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Voting rights News

S&P 500 stock index will exclude Snap Inc

New York - The S&P 500.SPX will begin next Tuesday to exclude from the index companies that issue multiple classes of shares. This would include Snap Inc (SNAP.N) that recently decided to issue shares with no voting rights.

Canadians living abroad 5 years or more ineligible to vote

Toronto - The ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal will mean that more than a million expats who have been non-residents for five years or more will lose the right to vote in federal elections, including the upcoming election this fall.

Op-Ed: Obama should pursue term limits instead of mandatory voting

Washington D.c. - President Barack Obama has just suggested that making voting mandatory in the United States — like it is in other industrialized democracies — could help counteract the influence of big money in politics. While his goal is noble, his theory is incorr

Last-minute SCOTUS rulings affect voting laws in 2014 elections

Washington D.c. - A flurry of last-minute Supreme Court decisions will have an immediate effect on voting laws in four states as voters head to the polls for the 2014 midterm elections.

New NC voting law challenged in court Special

Winston-salem - The legal battle over North Carolina's controversial Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA) escalated Monday as lawyers, civil rights advocates and witnesses gathered in a federal courtroom in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Lawyers clash over electronic documents in NC voter ID lawsuit Special

Winston Salem - Lawyers representing the state of North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory and other defendants were accused of holding back crucial electronic documents in a hearing last Friday as lawsuits seeking to overturn North Carolina's new voting law move forward.

Pasquotank Board of Elections Throws ECSU Student Off Ballot

Elizabeth City - The Pasquotank Board of Elections has denied Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) senior Montravias King a place on the ballot for the upcoming City Council election.

Former First Lady Hillary praises attorneys as advocates Special

San Francisco - Attending the afternoon speech by former first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton, on Monday took this reporter by surprise. I thought she might mention health care reform, something she advocated years ago.

New York City considers allowing non-citizens to vote

New York - New York could become the first major city in the nation to allow some non-citizens to vote in local elections as the city council considers a measure that would enfranchise hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

Op-Ed: A peaceful place to vote in Raleigh, NC Special

Raleigh, North Carolina providing convenience and aid for those who find it difficult to have their vote counted with curbside voting assistance.

Early voting in Chatham County, Georgia a microcosm of America Special

Savannah - Long lines and less time describe what in-person early voters in Chatham County, Georgia, and across America, are faced with in Election 2012.

1200 Singapore Citizens Give Up Citizenship Annually

Singapore - Startling number of Singaporeans choose to renounce their citizenship annually; reasons vary depending on individual, says Tan Wen Hui.

Op-Ed: Scott Walker Doesn't Want Frankstein Recalling Him

Scott Walker cares about keeping his job, and he seems certain he will get recalled. Apparently his pastor father didn't teach him not to sue, because that is what Scott Walker is doing to make it harder to recall him.

Nationwide rallies staged against Wisconsin budget-cutting bill

Madison - Liberal advocacy group spearheaded rallies all over America on Saturday in support of protests staged by public employees in Wisconsin against the newly passed budget-cutting bill.

DC Voting Rights Bill Could Further Be Derailed By DOJ Split

The political battle to grant voting representation in Congress for Washington DC continues to rage on. This time, the Justice Department is being thrown into the mix. It could complicate things further.

High Court Rules in Voting Rights Case

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 yesterday in a key case, Bartlett v. Strickland, in which they rejected the application of the Voting Rights Act in districts in which minorities make up at least half of the voting age population.

DC Voting Rights Postponed Over 'Voting vs. Gun Rights' Debate

The move to grant Washington D.C. full representation in the US House of Representatives has slowed down. It has turned into a fight between voting rights and gun rights.

Op-Ed: Will DC Residents Ever Gain Voting Rights?

Being a resident of Washington, can easily be compared to being a sharecropper, forced to pay tribute to the landowner but having no rights in return. In this, a cruel joke is played daily on Americans living in our nation’s capital.

Decision awaited on voting rights for expat South Africans

South Africa's Constitutional Court reserved judgment on Wednesday in the case brought forward by seven parties to challenge sections of the Electoral Act barring the vast majority of South Africans working abroad from voting there.

DC Voting Rights Bill Passes Through US Senate

Washington D.C. is on the verge of getting full representation in the United House of Representatives by a vote of 61-37. However, there is an attached amendment to scrap most of the District’s local gun-control laws.

South African government denies voting rights to 2-million expats

The South African interim-government has appealed against the country's highest court 's ruling ordering it to provide voting facilities for all of the country's 2-million expats. The Constitutional Court still must ratify the ruling on March 4.

Debate On Washington DC Voting Rights Opens Up Again

With Democrats in control of the White House and both Houses of the United States Congress, the citizens of Washington D.C. are positive about having voting rights for the city.

2-million South African expats win first voting-rights hurdle

The opposition Freedom Front Plus party in South Africa has just had a court application reconfirmed in the Pretoria High Court, granting all the country's estimated 2-million expats voting rights at embassies in the April 22 elections.

South African youth leader an 'ill-bred brat', says Zulu leader

In an unprecedented outburst of anger by the usually so courteous South African Zulu statesman Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, he called African National Congress Youth League Julius Malema an "ill-bred brat' whose bad behaviour was moreover, 'un-African'.

1,2m expat South Africans sue for voting rights at embassies

South Africa's Independent Electoral Commission has denied requests by ex-president FW de Klerk and 3 political parties to create polling stations at foreign embassies and allow the country's 1,2-million expats to vote abroad - as they also did in 1994.

Op-Ed: The Washington Post Calls for One-Third Voting Rights for DC Residents

The Washington Post, formerly a champion of equality for 600,000 residents of the District of Columbia, has become the city's chief advocate for political inequality. The paper's editorial position should be a national embarrassment.

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VoteRiders wants every eligible U.S. citizen to vote.
VoteRiders wants every eligible U.S. citizen to vote.
VoteRiders wants every eligible U.S. citizen to vote.
VoteRiders wants every eligible U.S. citizen to vote.
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