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Virtual reality News

Five Australian digital startups to take notice of

From VR headsets designed to reduce traction in gaming tournaments to a platform designed to link designers with clients; and an AR app that places a potential product in your home environment, Australia is at the forefront of digital technology.

Samsung brings Mona Lisa 'to life' with deepfake AI

The background of Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting has been enhanced through a new artificial intelligence initiative undertaken by the technology firm Samsung.

Virtual reality headsets help police with autistic people

Technology firm Axon has developed new virtual reality headsets to be used by police forces in the U.S., designed to assist law enforcement officers with dealing with people with autism and schizophrenia.

Q&A: Virtual reality is reshaping workplace learning Special

To deliver high performing teams, effective workplace learning is required. One means to do this, exploiting new technology, is to apply immersive media technology for corporate training. The founder of a new company explains more.

Virtual reality assists with the treatment of Parkinson’s disease

A new study shows how virtual reality can assist Parkinson's disease patients. The research demonstrates how training in virtual environment helps people to improve their balance and to avoid obstacles when walking.

Q&A: Augmented reality shows projects beyond the blueprint Special

Designing buildings can be enhanced through new technology, especially augmented reality. This enables architects and their clients to see ‘beyond the blueprint’. A leading example is WakingApp’s AR toolset.

Bus startup FlixBus offers riders VR headsets to passengers

A startup technology-driven bus company is set to make the journey more fun for passengers, by offering virtual reality headsets for those using its services. On offer are 50 VR games to wile away the time.

EDM pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre talks new CD, virtual reality, AI Special

New York - On December 5, electronic superstar and pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre sat down and chatted with this journalist at his hotel in New York City.

Grandkids-on-demand service launched for lonely seniors

For lonely seniors in search of companionship, a new app offers a service where college students can connect up with elderly people around the world to offer support and friendship.

Q&A: Virtual reality can aid medical learning and development Special

Osso VR is a virtual reality surgical training program being used globally to train residents and surgeons. The developer of the system explains the benefit of VR to train the next generation of surgeons

Virtual reality exhibit brings art to life Special

Bicester - The Tate Gallery has opened the Amedeo Modigliani virtual reality experience at a shopping center near Oxford, U.K. The exhibit takes center-stage in a pop-up shop, showcasing that entertainment applications of virtual reality are not only about gaming.

Mozilla launches virtual reality web browser

Mozilla has launched a new innovation - a reality web browser called Firefox Reality. Instead of manipulating com commands with a mouse, a user of a VR headset can operate the browser with a hand controller.

Startup FundamentalVR makes life easier for surgeons

London - Medics wishing to practice surgery can go so far reading text books and watching real-life operations, but at some stage they need to have a try. The use of virtual reality is assisting with the training process.

Startup uses VR for new drug and material discoveries

Bristol - New drug and material discoveries can be untangled using virtual reality, according to a new startup Interactive Scientific and Oracle Corporation, which was developed from the University of Bristol.

New virtual training ground for drones

Boston - To become more effective drones need to be 'trained', using machine learning principles. To aid this, a new virtual reality training ground for drones has been established.

Reports: Google to acquire light-field camera startup Lytro

Google is reportedly set to purchase light-field camera manufacturer Lytro for approximately $40m. The company is primarily interested in Lytro for its innovative technology, which produces cameras capable of refocusing images after they are taken.

Special '4-D goggles' allow wearers to be 'touched'

San Diego - A new concept in '4-D goggles', from University of California - San Diego, allows wearers to be physically 'touched' by approaching objects.

Oculus forgot to renew a certificate, bricked every Rift headset

Every Oculus Rift VR headset temporarily stopped working today after the Facebook-owned company forgot to renew a security certificate. Oculus has since released an update to restore impacted Rifts, but owners will need to download and apply it manually.

HoloLens used to 'see inside' hospital patients before surgery

Microsoft has detailed a pilot project at a UK hospital that uses the company's HoloLens mixed reality headset to "see inside" surgical patients. Surgeons use the device to identify key blood vessels, bones and muscles before they start an operation.

