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Voter fraud News

Voter fraud — A closer look at ballot harvesting in the U.S.

Americans’ interest in voting by mail has surged this year as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. There have been claims that mail-in balloting will lead to voter fraud, however, overt election tampering is "exceedingly rare."

Op-Ed: All 50 states receive 'lengthy request' for personal voter data

Richmond - President Trump's Advisory Commission on Election Integrity sent a letter to all 50 US states on Wednesday, asking for information on individual registered voters and plans to make that data public.

Op-Ed: Not all voter ID laws are created equal

North Carolina recently became the latest in a long list of states to pass a voter ID law. As with voter ID laws in other states, the measure has been criticized as a form of voter suppression by some, and praised as preventing voter fraud by others.

Op-Ed: Facing tough media questions on IRS scandal a royal pain

Facing tough media questions on what is another scandal plaguing the Obama Administration, we are once again hearing the same worn out excuse, I know nothing.

Minnesota woman with dementia voted twice, faces felony charge

Saint Peter - Margaret Schneider suffers from Parkinson's disease and dementia. The 86-year-old admitted she voted twice during the 2012 primaries and prosecutors say they had no choice but to charge her with voter fraud.

Ex-RPOF Chair: FL's voting laws focused on voter suppression

Ex-Florida GOP chair, along with former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, accused GOP of using Florida voting laws to suppress Democratic voters. Democrats have called for a hearing on Florida's voting laws.

Activists advise how to fight voter intimidation

In response to the growing allegation that poll watchers are being used to intimidate voters, activists are offering simple advice on how individuals should fight voter intimidation.

Video: We're out here in support of Romney

Colorado Springs - A YouTube video posted Friday created quite a controversy when the woman in the video said she worked for for the El Paso County clerk's office and was only registering Republican voters.

Florida officials defy federal warning to stop voter purge

Tallahassee - Despite warnings from the Department of Justice and objections from county elections officials, Florida's Secretary of State plans to continue the effort to scrub the state's voter registration rolls.

NY GOP Chairman Lies to Voters, Says Ron Paul is out of the Race

New York - One day before the NY GOP Presidential primary, Vincent Reda, the First Vice Chairman of the NY Republican Party, made robo calls to voters declaring that all other candidates had dropped out of the race except Mitt Romney.

Op-Ed: Dead people are registered to vote, blame Obama/ACORN!

A blogger claims two million dead voters are ready to rise from their graves to vote, and links this news to a story about the political group ACORN.

Op-Ed: What a relief! The dead are not rising to vote in South Carolina

Columbia - There was some worry there for awhile. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson (R) had it on good authority that over 900 corpses had risen from the dead to vote in the recent elections. This could only mean one thing.

Congresswoman asks U.S. DoJ to investigate Wisconsin Elections

The questionable appearance of votes giving Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser a victory by a county clerk who worked with him and has a history of questionable vote counting tactics has led a US Congresswoman to ask the US DoJ to investigate.

Opposition accuses PM of widespread vote fraud in Iraqi elections

Baghdad - The threat of violence and protests could occur in Iraq as one opposition leader accused the Prime Minister and his faction of vote fraud by hiding ballot papers and falsifying computer records.

GOP Election Monitors Shut Out in Philly, NH

In Philadelphia, GOP election monitors were ejected from six polling stations because of their party status, a seeming repeat of the chaos of 2004. Meanwhile in NH, McCain has filed a lawsuit to address the distancing of GOP monitors from the polls.

Op-Ed: Chicken Little and the ACORN

Chicken Little was in the woods one day when an acorn fell on her head. It scared her so much she trembled all over. She shook so hard, half her feathers fell out. "Help! Help! The sky is falling! I have to go tell the king!"

FBI Investigating ACORN for Voter Fraud

A senior law enforcement official confirmed that the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) is now being investigated by the FBI for any evidence of a coordinated national effort to engage in voter fraud.

Op-Ed: ACORN Voter Fraud Roundup

ACORN, which has been taking hits left and right regarding their voter fraud activities, registered Mickey Mouse in Orange County, FL. A man in Ohio who registered to vote several times and cast bogus ballots, a RICO case against ACORN and more.

Vegas ACORN Offices Raided in Voter Fraud Probe

ACORN, The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, gaining infamy both for its massive voter fraud attempts and heavily Democratic backing in Congress, including a $100M earmark in the bailout bill, just had its Vegas office raided.

More Dead, Underage And Fictitious Voter Registrations in Indiana, From ACORN

ACORN is making headlines again for filing voter registrations for the dead, the underage and some showing fictitious signatures in Indiana. Suggestions of a criminal investigation are coming out for ACORN groups getting the vote out for Obama.

ACORN In The News Again For Workers Registering Dead Voters And Others

Many might remember the criminal cases against certain ACORN members that were committing voter fraud by trying to add dead, imprisoned or imaginary people to the voter rolls in previous election years. ACORN is in the news against for the same thing.

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Jessica Huseman
The caption reads  1st Lieutenant Samuel Griffin  voting officer of 3d Battalion  1st Marines  obser...
The caption reads "1st Lieutenant Samuel Griffin, voting officer of 3d Battalion, 1st Marines, observes as Corporal Gary Froberg completes his voting registration.
USMC Archives from Quantico, USA
Margaret Schneider  86  explaining how she ended up voting twice in 2012 primaries
Margaret Schneider, 86, explaining how she ended up voting twice in 2012 primaries
Screen capture from KARE 11
Dan Rather
Absentee ballot of Massachusetts in 2008
Absentee ballot of Massachusetts in 2008
liz west (CC BY 2.0)
Jessica Huseman

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