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Viking News

400 Viking objects stolen in Norway museum heist

Oslo - Some 400 Viking objects were stolen from a Norwegian museum at some time over the weekend of August 11-13, the museum's director said Sunday, describing the loss as "immeasurable".

Oldest crucifix could change Viking history

Copenhagen - Proof that at least some Vikings were Christians before the Twelfth Century — the usual date given for their conversion — has been found near a churchyard in Denmark, in the form of a solid-gold crucifix.

Norse gods temple to be built in Iceland

People will soon be able to flock to Iceland to publicly worship at a shrine to Frigg, Odin and Thor. Construction on the first temple starts this month.

Ancient Viking sword to go under the hammer

London - A very rare Viking sword from the 11th Century that could have been at both the Battle of Stamford Bridge and at Bannockburn is to go on auction at Christie’s in London.

'Near-mythical' Viking navigational aid found in shipwreck

Researchers believe they have found a sunstone in a 16th century shipwreck. This oblong shaped crystal is described as having been used by Viking mariners.

Viking-era shipwreck found off the coast of Sweden

A centuries-old shipwreck has been discovered lying underneath the waters of Sweden's coastline. The remains of the boat have been estimated to be about 800 years old.

Viking massacre find proves medieval story

Oxford - Archaeologists in England have found evidence of a massacre recorded 1,000 years ago when an Anglo-Saxon king ordered all Danish Vikings in his realm to be killed and it now seems the chronicles have been proven right.

How Vikings could have navigated in fog and mist

Budapest - Viking sagas may have been more truthful than we realised. Crystal "sunstones" could have helped Viking sailors to navigate even when cloud or fog hid the sun.

NFL: Giants, Vikings playing their Monday night game in Detroit

Minneapolis - Monday night's rescheduled New York Giants-Minnesota Vikings football game will take place in Detroit after a snowstorm caused the partial collapse of the Metrodome in downtown Minneapolis.

Archaeologists find major Viking fortress-town in Ireland

Dublin - Archaeologists believe they have found the site of a key Viking fortress on the eastern coast of Ireland. The fortress, identified in the Irish Annals as “Linn Duchaill” was founded by the Vikings the same year as Dublin, the capital.

First-Ever Viking Shipwreck Discovered in Sweden?

A team of divers from the Swedish coast guard have discovered what could be the first-ever Viking shipwreck found in the country. The wreck is 20 metres long and is lying at the bottom of the lake.

The Vikings Settle Yet Again In The UK, But This Time, Under A Pub Car Park

The Wirral in Merseyside, UK has always been a place where historians knew Vikings had once settled, but no one had guessed that the great vessel they had travelled in to get there, was still actually there.

Viking Ice cream stick ship set to sail

A viking ship made from 5 million recycled ice cream sticks by 5000 school kids is ready for the high seas. "Thor" has already had it's shakedown cruise on a lake. Next challenge? Cross the Atlantic.

Crystals may have aided Viking sailors

Special crystals called sunstones may have helped the Vikings find their way to their next pillage.

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Viking Image

A possible use of the Viking sun stone by artist Brent Berry. Photo used with permission.
A possible use of the Viking sun stone by artist Brent Berry. Photo used with permission.
Brent Berry/Vegvisir on Deviantart
Swords of the Viking Era.
Swords of the Viking Era.
Derek McLennan and his friends looking for treasure.
Derek McLennan and his friends looking for treasure.
Screen grab
A young boy dresses up in costume at Dublin s Viking museum.
A young boy dresses up in costume at Dublin's Viking museum.
Dorset culture spun yarn from the Nanook Site (KdDq-9): 4384.
Dorset culture spun yarn from the Nanook Site (KdDq-9): 4384.
M. Hayeur Smith

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