-Mart to focus on food safety in Asian stores

Food safety has become a much talked about subject in China, especially after photos were released showing food oil being scooped from drains to accusations of selling phony eggs. Retail giant, Wal-Mart has entered the fray, intent on cleaning up its act.

Police: Shoplifter tried to infect Wal-Mart employee with HIV

Dallas - Police say that a homeless woman who has HIV was arrested Tuesday night after allegedly stealing $11.00 worth of frozen food from a Dallas Wal-Mart and threatening to infect an employee who confronted her about it.

Text messages from Walmart prompt man to confess to 1997 murder

Bullhead City - Thanks to the strange combination of Walmart and a man's paranoia, a murder that occurred in 1997 has now been solved. Matthew Gibson, 55, of North Carolina, embarked on a long, frantic drive all the way to Arizona, in order to confess to the murder.

Artist claims Walmart is selling her painting without permission

Pittsburgh - In a bizarre intersection of the fine arts and big business, an artist is claiming that Walmart is selling her painting without her permission.

Wal-Mart has a new dress code and some employees are furious

Wal-Mart employees are upset over a new a mandatory dress code that was implemented last week, Gawker reports. The dress code includes...

Teen boy lives inside Texas Walmart for days — goes unnoticed

Corsicana - A 14-year-old Texas boy who had been missing for 54 hours was discovered camping inside a 24-hour Walmart in the baby section behind boxes of strollers.

Florida to bulldoze rare pine forest for Walmart?

Miami - It is one of the world's rarest forests and it exists only in Cuba, the Bahamas, and a tiny part of Southern Florida. Thanks to the University of Miami and Walmart, this forest may become even rarer.

Tracy Morgan files suit, says Wal-Mart negligent in deadly crash

Trenton - Famed actor and comedian Tracy Morgan has filed suit against retail giant Wal-Mart for its alleged involvement in the crash that left him critically injured and one person dead.

Dog dies in hot car after woman spends 13 hours in Walmart

Last Thursday a woman in Crestview, Florida, left her dog Waldo unattended in a hot car while she was inside a Walmart store for more than 10 hours.

Video: Supreme Court finds Wal-Mart at fault for closing store

Shortly after being unable to come to an agreement with local unions Walmart closed a Quebec area store. Now they will have to pay damages to almost 200 workers after a Canadian Supreme Court ruling.

Two cops, one shopper killed in bizarre Las Vegas shooting

Las Vegas - Two suspects shouting "this is a revolution" killed two Las Vegas police officers at a pizza parlor Sunday and killed a third person at a nearby store before fatally shooting themselves.

Wal-Mart workers strike for higher wages

Dayton - Wal-Mart workers around the country staged a strike against the low wages of the company. This comes at the same time as the annual shareholders meeting and at a time when higher wages are on discussion panels everywhere.

Woman sues Wal-Mart over hand warmer injury

Phoenix - A woman uses hand warmers to help relieve pain from a breast enhancement surgery, only to find that she had burned her new breasts. Now she is suing Wal-Mart, where the product was bought, and Heatamax for faulty design and advertising.

Study: Walmart benefits from billions in taxpayer subsidies

A new study has found Walmart's low- and poverty-wage workers cost the U.S. government an estimated $6.2 billion per year, a case of massive corporate welfare paid for by American taxpayers.

Man is jailed 60 days for sucking on a woman's toe at a Walmart

The toe-sucking bandit has been sentenced in a North Carolina court to 60 days in jail for sucking an unwitting and unwilling women's toes in a Walmart in Lincolnton in March. The man met her in the shoe department and told her he was a podiatry student.

Wal-Mart launches price-slashing organic foods

New York - Wal-Mart announced Thursday a deal with organic foods pioneer Wild Oats to sell discounted organic products in its US stores, a move expected to shake up the booming sector.

Walmart grows wholesale business in India

New York - US retail giant Wal-Mart Stores plans to add 50 new wholesale stores in India as it seeks growth in a key market where it has been unable to launch retail stores.

