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Op-Ed: Washington Post reporter's book tells of the Secret Service Special

Potomac - With so much focus on the presidential election lately, this reporter stumbled across a book entitled "In The President's Secret Service - a Behind-The-Scenes view..." by investigative reporter Ronald Kessler.

Internet demotion to lowercase by AP Stylebook upsets internet

As of June 1, 2016, it will be internet, not Internet. And web will no longer be Web. That's because both words will be lowercase instead of capitalized in the Associated Press Stylebook.

New job cuts expected by ailing tech giant Yahoo

Sunnyvale - Ailing Internet giant Yahoo could cut 15 percent of its workforce and close several business units in a cost-cutting move expected to be announced tomorrow.

Op-Ed: Internet declares Bernie Sanders winner of Democratic debate

Las Vegas - During Tuesday night's debate, Hillary Clinton was poised and confident, and seemed veritably presidential. Her closest rival, Bernie Sanders, was ... well, Bernie Sanders. And the Internet loved it.

United Airlines flights back in air after worldwide groundstop

Technical problems temporarily grounded United Airlines flights worldwide and halted trading at the New York Stock Exchange. The timing of the two incidents have fueled speculation that the events are related.

Malaysia's prime minister to sue Wall Street Journal

Malaysia's Prime Minister is looking to take the Wall Street Journal to court after the newspaper released an article claiming that nearly $700 million dollars has flowed from Malaysian government programs into the Prime Minister's personal accounts.

Google scraps mystery barges because they were fire hazards

Mountain View - Now you see them, now you don't. For months, those Google barges floating on both coasts in the U.S. were sparking a lot of public curiosity and were touted by Google as a place where tech enthusiasts could learn more about new technology.

Schools forced to slim down on bake sales

Once a time-honored, childhood tradition, the scholastic bake sale might not have many semesters left in American schoolhouses.

Op-Ed: Murdoch takeover offer for Time Warner — Brilliant or overreach?

Sydney - Rupert Murdoch’s $85 cash and scrip offer for Time Warner is a bold move by any standards. It’s also a very risky move in a stock market at record highs. The accountancy is tricky, but the positioning is undeniably a killer move — if it works.

Op-Ed: WSJ offers awkward definition of content partnership with Adobe

The Wall Street Journal has embarked on an "editorial-like" content marketing program with Adobe, but the news organization appears to be struggling with how to define the nature of the partnership.

Op-Ed: What I learned about this week's 'headlines' in NY City papers

New York - A quick glance at headlines of any one of New York City’s respected news sources on any given day leads even the commonest of men to inquire, “What is going on here?” “Have we all gone mad?”

Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in his NYC apartment

New York - The Wall Street Journal has reported that actor and director Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead in his West Village, NYC, apartment. A cause of death for the 46-year-old was not named in the report.

Op-Ed: If you want decent journalism, fund it properly, you fools!

Sydney - The near decade or so of angst and wailings which has followed the progressive obliteration of old news media with the new media continues to whimper.

WSJ reporter quits over extramarital affair with Obama Nominee

A Wall Street Journal reporter, who had an extramarital affair with Obama’s nominee to be U.S. ambassador to Iraq, has resigned after e-mails discussing "blue balls", "hooking up" for the first time, and giving access to information leaked online.

Ex-TSA Chief: Eliminate airline baggage fees for security

A former head of Transportation Security Administration says air travel is not safer with oppressive airport security checks and in-flight restrictions. He urges politicians to embrace risk and relax some of the restrictions.

Controversial book claims Chinese parenting is superior

The book has only been out for a couple days and already it's a highly debated subject. The memoir, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mom," by Yale University professor Amy Chua, breaks down the differences between “Chinese” parenting and Western parenting.

Wall Street Journal probe finds Facebook apps reveal user info

The Wall Street Journal investigated the privacy of Facebook users, finding that popular applications, such as FarmVille, send a user's personal information to marketing companies in a violation of Facebook privacy rules.

Is Greece selling its islands?

An article in the UK-based Guardian has been reprinted internationally, starting the rumour that Greece is actually selling some of its islands, or is offering them for long-term leases by rich individuals. Yesterday, rectification followed.

Op-Ed: Paying for online news media

The question has been raised on Digital Journal before whether it is right or wrong to charge for online news media. More and more news-media sources are charging for their content, which raises lots of questions.

'Wall Street Journal' wannabe tests Hawaiian waters Special

Honolulu - eBay co-founder Pierre Omidyar starting up an online news company in Hawaii to provide news for paying customers. But will it work, and what do locals think?

Palin Declares Obama Should Fire Rahm Emanuel

Sarah Palin, now part of the Fox team of pundits, has advised that President Obama should fire Rahm Emanuel. She was offended and said others would be over Emanuel's remarks about the intellectually disabled.

Op-Ed: Murdoch on the new era for journalism

Rupert Murdoch is backing up his new media concepts with logic, as well as the muscle of News Corp. He’s written a piece in the Wall Street Journal expressing his views quite unambiguously, and whether you agree or not, it’s required reading.

Reporters Worry About Press Freedoms in California Dispute

Some governments, individuals and police attack journalists who criticize them. This has happened to journalists all over the world. So journalists worry particularly when those they criticize end up owning the newspaper.

Wall Street Journal to charge 'micro payments' for articles

News Corp, the parent company of the Wall Street Journal, will begin to charge readers for individual articles on its website. The company will also offer a premium subscriptions option.

Read Articles Free on iPhone With Wall Street Journal App

Unlike other newspapers, Wall Street Journal charges its subscribers to read its articles online. But now they are free for the iPhone readers thanks to a new App.

Wall Street Journal editor being sued for contempt of court

A Wall Street Journal editor has been sued for contempt of court in Singapore. The lawsuit stems from three articles last year on the city-state's judiciary.

Madoff Tipster: WSJ Could've Uncovered Scandal in 2005

The whistleblower who uncovered Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme told the House panel today the Wall Street Journal didn't want to investigate the scandal three years ago. Harry Markopolos approached reporters at the WSJ but they never followed up on the tip.

McCain Blows Off Female Reporter from Wall Street Journal

John McCain rudely brushed aside a female reporter from Wall Street Journal and ignored her questions. He came back to her in the end.

Murdoch to Maintain Subscription Status on WSJ

Rupert Murdoch has surprised the media industry with an announcement that the Wall Street Journal's online news site will maintain its paid, subscription-only status, rather than opening up to be freely read by anyone.

Op-Ed: Wall Street Journal to compete with New York Times—says New York Times

Really, you have to wonder. The “cultural paradigm” is shifting. The core values of the Wall Street Journal are under threat. That man Murdoch has moved in, literally has an office, and is already hiring and firing.
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The Pearl Project found that 27 men played a part in events surrounding the 2002 crime. The investig...
The Pearl Project found that 27 men played a part in events surrounding the 2002 crime. The investigation, which used analytical software from Palantir Technologies, was published by the Center for Public Integrity.
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