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Voodoo News

Haiti looks to Benin for guidance on voodoo crimes

Cotonou - Three senators from Haiti pause in reflection in front of a statue of their country's independence hero Toussaint Louverture in Allada, southern Benin, where he had his roots.

'Blood Diamond' star returns to Benin to film 'true' voodoo

- As the drumming rumbles on, Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou walks shirtless with a voodoo procession making its way through the dusty streets of Heve in his native Benin.

Haiti pays tribute to late voodoo chief

Port-au-prince - Officials and dignitaries representing all of Haiti's different religions paid tribute to the "rare unifying genius" of Max Gesner Beauvoir, the supreme leader of the voodoo faith.

Head of Haiti's voodoo religion dies

Port-au-prince - Max Gesner Beauvoir, the supreme chief of the voodoo religion, died at the age of 79 in the Haitian capital, his relatives announced.Beauvoir, a biochemist by training, was named in 2008 the "National Ati," or spiritual guide for voodoo practitioners.

Spanish police arrest 17 in Voodoo sex-trafficking ring

Madrid - According to Spain's Interior Ministry, police have arrested 17 people on suspicion of smuggling Nigerian women into Spain. Once in the country, the women were forced into prostitution with claims that Voodoo spells would be cast should they not comply.

Girlfriend says 'Miami zombie' Rudy Eugene was under vodoo curse

Miami - The girlfriend of Rudy Eugene, the "Miami zombie," who allegedly chewed off the face of a homeless man, has spoken to the media. She says that the attacker was not the man she knew and that he was either drugged or was the victim of a voodoo curse.

Op-Ed: Couple cleared after filming sex during tandem jump

A porn star and a receptionist at Skydive Taft Co. gave a whole new meaning to tandem jumps when they were filmed having sex midair above Taft County, California.

Cholera fears incite lynching of voodoo priests in Haiti

While voodoo is followed or practiced in some religious services in Haiti, fear has led to lynching voodoo priests in reprisal.

Haiti's voodoo priests talk of war with Christian fundamentalists

Voodoo priests condemn mass burials and attacks on their religious practices and are calling for retaliation against Evangelical Christians, who they say are imposing their beliefs unfairly.

Haiti's Voodoo leader claims followers denied aid by Christians

The head of the association which represents priests and priestesses from Haiti's indigenous Voodoo religion has claimed that the religion's followers are being discriminated against by Christians when it comes to the distribution of aid.

Mother and grandmother arrested, child burnt in Voodoo ritual

A mother and grandmother have been charged for allegedly carrying out a voodoo ritual on a young girl in New York City. The child was burned in the ritual and denied medical care for a day.

Voodoo to help Mexicans at football

A newspaper in Mexico intends to make the national football team win a match against the United States by using the power of voodoo.

Do You Voodoo? They Do. New Orleans Combines Two Oldest Professions in the World.

The magic of New Orleans is somewhere. The once-grand city has always been the United States capital for voodoo for centuries. But do folks still practice it there?

Mind Over Matter In The Shape Of A Voodoo Doll

In this trick, UK illusionist, mentalist and complete skeptic, Derren Brown invites a young lady to take part in New Age challenge

Voodoo Practitioner Tries to Put Jinx On Bush

This time it's not voodoo economics, but real voodoo.

Voodoo's PC Magic

The personal computer market is essentially saturated and consumers have adamantly declared disinterest in the run-of-the-mill. So it follows, Calgary-based Voodoo Computer Studios saw a 40 per cent increase in business last year. Purveyors of high-pri...

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These are religious artifacts on a voodoo altar.
These are religious artifacts on a voodoo altar.
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