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Man proposes to girlfriend for a year and she didn't know it

One man showed his love and dedication for his girlfriend in a video that has recently gone viral. Dean Smith decided on his girlfriend Jennifer's birthday in 2014 that he would spend the next year planning to pop the question without her knowing.

Watch this viral video of an angry bison ramming into a car

Yellowstone National Park - A video showing an angry bison charging into the front of a parked SUV at Yellowstone National Park has gone viral on YouTube.

China's pollution video, 'Under the Dome' goes viral

Beijing - Most documentaries focusing on air pollution don't make the top-10 list anywhere. But surprisingly, the documentary entitled “Under the Dome,” a film about energy and environmental issues in China has become an online hit.

After Chelsea fans deny black man on Metro, now green man denied

London - A spoof video has gone viral following the incident in Paris, where a small number of football supporters prevented a black commuter from alighting a Paris Metro train.

How stealthy, 'nightmare' octopus became a viral sensation

In the last 10 years, YouTube has almost single-handedly changed the way that people interact with the Internet. After all, before the site was launched in 2005, there was no simple method for people to upload and share videos.

North Face social ad: Retracting floor forces customers to climb

In their latest social experiment advertising stunt, the Korean branch of The North Face Store pushed unsuspecting customers to take a leap of courage.

VIDEO: 8-year-old boy has moves like Swayze

Knoxville - A video showing an eight-year-old boy doing his best Patrick Swayze imitation while watching the final scene of the movie Dirty Dancing has gone viral.

Poet Shane Koyczan releases video 'Shoulders' on treasuring Earth

British Columbian poet Shane Koyczan has released a new poem-video on YouTube, written for The David Suzuki Foundation as part of the environmentalist's Blue Dot Tour, where Koyczan shared the stage with The Barenaked Ladies, Stephen Lewis and more.

Video: Wildlife worker rescuing baby bird attacked by swan

A wildlife worker had to endure a viscous attack from a swan, as the worker tried to rescue its baby from a fence, as shown in a video that has gone viral. More than one million people have watched the rescue.

Man races train in London and wins in viral video

London - Those who have ever been frustrated by how slow their commute on a train may be will probably not be surprised that a video that went viral shows a man in London racing a passenger train — and winning.

Video: Unicycling as an extreme sport? Just watch

Moab - Unicycling probably is not the first, or even the last, thing that comes to mind when thinking about extreme sports, but a recent video proves the sport can not only be extreme, but death defying as well.

VIDEO: Tiny mongoose challenges pride of lions, wins

Narok - It's not everyday you see a mongoose challenging the "King of the Beasts", but that is exactly what one videographer witnessed while filming a pride of lions in Kenya.

VIDEO: Vacationers frantically warn swimmers of approaching shark

Destin - Video taken off a hotel balcony in Destin, Florida, captures vacationers frantically trying to warn swimmers of a hammerhead head shark chasing its next meal.

Video: 15 missiles intercepted at once by Israel's Iron Dome

A video going viral online shows 15 missiles reportedly being shot into the sky in Israel, and moments later the Iron Dome missile-intercepting technology quickly dispatches all of the incoming attacks.

Op-Ed: GoPro — Getting marketing right since 2004

San Mateo - I'm not sure who originally came up with GoPro's marketing scheme, nor do I know if the same person still runs that scheme today, but oh-my-God are they good.

Video: When the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge goes wrong

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has reached new heights the past few weeks, with a slew of celebrities and normal people taking part. Naturally, however, there are some who didn't succeed at having a bucket of ice water poured over their heads.

VIDEO: Bear turns lifeguard, saves drowning crow

Budapest - Its not often you see a grizzly bear appear to act out a scene from the popular television show Baywatch, but that is exactly what visitors at the Budapest Zoo witnessed recently.

Op-Ed: Coca-Cola commercializes 21st century slavery

Dubai - A Coca-Cola commercial uploaded to YouTube back in May has suddenly generated a great deal of attention and not the kind Coke's marketing department was seeking.

Emotional video about homelessness goes viral

Orlando - A new campaign is attempting to breakdown the stereotypes usually associated with the homeless and show that, in a post-recession economy, losing your home happens to everyday people.

Viral video: Super Mario pop anthem parody

Los Angeles - Five guys known as The Warp Zone released their latest production: a Super Mario parody set to OneRepublic's hit "Love Runs Out." Check out "Lives Run Out" here.

