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Virgin News

Virgin Australia collapses under coronavirus strain

Brisbane - Cash-strapped Virgin Australia collapsed Tuesday, making it the largest carrier yet to buckle under the strain of the coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged the global airline industry.

Aussie airline aborts veterans-first boarding plan before takeoff

Sydney - Virgin Australia on Monday jettisoned plans to allow military veterans to board its flights first, as popular outcry at American-style "tokenism" appeared to kill the idea before it got off the ground.

Branson suspends Saudi links over missing journalist

London - British entrepreneur Richard Branson is suspending two directorships linked to tourism projects in Saudi Arabia following the unexplained disappearance in Turkey of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Flight turned back to Heathrow after 'laser' incident

London - A British pilots' union on Monday demanded action after a laser beam dazzled the co-pilot on a New York-bound flight, forcing the Virgin Atlantic jet to turn back shortly after take-off from London's Heathrow Airport.

Op-Ed: Sao Paulo teachers need a Pap smear? You're kidding, right?

Believe it or not, and this is a shocker, but in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a woman must hand in the results of a pap smear test, or a letter from her doctor proving her virginity before being hired as a teacher.

Drunk passenger on Virgin plane sparks Bali hijack alert

Denpasar - A drunk passenger sparked a hijack alert on a Virgin Australia flight heading for the Indonesian resort island of Bali Friday when he attempted to break into the cockpit, officials said.

Virgin Atlantic's Little Red needs new runway for expansion: Branson

Virgin Atlantic <VA.UL> founder Richard Branson dangled the carrot of further investment in the British airline's domestic carrier Little Red as he stepped up the campaign for a third runway at London'...

Virgin Australia posts big first-half loss

Sydney - Australian carrier Virgin urged the government not to bail out rival Qantas Friday after slumping to a first-half loss of Aus$83.7 million (US$75 million), blaming intense competition and economic uncertainties.The results follow Qantas on Thursday ann...

Virgin Australia posts big first-half loss

Sydney - Australian budget carrier Virgin slumped to a first-half net loss of Aus$83.7 million (US$75 million) on Friday, blaming intense competition, subdued demand and economic uncertainties.The results follow major domestic rival Qantas on Thursday announcin...

Branson sounds warning over Qantas intervention

Sydney - British tycoon Richard Branson sounded a warning in full-page newspaper ads Sunday about possible Australian government help for national carrier Qantas, urging business to "think twice" about investing in the country.Branson, whose Virgin Australia ca...

Obese virgin puts girlfriend's head through wall during sex

Virgin Gregg Casarona, 21 years old, and 440 pounds, ended up smashing his skinny girlfriend's head through a wall during the first time he attempted sex with her.

Op-Ed: How do you choose a brand name?

How do you choose a name for your brand or company? This is not as easy as you think, indeed like so many apparently simple subjects, books have been written about it.

Giant anteater's virgin birth: Zoo asks 'Who's your daddy?'

Greenwich - Armani, a giant anteater at LEO Zoological Center in Greenwich, Connecticut gave birth to a baby, named Archie. Only one problem, there was no male around, so how did this happen?

Motives of woman selling virginity online questioned by filmmaker Special

New revelations surface in the bizarre story of a 20 year-old woman who claims she is auctioning off her virginity as a charity event for the homeless and poor in her native country.

Brazilian woman selling her virginity to help homeless

Santa Catarina - A 20-year-old Brazilian student has found a unique way of raising money for homeless families in her hometown of Santa Catarina: She's selling her virginity online. The move is catching people's attention and garnering much criticism.

Virgin Galactic is almost ready to take to the skies

Farnborough - Sir Richard Branson's dream of commercial space flight is about to become a reality with plans to send the first passengers into space by 2013.

TopFinds: Whales battle killer orca pack, alcohol spray debuts

Photos surface of humpback whales protecting their own against killer whales. An alcohol spray is developed, but would you try it? Our Digital Journalists photograph the stunning "super moon." These are the top stories on

70-year-old virgin Pam Shaw says she is at last ready for sex

A 70-year-old virgin, after a lifetime of celibacy, says she is now ready to lose her virginity. But her standards are still as high as ever. She is still waiting for a tall, dark and handsome millionaire to sweep her off her feet.

