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Waitress News

Review: New Kids on the Block's Joey McIntyre fantastic in 'Waitress' Special

New York - Joey McIntyre (of New Kids on the Block fame) has taken on the role of Dr. Pomatter in the hit musical "Waitress" on Broadway in New York.

Pizza Express deducts admin free from staff tips

London - A campaign has begun to force a major pizza chain — Pizza Express — to pay staff the full amount given by customers in the form of tips. For credit card payments, the restaurant chain takes an "admin fee."

Kiwi PM's hair-tug victim says public needed to know

Wellington - A waitress who shamed New Zealand Prime Minister John Key for repeatedly pulling her ponytail said Thursday she spoke out because of a "moral" obligation to tell the public about his bad behaviour.

A waitress accused of adjusting customers' tips

A restaurant server has been accused of editing the tips that customers gave her with extra numbers, adjusting a $5 tip to $15 or even $25, affecting at least 20 of the restaurant users.

Waffle House forces waitress to give back $1,000 tip

Raleigh - A Waffle House waitress from Raleigh, North Carolina said she was forced to give back her $1,000 tip she received while working the late shift.

Waitress fired for refusing to cover dine-and-dash bill

New York - It wasn't a good thing to have three men skip out on a bill, but it was even worse when waitress Suzanne Parratt was fired for refusing to pay that bill.

Diner refuses to tip, claims she is a 'single mom'

After a woman and her children enjoyed a pricey meal at a restaurant, she declines to leave a tip, but not because the service or food was bad. She wrote on the receipts she is a "single mom."

Waitress mistaken for Kate Middleton earns $1,000 as lookalike

A former waitress is making $1,000 an hour after quitting her waitressing job when patrons kept mistaking her for Kate Middleton.

Waitress attacked by women who prefer their glass half empty

Fairview Heights - Who would have thought that being an attentive waitress could be life threatening. A Red Lobster waitress found out the hard way, being attacked by three women after filling their water glass.

Cleveland waitress gets tax refund of more than $400,000

Cleveland - A Cleveland waitress, Virginia Hopkins, received the greatest tip of her 20-year career as a waitress from Uncle Sam on Tuesday. She is owed a tax refund of $754 but instead she got a check for $434,712.

Video: Waitress attacked for delivering the wrong food

Fairview Heights - A 20 year-old Missouri woman is facing felony charges after allegedly attacking a waitress along with three other women for bringing the wrong order to their table.

Waitress treated to $12,000 tip, but almost didn't get the money

Moorhead - A waitress in Minnesota just received an unexpected gift, but it was a bequest that was almost denied to her by local police.

Waitress off work due to 'injury' caught working as a stripper

Doylestown - A woman who claimed she couldn’t work as a waitress because she had hurt her back was caught working as a stripper in the US.

California waitress allegedly fired for not wearing makeup

Violation of employment standards is not an uncommon or illegal reason for termination. A 27-year-old woman says she was canned after five years for her au naturel style because she refused to wear makeup at a San Diego area restaurant.

Waitress loses her job after shaving her head to raise money for a cancer charity

A Canadian waitress was fired from her job this week after she shaved her head to support her friend and raise money for a cancer charity.

Waitress gets $50,000 and car from a cranky customer

For seven years a waitress had to endure a certain cranky customer. She tried her best to please him but could never satisfy him. She never wavered in her service, and her patience won in the end.

Indiana Waitress gets $10,000 Tip

20-year old Jessica Osborne was moved to tears when a family of regulars at the Pizza Hut restaurant she worked in presented her with a $10,000 tip, to help her pay for college expenses.

Waitress trailer

A pregnant waitress tries to find love.

Waitress scratches a living -- in an instant

A waitress in Bosnia was overwhelmed with joy after a scratch lottery ticket left as a tip more than tripled her monthly wage in an instant, her sandwich bar manager said. "She thought it was a joke" when she saw the young man offer her the scratch c...

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