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Review: U.S. vet Chris Van Etten melts hearts with 'Walk' film about PTSD Special

U.S. Marine veteran Chris Van Etten released his short film, "Walk," which hits the viewer like a shot in the heart. He serves as the narrator of the film, and it was directed by Rome Grant.

Man hit by 100-kg chunk of ice while walking along street

A 56-year-old man was sent to hospital with a concussion late Tuesday afternoon after a 100kg chunk of ice landed on his head in downtown Ottawa as he walked along the pavement, leaving him in serious condition.

Parents investigated after their kids, 10 and 6, walk home alone

A mother and father from Maryland are being investigated for neglect after they let their 10 and 6-year-old walk home alone.

Bum cam catches people gawking at womens' butts as they walk by

New York City - A hidden "bum cam" captured dozens of men and women staring at three womens' behinds as they walked through the streets of New York City.

Rogue trader heads to France on foot as prison deadline looms

Ventimiglia - Rogue trader Jerome Kerviel, who has spent two months walking from Rome to protest his treatment by the courts, resumed his march toward France where he is due to start a three-year prison term on Sunday.

City of San Francisco initiates pedestrian safety program Special

San Francisco - Even though the turnout was modest, the WalkFirst focus group meeting on Dec. 18 at the Richmond Library, was very important. Its major focus was about pedestrian safety.

Walking 850 miles to raise awareness about Million Mask March Special

Michael Pendleton started his journey six weeks ago just outside Tallahassee, Florida. He set out on foot to walk to Washington, D.C. determined to raise awareness about the Million Mask March. Tonight he sits just North of Richmond, Virginia.

Police arrest EDL leader Tommy Robinson on Woolwich charity walk

London - The leader of the English Defence League Tommy Robinson has reportedly been arrested by the British police during his charity walk from Westminster to Woolwich, where he intended to lay flowers for Drummer Lee Rigby.

Drug for hypertension helps the injured to walk

New research, conducted in Australia, indicates that a drug used to treat hypertension is also effective at helping mobilize patients with constricted limb arteries.

Watch a dog walk his toddler 'Best Friend'

There is an exception to every rule, in this case, the rule that man-walks-dog and not dog-walks-man. Where the dog is bigger and more experienced than his toddler companion, roles may become reversed and we may have the dog walking the man-child.

Sydney Zombie Walk raises money for Brain Foundation Australia Special

Sydney - On Saturday 27 October 2012 a surreal spectacle took place as hundreds of zombies walked through the centre of Sydney, Australia.

Zombies march through Sydney to raise funds for Brain Foundation Special

On Saturday 25 February 2012 a surreal spectacle took place as hundreds of zombies walked through the centre of Sydney, Australia.

Global 11-year trek coming to an end for Canadian Jean Béliveau

Montreal - Eleven years ago on August 18, 2000 Jean Béliveau left his comfortable home in Montreal to start a global walk promoting "Peace and non-violence for the profit of the children of the world". That walk will end on October 16 when he comes home to Montreal

Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl ejects fan for fighting

London - Foo Fighters front-man Dave Grohl ejected a fan during the band's performance of 'Walk' at the iTunes Festival in London on July 12 after the violent concert-goer tried to throw a monkey wrench into the band's set.

Delhi gears up for its Slut Walk Special

New Delhi - Women of Delhi will strut the streets in the city's first "Slut Walk" in the last week of July to protest against sexual harassment and violence against women.

Explorer starts coast-to-coast walk across Africa Special

At dawn tomorrow an explorer will set off from a deserted beach in Mozambique to walk across Africa. Julian Monroe Fisher, 56, will walk 4,000 miles across the continent to finish his journey in Angola.

Explorer to walk solo across Africa from coast to coast Special

An explorer is attempting to walk 4,000 miles solo across Africa from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. If successful he will be the first American to walk alone from coast to coast across Africa.

Gorilla that walks upright like a man becomes wildlife sensation

Lympne - A male Silverback gorilla, called Ambam, has astonished animal observers around the world after he began walking upright in his open enclosure at a wildlife park in Kent, south-east England.

Walking for life in Nova Scotia Special

Truro - Adults, children and dogs took part in Walk for Life events organized by the Northern AIDS Connection Society during the weekend.

Man begins 835 mile walk to raise awareness of depression

Steve Curran, a "suicide survivor", has begun an 835 mile walk across The States to raise awareness of depression. He'll walk from St Louis to Washington.

Cheerleader gets flu shot, now only walks backwards

A simple flu shot has turned a cheerleader's life into a nightmare. Ten days after receiving the shot, she came down with a severe debilitating neurological disorder.

Megan's Walk, Creating a Circle of Hope

This Sunday, Canadian's will be celebrating Mother's Day. And, just as she has seven times before, Denise Bebenek will join a crowd of thousands to walk in memory of her beloved daughter, Megan, who died on Father's Day in 2001.

Women's Ability To Orgasm Can Be Viewed In Their Strut

Trained sexologists can tell how orgasmic a lady is just by the way she walks down the street. Could it be women who are able to have orgasms strut their stuff?

Scientists discover how to make robots walk on water

South Korean scientists have found a method to walk or bounce on water without sinking. By observing water strider insects, they plan to devise robots that will mimic the water strider’s behavior in water.

London Zombie walk attemping to break world record

Nothing better to do on August 27th in London? Be one of over a thousand zombies that will be walking the London streets. They plan to break the world record for the largest zombie march.

I Will Walk Again - New hope for Victims of Paralysis

Using a high tech new machine, Rosalie St. Jean is striding towards a recovery that doctors told her would never be possible. Thanks to the new technology and her determined spirit, she has already regained movement in her upper body.

drive-by dog walk

Maybe this is why America is so fat.

Study: Quick walks may help smokers quit

As little as 5 minutes of exercise may help smokers quit smoking

Study Says Shakira Is Right; ‘Hips Don’t Lie’

US scientists justified the famous lines of Shakira’s song, say ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. Study says it’s not only look…. but how u walks. According to researchers, Marilyn Monroe, and now Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez are famous examples.

Spacewalkers upgrade station's coolant system

Two NASA astronauts left the International Space Station on Sunday to hook up a new cooling system
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Truro Walk for Life 2010
Truro Walk for Life 2010
Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher
Explorer Julian Monroe Fisher
Photo courtesy of Julian Monroe Fisher
Julian Monroe Fisher and Antonio Lemos  Country Office Manager for MAG Angola.
Julian Monroe Fisher and Antonio Lemos, Country Office Manager for MAG Angola.
Photo courtesy of Julian Monroe Fisher
Anthony Weiner
Anthony Weiner
Pablo Manriquez

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