39-year-old virgin still saving herself for Mr. Right

Charlotte Baird turns 40 in May. She is still a virgin and hasn't even ever kissed a man. She made the decision at 11 that the first man would be "The One," but then she probably did not anticipate that 28 years later she'd still be waiting.

Air steward fired after placing toddler in overhead compartment

A Virgin Blue flight attendant lost his job after he was accused of placing a 17-month-old child into an overhead compartment during a game of peek-a-boo.

New American Bible revision could spark controversy

Revisions to the New American Bible scheduled to be released March 9 (Ash Wednesday) is causing some controversy as it replaces words such as "booty" and "virgin" to reflect a more modern meaning.

Bieber wants to ‘stay pure’ till the right person comes along

Teen pop star Justin Bieber has declared that he’ll remain a virgin till he finds the right partner. His mom says he wants to “stay pure.”

Miracle at Catholic Church restores Virgin Mary Special

Charlotte - It was a Mother's Day miracle at St. Matthew Catholic Church when the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary that was decapitated by vandals was restored to her original condition by local anonymous angel's who donated their time to repair this work of art.

Sir Richard Branson to launch 'flying' submarine

Very soon the term ‘adventure travel’ will have a whole new meaning. Not content with sub-orbital space flight, Branson has revealed his next daring plan to thrill well-healed adventurers like himself, the Necker Nymph.

Woman leaves life savings in care of Virgin Mary

An incredible test of faith paid off for one Maryland woman who decided to trust her life's savings to the Virgin Mary. When the woman was unexpectedly called out of town recently, she did not want to leave her rare coin collection in her house.

Sprint Nextel planning to acquire Virgin Mobile US

Sprint is believed to be offering almost $483 million in a deal to purchase Virgin Mobile US in a bid to gain a foothold into the pre-paid mobile phone market.

UK airlines to ban swine flu passengers from flying

As the H1N1 swine flu virus continues its rapid spread throughout the world, two British airlines - British Airways and Virgin Atlantic - have announced that they will prevent suspected H1N1-infected passengers from boarding.

Virgin launches unlimited music downloads for ISP customers

Two companies, Universal and Virgin, have made an agreement to let people who use Virgin's Internet access to download as much music as they want to every month. It is hoped this might also help the battle against Internet piracy.

Op-Ed: Turkish Teen bride commits suicide after virginity questioned

A 15-year-old bride was sent back to her family home after her husband accused her of not being a virgin. The Turkish girl told her family she didn’t have sex with anyone, and later committed suicide.

Another Virgin Birth Raises Questions

Another incident of Virgin Births has scientists in Omaha and around the world focusing on irrefutable DNA evidence of the existence of Virgin Births.
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Mary s praying were cut off in the senseless act of vandalism that police are investigating as a hat...
Mary's praying were cut off in the senseless act of vandalism that police are investigating as a hate crime.
St. Matthew Catholic Church
Bodega Málaga Virgen wines and bottles from  Pedro Ximénez Reserva de Familia
Bodega Málaga Virgen wines and bottles from "Pedro Ximénez Reserva de Familia"
MG Spain Export Consulting Spanish International Trade Consulting
LAUNCH: A Virgin America jet lifts off from San Francisco International Airport in 2009.
LAUNCH: A Virgin America jet lifts off from San Francisco International Airport in 2009.
BrokenSphere / Wikimedia Commons
The desecrated Virgin Mary Statue
The desecrated Virgin Mary Statue
St. Matthew Catholic Church
COMBINE: A Boeing 747 jetliner operated by Virgin Atlantic Airways waits on the tarmac at Manchester...
COMBINE: A Boeing 747 jetliner operated by Virgin Atlantic Airways waits on the tarmac at Manchester Ringway International Airport in Manchester, England, in 2005.
Dale Coleman/Wikimedia Commons
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Virgin Galactic's SpaceShip Two
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