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Vulnerability News

New vulnerabilities with Uber and Instagram identified Special

Two stories have appeared which demonstrate severe vulnerabilities affecting Instagram and Uber. Both of these require a rapid response in order to protect users of the services, as expert Vinay Sridhara explains.

Q&A: How remote workers are leaving companies vulnerable Special

Remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years, benefiting employee and employer. This also brings with it security concerns, many of which are down to the way workers are using devices, according to Sumir Karayi, of 1E.

New study — Climate change threatens major crops in California

Over the last 10-years, farmers in California have experienced the symptoms of climate change — less winter chill, crops blooming earlier, more heat waves and years of drought when the state baked in record temperatures.

Intel releases fix for critical CPU flaw found after a decade

Intel has released a patch for a major issue in many of its vPro processors used in business computers. The flaw has been present in devices for over ten years and gives an attacker the ability to remotely execute code, gaining control of the PC.

Critical web server bug puts thousands of sites at immediate risk

Administrators in charge of web servers used by major apps, governments and banks are scrambling to install patches for a potentially catastrophic vulnerability found in a popular web development framework. The flaw is being actively exploited.

Controversy over Google's disclosure of bug in Microsoft Windows

Google has publicly detailed a "critical" bug in Windows just 10 days after reporting it to Microsoft. Google has come under fire for releasing details before a fix is available but the company insists it is "protecting users" by doing so.

Webcam company recalls devices that caused internet outage

Chinese webcam manufacturer Xiongmai has announced it is recalling many of its products in the wake of last week's internet outage. The attack affected sites including Spotify and Twitter and is believed to have been triggered by hijacked 'smart' devices.

iPhone users urged to update after 'unprecedented' spyware found

Apple has released a critical security update for iOS that contains patches for three of the most serious flaws ever discovered in the software. A successful exploit has been found in the wild, giving hackers complete access from a single text message.

Internet bug lets hackers intercept your browsing to send malware

A major vulnerability in Linux has been discovered that allows hackers to intercept connections to websites and inject malicious code into their source. It affects several major publishers, giving attackers an easy way to infect machines.

Hackers can force your monitor to permanently display images

Security researchers have demonstrated a technique that allows hackers to manipulate the pixels of computer monitors to change the displayed image. It could allow a new breed of malware to emerge, fooling users by displaying messages that bypass their PC.

Decades-old Windows bug leaks your Microsoft account to the world

Hackers have uncovered a major flaw in Windows that has been present in every released version since Windows 95. It is still exploitable in Windows 10 and could reveal your username and password, including your email address, to the world.

WhatsApp doesn't delete your conversations when you tell it to

A prominent iOS security researcher has discovered WhatsApp retains traces of your conversations even after you delete them in the app. Remnants of the messages remain on your phone, creating a "treasure trove" of data that could restore conversations.

Vine vulnerability lets hacker download the complete source code

A hacker looking for bug bounties has stumbled across a security hole in Vine that allowed him to download the entire source code from a publicly accessible website. He was awarded over $10,000 for the discovery of the blatant internal oversight.

Hackers can access your iPhone by sending an image in a text

Apple customers are being urged to update their devices after the discovery of a major vulnerability. Attackers could access an iPhone or Mac by sending a specially crafted text message. The method is similar to last year's 'Stagefright' Android bug.

Mobile network flaw puts millions of phones at risk of hijacking

A flaw in code used by essential components of the world's telecoms infrastructure could allow cybercriminals to gain complete control of mobile networks and millions of smartphones. The bug is present across the industry and will never be fully patched.

U.S. security agency warns against 'useless' antivirus programs

Washington - U.S. government computer experts are warning consumers that some popular antivirus software programs have become "useless" and could compromise the safety of home computers.

Encryption on 'tens of millions' of phones could easily be broken

A security researcher has discovered that a major flaw in Android's full disk encryption technology could leave the data on tens of millions of devices at risk. A kernel vulnerability can be used to break through the encryption and access user files.

Chrome bug lets you download full Netflix movies for free

A recently discovered bug in Google's Chrome web browser makes it possible for anyone to download full movies from DRM-protected sources including Netflix and Amazon. Pirates could easily bypass Chrome's copy protection systems to access content.

Facebook Messenger flaw lets hackers hijack your conversations

A serious flaw in Facebook Messenger, a service used by over 900 million people worldwide, could have allowed hackers to hijack your conversations and pose as your contacts. The vulnerability could have been used to host other malware.

Hackers have found yet another 'critical' Flash bug before Adobe

Adobe has warned Flash users that another zero-day vulnerability in the utility is being actively exploited by attackers and could provide access to their computer. The company is developing an update to fix the issue.

Emergency Android update fixes critical exploit bug

Google has rushed out a critical Android security update that fixes a bug that could allow attackers to compromise a phone using a malicious app in the Google Play Store. The fix will not be available on the majority of Android handsets though.

Adobe: Patch Flash now to prevent hackers accessing your PC

Adobe has released a critical security update for its Flash media player across all supported platforms. It includes a patch for a gaping security hole being actively exploited by hackers, the latest in a long line of problems with the aging plugin.

Seven-year old Linux bug potentially devastating to devices

A potentially devastating vulnerability in one of the core components of the Linux operating system threatens to leave billions of computers, servers, routers and other embedded hardware open to remote attack. It has been left unpatched for years.

New Android malware can wipe phones, spreads via SMS

A new form of serious Android malware has been discovered that uses malicious texts to spread across phones. A web link in the text installs malware on the phone, giving its controllers complete access to the device.

Major security flaw found in antivirus firm's 'secure' browser

A major security flaw has been found in Avast's SecureZone browser, also known as Avastium, that allows an attacker to remotely read any file on the user's computer, over the Internet. Antivirus firm Avast quickly patched the embarrassing bug.

66% of Android devices at risk as zero-day flaw found in Linux

A zero-day flaw found in the Linux kernel has put as many as 66 percent of Android devices at risk of exploit by hackers and malware creators. The bug also affects millions of desktop computers and Linux servers around the world.

Millions of websites at risk of hacking from critical Joomla bug

The Joomla bug, one of the most popular website management systems, could allow hackers to control millions of sites by remotely executing code that would provide access to admin control panels. The critical vulnerability was patched earlier this week.

90% of Android devices left exposed to critical vulnerabilities

A study has found that almost 90 percent of Android smartphones put users at risk by remaining vulnerable to old security issues. The research calls on manufacturers to do more to push updates to consumers in a timely manner.

Stagefright returns: Android devices infected by MP3 files

The security company that uncovered the critical "Stagefright" issue in Android this summer has warned the attack has evolved and now infects devices from malicious multimedia files, circumventing updates that have remedied the original bug.

Firefox users urged to update after discovery of major bug

Mozilla is warning users of its Firefox web browser that they should update it immediately after a nasty exploit was found being actively used by hackers. It allows outsiders to search all of the files on your computer and then upload them to a server.
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A vulnerability in Vine let hacker  avicoder  download the entire source code
A vulnerability in Vine let hacker "avicoder" download the entire source code

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