Street artist in France sings in both a 'male' and 'female' voice

Strasbourg - A video is currently going viral of a man performing in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral with two voices and what sound like a male voice and a female voice. His range is something uncommon in a street performer.

Man creates music video for Celine Dion song in empty airport

Las Vegas - When a man from Canton, Georgia found himself stranded at Las Vegas International Airport, his boredom — or perhaps creative spirit — compelled him to create a music video for Celine Dion's version of "All By Myself."

Chubby dancing Korean baby takes over YouTube (Video)

Sorry Psy, your position on YouTube has now been replaced by someone much younger, cuter (and chubbier). This baby girl and her friend rocked for the camera and are now going viral.

Video: OHL goalie suspended for swinging stick at opponent's head

At the professional level, unsportsmanlike conduct often sparks ridicule and contempt towards the unruly players. When the incident involves a head injury, the backlash tends to be even more intense.

World's Toughest Job: How does your job compare?

After placing job advertisements for the role, referred to as 'Director of Operations', 24 people applied and interviewed for the world's toughest job which required 135 hour work weeks and no vacations.

Video captures Houston worker's daring escape from fire

Houston - The combination of a Houston construction worker's quick thinking and the expertise of a firefighter crew resulted in a dramatic rescue caught on video that's quickly gone viral.

Man explains 'cockblocking' to his grandparents in viral video

As time goes on and new trends and phrases emerge, it's becoming harder and harder to explain everything to our grandparents. One man is setting out to do just that and a video of him explaining "cockblocking" has gone viral.

Video: Pelican films captivating bird's-eye view with a GoPro

For centuries, humans have been fascinated by the flight capability of birds. Now, with the help of a GoPro camera and pelican tour guide, that bird's-eye view can be seen on video.

Content marketers continue to look to Hollywood for inspiration

Entertainment marketers - and movie marketers in particular - are leading the way in content marketing strategies, demonstrating what can be accomplished with "compelling narratives."

With video consumption booming, content marketers take notice

As content marketing strategies continue to evolve and to demonstrate deeper sophistication, more strategists are incorporating video into their content calendars.
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Screenshot from YouTube video allegedly showing an eagle snatching a baby in a Montreal park
Screenshot from YouTube video allegedly showing an eagle snatching a baby in a Montreal park
YouTube screenshot
Juliet  eight-year-old Brisbane  Australia girl  performing in a black and white video of  My First ...
Juliet, eight-year-old Brisbane, Australia girl, performing in a black and white video of 'My First Hardcore Song' on YouTube. The song is available on iTunes for purchasing
A man from the pots and pans protest against Bill 78 in Montreal in the video going viral.
A man from the pots and pans protest against Bill 78 in Montreal in the video going viral.
screenshot from video
A screenshot from the video Marcel the Shell with Shoes 2
A screenshot from the video Marcel the Shell with Shoes 2
YouTube screenshot
The parents of Aly Raisman  a U.S. Olympics gymnast  reacting to their daughter s routine
The parents of Aly Raisman, a U.S. Olympics gymnast, reacting to their daughter's routine
 What s on your mind?  is an anti-Facebook video  currently going viral.
"What's on your mind?" is an anti-Facebook video, currently going viral.
Screencap from Richard Dunn s video for Celine Dion s  All By Myself
Screencap from Richard Dunn's video for Celine Dion's "All By Myself"
Screenshot from YouTube.
Screenshot from YouTube.
A man  alleged to be Shane Myburgh  pretends to be a bouncer and beats up patrons in a bar.  The CCT...
A man, alleged to be Shane Myburgh, pretends to be a bouncer and beats up patrons in a bar. The CCTV video went viral.
Screengrab from Photoshop Live video
Screengrab from Photoshop Live video
YouTube screengrab
Two Alaskan Malamutes helping a baby learn to crawl.
Two Alaskan Malamutes helping a baby learn to crawl.
The latest viral video on YouTube -  The Fox
The latest viral video on YouTube - "The Fox"
Andre Robinson  21  charged with aggravated animal cruelty for allegedly kicking cat
Andre Robinson, 21, charged with aggravated animal cruelty for allegedly kicking cat
Screen capture from Facebook video
crackrockcandy/YouTube still shot
Tatia Pilieva presented by WREN Studio (Youtube Screencap)
The latest viral video on YouTube -  The Fox
The latest viral video on YouTube - "The Fox"