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ESO's VISTA discovers old globular clusters of stars

Santiago - Two Globular clusters of very old stars in our galaxy have been discovered. The European Southern Observatory's (ESO) VISTA Survey telescope at Paranal Observatory in Chile, made the new discoveries.

Older hard drives to be replaced with new format

The current hard drives formatted with 512-byte sectors will go out of circulation. Starting this first quarter of 2010 the new format will be the "4k advanced format" which was launched late last year by Western Digital.

It's official: Windows 7 to be released on October 22

The long wait is almost over for users eager to upgrade to Microsoft's new operating system, after the company today announced plans to have Windows 7 in retail stores and on new PC's by October 22 this year.

Microsoft revisits Vista with Windows 7 Special

Windows 7 will offer something old and something new in an effort to persuade Vista and XP users migrate to Microsoft's next computer operating system

Microsoft Vista Blues

Microsoft Vista went from being a highly anticipated operating system to a dreadfully demanding software - and what Microsoft is doing about it!

Microsoft Vista tops 180 million mark in sales

Microsoft announces sales of Windows Vista licenses topping the 180 million mark along with achieving an annual revenue of more than $60 billion.

92 per cent of developers ignoring Microsoft Vista OS

An Evans Data report shows fewer than one in 10 (8 per cent) software developers are writing software programs for Windows Vista this year, while 49 per cent of developers are writing applications for Windows XP.

Moving directly from Windows XP to Windows 7 could be risky, warns Microsoft

Microsoft has warned that organisations which are planning to shift to Windows 7 from Windows XP could be vulnerable to security risks and other problems.

Op-Ed: Windows 7: touch screens, gestures, voice, and lots of gossip

Here it comes, the answer to… nobody seems too sure. It’s either the replacement for Vista, or “Vista SP2” depending on which news release you’re reading. For a hypersensitive, hypercritical, market, the “news” is looking pretty neurotic.

British Artist Fuses Old and New With Copied Desktop Imagery, Censored Jesus

If you always wanted to see a dialogue box or a Google homepage painted on canvas, Dan Proops is your artistic dream come true. The British painter goes against the grain by not only copying Windows Vista icons but by also commenting on censorship laws.

Op-Ed: Microsoft's Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome, and the Puppeteering of Windows XP Fans

If Steve Ballmer wasn't the CEO of Microsoft, I would guess he once wanted to become a doctor. Why? Well, no other tech executive seems to enjoy whacking the public knee with that little rubber hammer to test reflexes quite as much as Ballmer.

Op-Ed: Save XP campaign hits Microsoft, Vista scheduled for replacement anyway

Windows users with Vista blisters aren’t too happy about Microsoft pulling XP from the shelves in June. A campaign to save XP is now up and running. A previous effort extended the date, but now Microsoft is looking like it’s going to pull the plug.

Bill Gates's Gospel. Vista's Heir To Be Launched Next Year

To quote Bill gates, Microsoft plans to launch its next version operating system by 2009. Bill Gates made this surprise announcement to an audience at the Inter-American Development Bank on Friday.

Vista Falls - Linux Is Last Man Standing

At the Pwn to Own contest at the CanSecWest security conference, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vista's security defences falls to the test hackers. At the end, a Sony Vaio running the Ubuntu OS remains 'un-hacked' and unconquered.

Microsoft Vista's First Dr.Fixit - Service Pack One Released

Microsoft releases the SP1 package for the Vista OS after many postponements. This is the first major tune up package for the OS. Early reports indicates that its not going to be smooth sailing just yet for the software giant.

Microsoft Releases Windows Vista SP1 to Manufacturing

Microsoft has released the first big fix package for its Windows Vista operating system. The company has released Service Pack 1 (SP1) to manufacturing, so consumers have to wait until March to get the bundle of fixes.

Free 'Vista for privacy' offer still on?

Further details have been fuzzy as of late, but according to an e-mail received by some tipsters, Microsoft has been offering a free copy of Vista in exchange for their privacy.

Computer Shop Advertises Windows Vista Removal

Windows Vista celebrates its first birthday today, but it's not all celebration. A computer shop in New Hampshire is using the sales pitch “We remove Vista” and it's generated huge interest from the local public, and highlighted problems one year late

Op-Ed: Vista boosts Microsoft profits, despite bad press and user loathing

Vista has probably drawn more flak than any other operating system. According to Microsoft’s last quarterly result, it had a lot to do with a 79% increase in profit. Upside: It boosts market confidence. Downside: Consumer criticism doesn’t cut deeper.

Microsoft uses YouTube to promote Vista despite rivalry with Google

Microsoft is marketing its products, Windows Vista and Windows Live, via its rival Google’s YouTube. It has a created a special video channel at YouTube to showcase the benefits of using Vista.

PC World: Vista is No. 1 Biggest Tech Disappointment of 2007

PC World calls Microsoft’s Vista Operating system the number one tech disappointment of the year. It may be the best-selling product of 2007, but they say it has serious issues.

Microsoft fixes 300 holes in Windows Vista, but where does it end?

Windows Vista has more holes than a colander and now curious PC owners can check out a list of 300 fixes available in the forthcoming service pack. Even though Vista’s problems are still ongoing, Microsoft is also leaking details about its next OS.

Windows XP Outshines Vista in Performance Tests

Tests reveal that Windows XP with the latest service pack outperforms Windows Vista, even with the newest updates for the OS. Are you taking a step backwards by upgrading to Vista?

CNET: Windows Vista among top 10 terrible tech products

CNET's UK division has rated the top ten terrible technology products for 2007 and they say Windows Vista is one among them. Also in the list is Apple’s puck mouse, Sinclair electric car, Sony rootkit CDs and others.

Digital Journal TV: The Top 5 Reasons Apple's Leopard is Better Than Windows Vista

Apple's new operating system was launched on Oct 26, and in its first weekend, the company says it sold two million copies. A lot of people are now asking if they should ditch their PC for a new Mac. So is Leopard really better than Vista, and how?

The PC you need for Windows Vista

With Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system now on store shelves around the world, lots of PC users are wondering whether their machines are up to the task of running it.

Apple's New Leopard Operating System is 'Better and Faster' Than Windows Vista

Walter Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal reviewed Apple Leopard Mac OS X and said Leopard is “better and faster” than Windows Vista and has many versatile features. They are easy to use and it boots in less than one minute.

The computer helper: Everyday privacy

Most of the privacy threats we hear about are from anonymous "hackers" or unnamed forces waiting to swoop via an Internet connection and steal our data or personal information. But many people have privacy concerns that are closer to home.

Apple's Leopard has more 'wow factor' than Windows Vista

Apple will be launching the new Leopard Operating System for Mac October 26th. It has more than 300 new features compared to its previous Tiger OS. ZDNet says Mac OS has more wow factor than Vista.

Customising Vista: Have it your way

Let's face it: If you're a PC user, sooner or later you'll have to switch to Windows Vista. Microsoft routinely drops support for older operating systems, and Windows XP's days are numbered. Vista will ultimately be the only option for many.
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