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U.K. conman pretends to be comatose for two years to avoid court

The crook thought he had gotten away with stealing $64,000 out of the bank account of an elderly neighbor with Alzheimer's disease. To avoid prosecution, he pretended to be quadriplegic and comatose for the past two years. Then he went to Tesco.

UK's smallest town gets boost through unusual events (Videos)

Llanwrtyd Wells - Llanwrtyd Wells used to be a popular vacation spot in Victorian times, with restorative spas and charming pony treks on offer. Things changed, and the town had to think up some more inventive ways to attract visitors, like the Horse vs. Man marathon.

UK website launched for May film Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return

The Royal Blog of Oz, the "Wizard of Oz"/L. Frank Baum blog of Dorothy and Ozma Productions, owned by Jared Davis and others in the Oz community recently reported that the United Kingdom website for Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return has launched.

Wales considers curb on e-cigarettes

Cardiff - The use of electronic cigarettes could be restricted in parts of Britain, after the devolved government in Wales announced proposals on Wednesday to stop smoking of the devices in public places.

Ronnie O'Sullivan wins Welsh Open snooker final

Ronnie O'Sullivan has won the Welsh Open snooker championship by demolishing his opponent Ding Junhui 9-3. O'Sullivan finished off a fine performance with a 147 maximum break.

Prince William leaves military to focus on royal duties

Prince William will soon be serving a variety of charities. He will also focus more of his time on royal duties. The new emphasis in his life will come as he leaves the air force.

Op-Ed: England and Wales police chiefs spend £660,000 on music licences

Manchester - Under the Freedom of Information Act in the UK it has been revealed that police forces in England and Wales have wasted a huge amount of money on music -- £660,000.

Epidemic of measles in Wales

Swansea - An epidemic of measles has been reported in Swansea, Wales with a total of 693 cases reported so far. The Public Health Wales (PHW) have commented that in the last two days a further 73 cases of measles have been confirmed.

Australian bandit shot dead; thousands in cash missing

Newcastle - A bandit in Australia made off with several thousand dollars in cash money belonging to a 58-year-old unnamed tourist on Jimmys Beach.

Jedi the most popular alternative religion in the UK

While its popularity has waned just a little over the years, "Jedi" is still the most popular alternative faith in the United Kingdom, and still does well among the more traditional religions.

Video: The noise drones on and on in the 'Buzz Box', Wales

Aberporth - It's a noise that could possibly be the last thing a person hears in Pakistan, Yemen or Afghanistan, but in West Wales the sound of drone testing is becoming an annoying nuisance.

Power cuts as gale force winds & torrential downpours hit Britain

Britain has been hit with flooding, as gale force winds and torrential downpours go into a second day on Thursday, leaving thousands without electricity.

Horse rescued, unharmed after landing upside down in 6 ft. ditch

Conway - After escaping into a neighbor's field, Wesley the horse quickly learned the grass isn't always greener on the other side, especially when you fall backwards into a hole.

Op-Ed: How detailed should school dress codes be?

Across the globe many educational institutions impose dress codes, some more restrictive than others. Whatever a district decides, administrators and decision makers should make clear, not unlike any other policies, what they expect.

Student kept in 'isolation' at school after dying hair red

Barry - A mother in Wales is furious after school administrators separated her daughter from the rest of her high school class on the first day of school.

Prince William pilots helicopter rescue of Canadian hiker

Bangor - Just four days after helping to rescue a drowning 16-year old girl off the coast of Wales, Prince William piloted a helicopter to rescue an injured Canadian hiker in Northern Wales.

Month's worth of rain descends on UK, flood warnings in effect

The number of flood warnings reached more than 75 in England, as more than a month's worth of rain poured down on the UK within 24 hours.

Ding takes slender lead over Selby in Welsh Open Snooker

Newport - The first session of the Welsh Open snooker tournament has seen the Chinese player Ding Junhui take a 5-3 lead over England's Mark Selby. The winner will be the first player to reach 9 frames.

Welsh Assembly says ‘Stop smoking in cars’

Cardiff - Following an attempt to reduce smoking by drivers where there are children cars, the Welsh government has said that it will consider introducing a smoking ban if trends do not fall.