Walmart sues Visa for $5 bn for rigging card fees

Washington - The world's largest retailer Walmart has sued credit card giant Visa for more than $5 billion for conspiring with banks to fix fees that merchants pay for accepting Visa card payments.In the suit filed this week in Arkansas, where Walmart is based, th...

Wal-Mart entry into used videogames trade threatens GameStop

Wal-Mart Stores Inc will allow U.S. shoppers to trade in used videogames for anything from groceries to gadgets, a move that could dent the profit of GameStop Corp, the largest dealer of used videogames.

Flipkart, India's reply to Amazon, sees $1 bln sales

New Delhi - Flipkart, India's answer to US online giant Amazon, said Saturday its sales would cross the milestone $1 billion-mark this year, ahead of schedule, in the country's exploding e-commerce market.Founded in 2007 by two employees and universi...

Wal-Mart's China syndrome a symptom of international woes

Wal-Mart Stores Inc, famed for its low prices, has stumbled in the one major market where consumers say price is less of a driver in their buying decisions: China.

Wal-Mart forecast disappoints as grocery business struggles

The struggles of the low-income U.S. consumer are playing out in Wal-Mart Stores Inc's grocery aisles.

Gap to raise workers' hourly pay to $10 in 2015

Apparel retailer Gap Inc <GPS.N> said it would raise the hourly pay for its U.S.

Wal-Mart planning mass expansion in Northern neighbour Canada

American discount shopping chain Wal-Mart is planning a massive expansion in Canada, having announced plans to build more than 30 stores.

Walmart warns on fourth-quarter profits

New York - Walmart Friday said bad weather and cuts in food stamp support for the poor weighed on US sales and would hit earnings for its November-January fourth quarter.Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

Walmart lays off 2,300 in cost-cutting move

New York - Walmart will lay off about 2,300 workers at its Sam's Club warehouse unit, The Wall Street Journal said, the latest in a string of job losses at US retailers.
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Walmart Image

Shareholders descend on the Walmart Visitor Center.  Bentonville  Ark.
Shareholders descend on the Walmart Visitor Center. Bentonville, Ark.
Walmart parking lot.  Joplin  Mo.  June 5  2011
Walmart parking lot. Joplin, Mo. June 5, 2011
Walmart on Campus.  University of Arkansas  Fayetteville  Ark.
Walmart on Campus. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.
Spark Cafe at Walmart Visitor Center.  Bentonville  Ark.
Spark Cafe at Walmart Visitor Center. Bentonville, Ark.
Walmart on Campus.  University of Arkansas  Fayetteville  Ark.
Walmart on Campus. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.
Walmart on Campus.  University of Arkansas.  Fayetteville  Ark.
Walmart on Campus. University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, Ark.
Screenshot of Terry Earsing s comment that appeared under his photo of two Muslim women wearing trad...
Screenshot of Terry Earsing's comment that appeared under his photo of two Muslim women wearing traditional garb.
Aftermath of May 22 tornado in Joplin  MO.
Aftermath of May 22 tornado in Joplin, MO.
Courtesy of Grant Deardorff
Protest at Walmart store
Protest at Walmart store
Shannon Watson
Walmart Home Office  the headquarters of Wal-Mart - Bentonville  Arkansas
Walmart Home Office, the headquarters of Wal-Mart - Bentonville, Arkansas
Mini-version of Sam Walton s red and white 1979 Ford half-ton pickup truck.  Children s ride at Walm...
Mini-version of Sam Walton's red and white 1979 Ford half-ton pickup truck. Children's ride at Walmart Visitor Center. Bentonville, Ark.
A WalMart store
A WalMart store
Instagram user panicpaul
Wal-Mart in Mérida
Wal-Mart in Mérida
adam d from DFW, Texas, USA
Former Walmart CEO Mike Duke
Former Walmart CEO Mike Duke
Walmart Corporate Flickr account
2011 Walmart Shareholders  Meeting.  Bud Walton Arena.  University of Arkansas  Fayetteville  Ark.
2011 Walmart Shareholders' Meeting. Bud Walton Arena. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark.
You can t fix stupid.
You can't fix stupid.
Bruce White
Asda  part of Walmart  prides itself on providing customers with value for money.
Asda, part of Walmart, prides itself on providing customers with value for money.

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