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Chatting with Rich Little: 'The Man of a Thousand Voices' Special

Veteran impressionist and voice actor Rich Little chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about being the sole headliner performing in Las Vegas at the moment.

Years of dashed hopes fuel Hong Kong protest rage

Fpo - As Hong Kong is convulsed by fresh anti-government protests, many of those who have taken to the streets say they feel this is their last chance to protect the city's freedoms after years of slow strangulation by Beijing.

'Painful': Citizens count Brexit's personal cost

London - Frustrated by Brexit negotiations, angry at Brussels or simply afraid of the future, ordinary Britons and other Europeans are already taking life-changing decisions a year before Britain leaves the EU.

Fury, concern over Trump presidency

Washington - Women poured into Washington to express concern, anger and outrage over Donald Trump's taking over as the 45th US president, in the "Women's March on Washington.

Teenage voices from around the world

Paris - For teenagers the world over, life is often an edgy, even volatile balance -- do you live for the moment or plan for what's ahead, chase the ideal or focus on the pragmatic.

Street artist in France sings in both a 'male' and 'female' voice

Strasbourg - A video is currently going viral of a man performing in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral with two voices and what sound like a male voice and a female voice. His range is something uncommon in a street performer.

Elephants can tell men’s voices from women’s

New research suggests that elephants may pick up on differences between the voices of men and women, and even between the speech sounds of two African ethnic groups.

Obama tells grads to reject voices warning of government tyranny

Columbus - United States President Barack Obama spoke to a group of Ohio State University graduates on Sunday and encouraged them to “reject” and ignore the “voices” that consistently warn of government tyranny.

Whites-only legal notice has Massachusetts residents furious

New Bedford - A law firm ran an ad for a foreclosed property recently that stated "whites only" in the property description which has set off a flurry of protests and complaints from both blacks and whites who were offended by the illegal, racist and discriminatory ad.

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