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Pope in New Year call for peace, teases 'noisy' Mexicans

- Pope Francis ushered in 2015 in typically unpredictable style on Thursday, launching an appeal for an end to war before light-heartedly teasing the many Mexicans in the crowd at St Peter's Square.

Unique memorial, ceramic poppies to mark end of devastating WWI

Ablain-saint-nazaire - President Francois Hollande opened a huge, elliptical memorial Tuesday carrying the names of nearly 600,000 fallen soldiers of all nationalities in an emotional ceremony in northern France marking the end of the devastating First World War.

Australia, N.Zealand mark 100 years since first troops left for WWI

Sydney - Australia and New Zealand on Saturday marked 100 years since their first convoy of troops left for the battlefields of World War I, with thousands attending events to commemorate the "heavy day in history".

'Miracle' of the Marne: the WWI battle that changed history

Paris - At the start of September 1914, after just one month of war in Europe, the German army were at the gates of Paris. The word on the street was that emperor Wilhelm II had already booked a dinner table on the Champs-Elysees.

World leaders mark outbreak of WWI

Li - World leaders on Monday commemorated the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I by warning of lessons to be learned in the face of today's many crises, including Ukraine.

World leaders to mark WWI outbreak in Belgium

Li - Government leaders and royalty will gather in the Belgian city of Liege on Monday to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, a small Balkans conflict that went global with the German invasion of neutral Belgium in August 1914.

French, German leaders pay emotional tribute to WWI fallen

Hartmannswiller - French President Francois Hollande and his German counterpart Joachim Gauck paid emotional tributes Sunday to the millions of soldiers who died during World War I, exactly 100 years after Germany declared hostilities against France.

France, Germany remember first soldiers killed in WWI

Joncherey - Descendants of two soldiers from France and Germany who were the first fatalities of World War I gathered in eastern France on Saturday for a ceremony marking the centenary of their deaths.

Putin says world should draw lessons from WWI

Moscow - President Vladimir Putin on Friday slammed political ambitions that he said threatened peace in Europe as he paid tribute to Russian soldiers who died during World War I.

Sarajevo marks 100 years since shots that sparked Great War

Sarajevo - Bosnia marked 100 years since the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo that sparked World War I, but the divisive legacy of the gunman Gavrilo Princip meant Serbs shunned the event.

Sarajevo remembers spark for Great War

Sarajevo - Sarajevo marks 100 years since the assassination that triggered World War I on Saturday, but without the leaders of Europe and with its people still torn over the legacy of that fateful day.

WWI looms large at Ypres EU summit

Ieper - A scene of carnage in World War I, the small Belgian town of Ypres is a warning written in blood for EU leaders Thursday of what happens when statesmen fail to preserve the peace.

Armenia dismisses Turkey 'condolences' over genocide

Yerevan - Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian on Thursday brushed off Ankara's first ever offer of condolences for the World War I mass killings of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire, accusing Turkey of showing "utter denial" in failing to recognise the massacres...

WWI shell kills two in Belgium

Brussels - Two workers were killed Wednesday by the explosion of a World War I shell near the Belgian town of Ypres, site of some of the bloodiest battles in the conflict, officials said.Two other men were hurt, one left fighting for his life, after they disturbe...

Far from the front, WWI's heavy civilian toll

Berlin - Far from the trenches and horrors of combat, European civilians paid a heavy price in hunger and privation during World War I that left many hundreds of thousands dead.In the capitals of Europe the march to war in 1914 drew jubilant crowds into the str...

Your country needs you: propaganda a potent weapon in 'total war'

Paris - As the bombs and grenades ripped through the trenches, the Great Powers were also waging another deadly battle, using the power of words and images to recruit, cajole and shock in "the first modern propaganda war"."Daddy, what did YOU do in the Great W...

How WWI shaped the 20th century and beyond

Paris - "It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood."The line from Shakespeare's Macbeth might easily have been written about the legacy of World War I.As the guns fell silent in 1918, the victors all agreed on one thing: Germany must pay.How much was...

From gas to submarines, WW1 was crucible for deadly innovation

Paris - Fighter aircraft, tanks, submarines, heavy artillery: the horrors of warfare between 1914 and 1918 were a crucible for deadly technological innovation, including the poison gas that came to symbolise the barbarity of the conflict.When World War I broke...

Fifty-two months of hell, from WWI outbreak to Armistice

Paris - World War I's deadliest and most decisive battles were fought in Europe, on the Western Front slashed through the muddy fields of northern France.It was there, on a more than 700-kilometre (435-mile) line linking the North Sea to the Vosges mountains, ...

Fear, death and futility: the hell of WWI trench warfare

Paris - For three years during World War I, millions of soldiers holed up in a warren of trenches, fighting and dying in nightmarish conditions along a barely moving frontline.For the French, British, Germans and others fighting this futile fight, the rain, bi...

The crisis of 1914

Paris - On August 2, 1914 in Joncherey, northeastern France, French corporal Jules-Andre Peugeot and German lieutenant Albert Mayer died in a firefight, the first official casualties of World War I.

Europe's great powers and the 'suicidal' war

Paris - On the eve of World War I, Europe's great powers ruled the globe, their scientists, engineers and artists at the peak of innovation. Yet in 1914, the Old Continent plunged into a war of unprecedented violence, dragging half the planet in its wake.

Op-Ed: A visit to the District of Columbia World War I Memorial Special

Washington - The World War I Monument, one of the lesser known memorials in the District, is nestled near the Korean War Memorial on the National Mall, right across from the Martin Luther King Jr. monument.

South Africans recall terrible sacrifice in WWI Special

Pretoria - South Africans commemorated the bloodiest battle in the country’s history that of Delville Wood in WWI, in various locations around the country, attended by both serving members of the military and veterans organisations.

Old Army explosives do not make good heirlooms

Some families have old Army artillery shells laying around their home, using them for anything from decorations to doorstops. The Canadian Forces would like those families to know what they may think is a dud could be a risk to their families.

First Nations veterans still fighting for benefits & compensation

The Assembly of First Nations marked Remembrance Day by laying wreaths for First Nations veterans who participated in World Wars I and II, and the Korean war.

First World War medal nets $7400 on EBay

The Victory Medal awarded to Percy Fenton during the First World War was sold on e-Bay Friday night. Not only did it sell for $7,400 it found it's rightful home.

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 Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red
"Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red"
Newly renovated WWI Memorial dedicated to the District of Columbia residents who served in World War...
Newly renovated WWI Memorial dedicated to the District of Columbia residents who served in World War I. You can see much of the foliage has been removed.
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The World War One diary of Gunner Norman Pearce who was killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.
The World War One diary of Gunner Norman Pearce who was killed at the Battle of the Somme in 1916.
The front of the McCrae House showing a portion of the extensive gardens.
The front of the McCrae House showing a portion of the extensive gardens.
The Dumbells Concert Party members in uniform  circa 1918.
The Dumbells Concert Party members in uniform, circa 1918.
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Memorial for District of Columbia residents that served in WWI; this was taken in 2008 prior to a bi...
Memorial for District of Columbia residents that served in WWI; this was taken in 2008 prior to a big renovation project that was completed in Nov. 2011. It was hidden behind overgrown bushes and trees.
The Miyazaki Maru was torpedowed by the German u-boat  U-88 on May 31  1917  150 miles (241.5km) wes...
The Miyazaki Maru was torpedowed by the German u-boat, U-88 on May 31, 1917, 150 miles (241.5km) west of the Scilly Isles while on a voyage from Yokohama to London.
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