An 'unremarkable' cow shed may be Wales' oldest house

Wales - An "unremarkable" structure in northwest Wales, already noteworthy due to its historical value, may also gain the title of being the oldest building in Wales.

Video: Lifeboat rescues horse after fall from cliffs

Wales - Volunteers from the Cardigan Lifeboat station rescued a horse which had fallen from a cliff in Wales onto a rocky cove. The rescuers led the frightened animal through the rough waters of Ceibwr Bay to a nearby beach where it was reunited with its owner.

Welsh FA want Ryan Giggs as national team manager

Following the tragic death of Wales manager Gary Speed last month, it has been reported that Welsh chiefs want Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs to take the vacant position.

Op-Ed: Funny football interviews dug from the depths of YouTube

Although footballers (and managers) aren’t renowned for their academic prowess, they do, however, take part in some comical spontaneous interviews. So as we’re fast approaching Christmas, I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you.

Charge for carrier bags goes into effect in Wales

A charge of 5p per carrier bag went into effect in Wales on Saturday, in an effort to reduce the number of plastic and paper bags being used.

Three men arrested following dog attack

Pill - Three men were arrested in Wales after an attack by two loose dogs resulted in the death of one small dog, and left the owner and her second dog with injuries.

1980 gay blood ban lifted in England, Scotland and Wales

Since the 1980s, there has been a universal lifetime ban on accepting blood donations from bisexual and homosexual men in the United States and Europe. The United Kingdom is the first European country to lift this ban.

Beyoncé confirmed for controversial Jackson tribute gig in Wales

It’s been confirmed that superstar Beyoncé will perform at what has become a controversial Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales later this year – but from a distance.

Prison population in England and Wales reaches an all-time high

Following the recent London riots which influenced similar behaviour across England, the prison population in England and Wales has reached an all-time high.

Herd of runaway cows takes over street in Wales

A herd of cattle have escaped from a nearby paddock and are roaming through a quiet street in Tredegar in south Wales. The cows have been eating residents' garden flowers, grazing on front lawns and peering into front room windows.

Drug dealer 'who could benefit society' gets leniency from judge

Cathays - Edward Holland is a brilliant college graduate with a true knack for science. In fact he is so good at it, that he will serve next to no jail time for being a drug addict and dealer.
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Screenshot of interior of cow shed on Plas Tirion property  believed to be Wales  oldest structure.
Screenshot of interior of cow shed on Plas Tirion property, believed to be Wales' oldest structure.
A babbling brook may occasionally help to cool your hot and tired feet on the All-Wales Coast Path
A babbling brook may occasionally help to cool your hot and tired feet on the All-Wales Coast Path
The Welsh Coast Path now links the 870-miles from Chepstow to the River Dee s mouth.
The Welsh Coast Path now links the 870-miles from Chepstow to the River Dee's mouth.
Unusual events held at Llanwrtyd Wells  UK.
Unusual events held at Llanwrtyd Wells, UK.
Screengrab of Llanwrtyd Official Website
Bus in Wales
Bus in Wales
Mark Roberts tumbles down the Parsley Fern Gully  Snowdonia
Mark Roberts tumbles down the Parsley Fern Gully, Snowdonia
Craig Bellamy
Craig Bellamy
YouTube Screen Capture - pedrocrouchinho17
Cliffs of Cebwr Bay
Cliffs of Cebwr Bay
Paul Sandham
A dam in Wales
A dam in Wales
Ben Shepherd
Prince Harry returns to New York to play in the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on New York...
Prince Harry returns to New York to play in the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on New York City's Governors Island June 27, 2010
Clint Spaulding/Patrick McMullan
Cliffs of Cebwr Bay
Cliffs of Cebwr Bay
2008 Celebration of the Lord s Passion in Westminster Cathedral  in the Archdiocese of Westminster  ...
2008 Celebration of the Lord's Passion in Westminster Cathedral, in the Archdiocese of Westminster, the seat of the The Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.
© Mazur/
Mother and son
Mother and son
Wild flower  Portmerion. Wales
Wild flower, Portmerion. Wales

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