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Vitamins News

Taking vitamin D during pregnancy is linked with higher child IQ

A new study has examined the levels of vitamin D in pregnant women and has correlated this with the intelligence of children born to the mothers (as measured by an IQ test). This suggests the role of vitamin D may be important.

Red wine’s resveratrol could help Mars explorers stay strong

A new study finds that nutraceuticals which preserve muscle in reduced gravity are an essential requirement in the diet of astronauts embarking long-term space missions. These chemicals include resveratrol, found in red wine.

Essential Science: Does popping vitamin pills actually work?

Many people take specific or multi-vitamin pills as part of their daily routine and the market for fortified supplements is growing in value. A new medical study, however, suggests that the daily habit provides little benefit.

Essential Science: Can taking yeast extract boost brain function?

York - A new study suggests that yeast extract (as sold in the form of popular consumer products like Marmite) could boost brain function and lower the chances of a person developing dementia in later life.

Study links vitamin D deficiency to autism

Children who are born to women deficient in vitamin D, at 20 weeks, are more likely to show signs of autism by the time they reach the age of six, according to a new study from Australia.

Vitamin B12 sensor may assist with Alzheimer’s detection

A sensor has been devised to detect for vitamin B12 deficiency. A lack of this vitamin has been linked with a higher risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

Plan to add folic acid to flour in Scotland

Edinburgh - The U.S. has done it, as have many other countries. Scotland is considering adding folic acid to flour. However, the rest of the U.K. remains undecided.

Can fortified foods actually harm you?

In a quest to ensure our children are getting all the nutrients they need, many parents put fortified foods on the breakfast table and in lunch boxes, thinking they are supplying a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to their kids.

Study: Fortified cereal may endanger kids with megadoses

Washington - A new report from a food-related political action group is calling cereal manufacturers to task for putting too many vitamins and minerals in food. Those involved say it is a risk factor for developing children.

'Super' banana to face first human trial

Sydney - A super-enriched banana genetically engineered to improve the lives of millions of people in Africa will soon have its first human trial, which will test its effect on vitamin A levels, Australian researchers said Monday.

Vitamin D may lower cholesterol

A new randomized trial has found that vitamin D appears to reduce levels of LDL, or "bad" cholesterol. The results were drawn from a study of post-menopausal women.

This is national nutrition month

National nutrition month has been running in the U.S. For this, people are encouraged to choose the most nutritionally-packed foods they can from each of five key food groups every day.

Vitamin E, beta-carotene no help for heart disease, cancer

Washington - In yet another blow to the $28 billion vitamin industry, a US task force on Monday urged against taking Vitamin E and beta-carotene to ward off heart disease or cancer.The latest guidelines from the US Preventive Services Task Force update the 2003 edi...

Vitamin E, beta-carotene no help for heart disease, cancer

Washington - In yet another blow to the $28 billion vitamin industry, a US task force on Monday urged against taking Vitamin E and beta-carotene to ward off heart disease or cancer.The latest guidelines from the US Preventive Services Task Force update the 2003 edi...

No health shield from vitamin D pills

Paris - Vitamin D supplements have no significant effect on preventing heart attack, stroke, cancer or bone fractures, according to a review of scientific evidence published Friday.

Newborns in Tennessee with bleeding disorder

The CDC has reported on a cluster of newborns in Tennessee with late vitamin K deficiency bleeding. The number of cases has been highlighted as ‘unusual’.

Op-Ed: Vitamin D maintains your health and delays death

Recent scientific research reveals that vitamin D deficiency is common in sick children, it could raise death risk in older adults, and that normal supply of vitamin D is important for brain development and function.

Vitamins and good fats may help your brain Special

“Get rid of all trans fats in your diet!” is the main takeaway message from a December 28 study on vitamins and the brain in the journal "Neurology."

Study suggests popping multivitamins can lead to risky behavior

A recent study suggested taking multivitamins can lead to riskier behavior and, as a result, poorer health. The vitamins themselves are seemingly not the problem, but rather the effect the supplements have on one's state of mind.

Op-Ed: More Regulation of Our Lives Coming Up

Are you a more or less healthy individual making personal choices about the substances you eat or drink? No problem, the Codex Alimentarius will make an end to that!

Vitamin D deficiency linked to risk of heart disease

Two new studies, simultaneously published in the online edition of the medical journal Pediatrics, suggest the direct association of Vitamin D deficiency with cardiovascular ailments.

Despite a Sick Economy, Alternative Medicine Sales are Healthy

The economic downturn is causing an upturn in alternative medicine usage. Sales of vitamins and herbal supplements, in particular, have risen substantially since the recession began, reports the Associated Press.

Op-Ed: The Case For Vitamins in Our Times - Nutrition and Bad Economics

The world is moving in an unstable manner and its economies orbit with a fragility that is universally unsettling. Let's get a Big Mac and figure it out later.

China Has Cornered The Vitamin Market

Do you take vitamin C? Odds are that little tablet you're eating came from China. After the recent scandals involving tainted pet food and toothpaste, what guarantees do we have that our vitamins are safe?

Do You Take Vitamins? Do You Need A Prescription? The FDA Thinks You Do!

The FDA is attempting to regulate vitamins, herbs and juices as "drugs". If they achieve this goal, you would need a doctor's prescription for your multivitamins! Whole Foods stores would boast bare shelves, as the pharmaceutical industry stepped in!

Vitamins And Minerals May Prevent Hearing Loss

Protection against hearing loss could be as simple as taking a daily, nutritious snack bar.

Vitamins 'could shorten lifespan'

Researchers are now suggesting that taking certain vitamin supplements may affect people's lifespan--but not in the way you'd expect.

Study: Vitamin A Could Lead to Hip Fractures

BOSTON (voa) - A new study finds that older women who ingest heavy doses of vitamin A are more prone to suffering a hip fracture. The study was conducted by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and the results appear in the latest ...

Discover Artichokes - A Culinary Delicacy Packed With Vitamins

BONN, GERMANY (dpa) - The large violet blossom of the artichoke is a beautiful flower - but few people ever get to see it. The thistle-like vegetable is harvested and served up on dining tables before it has a chance to bloom. Artichokes have lon...

Well-Heeled Germans Turn To Anti-Ageing Clinic

He looks 42, but he is actually 51. The youthful-looking German pharmacist leads a lifestyle that includes daily sports and relaxation exercises coupled with a regular intake of vitamin-rich drinks which he has devised himself. In contrast to the ph...

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