Op-Ed: Accenture VR goes mainstream, sorta, kinda, in a way

Dublin - Virtual reality has been around for two decades. In that time, it has done effectively nothing much, commercially. Now it’s trying again, thanks to Accenture’s fashion app.

New software allows robots to be operated through VR

Brown University technologists have developed software that enables users control robots over the Internet using standard a virtual reality hardware interface.

Journalists using virtual reality should show moderation

Virtual reality can pull readers over to news sites to view immersive content; however, the extent of this needs to be moderated otherwise news credibility will suffer. Journalists should take note in this era of fake and misleading news.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 845 chip for next year's phones

Qualcomm's officially unveiled its upcoming Snapdragon 845 processor, the chip set to power many of next year's top-tier Android devices. As expected, the company has moved to add new AI capabilities, increase power efficiency and improve raw performance.

Producing ergonomic and lightweight VR displays

Dresden - Lightweight, compact VR glasses can now become a reality due to large-area OLED microdisplays, according to the European research instiution Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Amazon launches browser-based tool for building VR experiences

Amazon has launched a web-based toolkit to help developers create immersive virtual and augmented reality experiences. Built on Amazon Web Services, Sumerian provides a complete VR creation studio inside a web browser, removing the need for coding skills.

Quarterly VR headset shipments pass one million for first time

Shipments of VR headsets passed one million units in the last quarter, according to new analysis published today. It's the first time the VR market has managed to shift so many devices during a quarter. Price cuts have contributed to the increased demand.

Shaping consumer eating habits with VR technology

Consumption of ‘unhealthy foods’ is a major societal problem, especially with spiraling obesity rates in so-called ‘developed countries’. Can consumer behavior be modified to eat more healthy foods through the use of virtual reality?

Google launches new spatial audio toolkit to help VR sound design

Google's announced a new spatial sound development kit that helps developers integrate realistic surround sound into VR applications. Resonance Audio works across platforms and on any device, ranging from smartphones through to desktop VR headsets.

Google launches Poly, a marketplace for 3D objects

Google's announced a new service to help VR and AR developers find 3D objects for their apps. One of the biggest challenges facing VR is a lack of content. Poly will let 3D model creators share their work, giving app creators more assets to use.

Microsoft explains how mixed reality will transform the workplace

Microsoft's announced a new strategy to bring mixed reality to every modern workplace. The company said it believes the tech could lead to significant productivity and efficiency improvements by allowing employees to blend the real and digital worlds.
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Virtual reality

Virtual reality Image

Oculus Rift at Oculus Connect 3  October 2016
Oculus Rift at Oculus Connect 3, October 2016
President Obama features in a new VR film about the US National Parks Service
President Obama features in a new VR film about the US National Parks Service
Oculus / National Geographic
Google s headset removal technology
Google's headset removal technology
Google Research
Ghost praying
Ghost praying
Pablo Piedra/U.S. Army
An early version of a mobile virtual reality headset being tested out by Dylan Watkins at NextVR s o...
An early version of a mobile virtual reality headset being tested out by Dylan Watkins at NextVR's office in Laguna Beach.
The author of this article using the Samsung Gear VR s touchpad
The author of this article using the Samsung Gear VR's touchpad
David Silverberg
Intel Project Alloy mixed reality headset
Intel Project Alloy mixed reality headset
Intel Corporation
A scene from TIFF s second VR pop-up installation
A scene from TIFF's second VR pop-up installation
Connie Tsang Photography for TIFF
[08:46] for Oculus Rift
[08:46] for Oculus Rift
[08:46] on Oculus Rift
Visitors at the London Film and Comic Con trying out the Samsung Gear VR.
Visitors at the London Film and Comic Con trying out the Samsung Gear VR.
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Intel s Project Alloy mixed reality headset
Intel's Project Alloy mixed reality headset
Intel Corporation
Oculus Connect developers conference
Oculus Connect developers conference
a screenshot of the software MikuMikuDance showing various 3D models within the software
a screenshot of the software MikuMikuDance showing various 3D models within the software
GPL / Wikipedia
Man playing a virtual reality simulation at London Film and Comic Con  2017.
Man playing a virtual reality simulation at London Film and Comic Con, 2017.
The HTC Vive
The HTC Vive
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]
Samsung Gear 360 [2017]

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