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Op-Ed: How the U.S. is fighting wage garnishment during COVID-19

More than one-in-four U.S. citizens with a credit report have at least one debt in collection, according to a CFPB report. This number is expected to rise as people continue to get laid off and experience other types of income losses.

Timmermans calls on all EU members to adopt minimum wage

Warsaw - European Commission Vice-President Frans Timmermans on Monday called for each EU member to have a minimum wage equivalent to 60 percent of its median salary to reduce the bloc's growing wealth gap.

Q&A: What can technology firms do to close the gender pay gap? Special

The tech industry is fighting an uphill battle when it comes to gender equality. One study suggests men are offered higher salaries than women for the same job roles 63 percent of the time. Rachel Ernst outlines what can be done.

Closing the median gender pay gap at big tech firms

Despite some progress and greater public awareness, the gender pay gap continues to be a major issue, not least with technology firms. A new campaign is seeking to raise awareness and has focused on some major corporations.

Global unemployment down, but too many working poor: UN

Geneva - The global unemployment rate inched down last year, the UN said Wednesday, warning though that jobs often failed to guarantee decent living, with some 700 million workers wallowing in poverty. Unemployment around the world fell last year to 5.

Amazon minimum-wage hike barely made a dent in operating costs

Amazon announced in October that it was raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour. But the rise for hundreds of thousands of workers has barely made a dent in its operating expenses, which grew at a similar or slower rate than it did the rest of the year.

Slovenian MPs pass ten percent minimum wage rise

Ljubljana - Slovenia's parliament on Thursday approved a phased ten percent increase in the minimum wage, as the eurozone country's economy continues to rebound from a 2013 crisis with its fifth year of growth.

How technology helps millennials to save: Q&A Special

Many people, find it hard to save. Trends suggest workers paid biweekly are 50 percent more likely to need cash between paydays than those paid weekly. David Claffey, Head of Communications at fintech company Earnin explains more.

German public sector unions, employers agree pay hike

Frankfurt Am Main - German unions on Wednesday said they had clinched a deal with employers giving public sector workers a "significant" salary boost, following a wave of strikes that hit airports, train stations, hospitals and daycares.The 2.

Matching workers with open jobs is still a struggle

Claims for unemployment benefits have been below 300,000 for 130 weeks in a row, a sign of a robust labor market. There are also 6 million jobs available, one for every unemployed worker in the country. What can employers do to fill those positions?

Workers at Walmart are having their hours cut as wages increase

Over the last few months, Walmart has been increasing pay for entry-level workers, so all workers were making at least $9 per hour.

Op-Ed: Wal-Mart violated minimum wage laws

San Fransisco - Wal-Mart, one of the biggest employers in the world and a company that enjoyed a net income of $15.4 billion in 2015, has been found guilty of not paying the minimum wage in California.

Op-Ed: Why the New Economy sucks — Jobs are back, but wages are not

We're gonna party like it's 1999! Or, at least, we're gonna add jobs like it's 1999. Back then, the U.S. was in a bona fide economic boom. But while some herald today's job growth as a new boom, we need to look at why wages are stagnant.

Op-Ed: Does the government spend too much on its employees?

Washington - If government employees charter planes to take them on vacation, stay in luxury resort hotels and enjoy lavish amenities, shouldn't Congress be able to find a way to make spending cuts instead of affecting the people that are the backbone of our country?

Japan to name and shame firms refusing pay hikes

Tokyo - Japan's trade ministry said Thursday it would take the unprecedented step of disclosing the names of firms that did not raise employees' wages in annual labour talks, after calls by the prime minister to boost pay.The surprising move comes days after e...

Japan firms raise wages as consumers prepare for tax hike

Tokyo - Major Japanese firms, including Toyota and Panasonic, on Wednesday said they would boost employees' salaries for the first time in years, heeding a call from the prime minister ahead of a sales tax rise next month.The deal came as companies wrap up ann...

Greek wage cuts ruled unconstitutional

Athens - Greece's top administrative court has ruled that wage cuts for police, the military and firefighters adopted in 2012 as part of austerity measures required under the country's international bailout are unconstitutional, a court source said Monday.

Op-Ed: Bangladesh garment workers get raise but riots go on

Bangladesh is the world's second largest exporter of apparel after China. Cheap wages and lucrative trade deals have made the garment industry the country's main livelihood for millions of people, most of them women.

Alberta's Average weekly earnings highest among provinces

Ottawa - The Statistics Canada employment, earnings and hours report for February shows that earnings rose by 0.9 percent over January and 3.1 per cent over last year. Average weekly earnings were $908.87, while Alberta earnings rose 4.5 percent to $1099.77.

Canada's public sector makes gains, jobless rate falls to 7.2%

Ottawa - Statistics Canada published its June unemployment numbers Friday, in which it showed the unemployment rate fell 0.1 percent to 7.2 percent as the economy added more than 7,000 jobs, which was better than what market analysts were forecasting.

London bus drivers threaten action over Olympics bonuses

London - Thousands of bus drivers in London are intending to go on strike for twenty-four hours on June 22 in a dispute over pay during the London 2012 Olympics. The action is being organized by the Unite union.

Philippine government employees to receive increase in salary

Manila - All local government workers will be receiving an increase in their monthly salaries this year according to the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

Thousands stranded in Spain as air traffic controllers walk out

Airport traffic controllers in Spain have staged a massive walk-out from their jobs over complains of low wages and working conditions as thousands of passengers were stranded in various airports throughout the country.

Hundreds of Obama Campaign Workers Demand Missing Wages

Several hundred campaign workers protested outside an Indianapolis Obama campaign office demanding the full pay that’s due to them. The workers became angry and police were called in to control the crowd.

Wages Could Be Garnished Under Clinton's Health Care Plan

Hillary Clinton said Sunday that those who choose not to enroll in health insurance programs may not have a choice when wages are garnished. She wants to make sure every American has health insurance and will achieve that goal by any means.

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Walmart workers on strike walk a picket line during a protest over unsafe working conditions and poor wages outside a Walmart store in Pico Rivera, California, October 4
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