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YouTube blocks ads on channels with less than 10,000 views

In an effort to weed out bad actors, such as people uploading copyrighted content, YouTube will no longer allow creators to make money until their channel reaches 10,000 views.

Lifestyle factors affect our opinions of politicians

Much has been made about the decline in the public’s trust in politicians together with the veracity of what they say. With due notice of this, the preexisting views of voters are just as important as what politicians say and do, according to a new stud

Facebook bug lets users see view counts for every post and page

Some users of Facebook's mobile site are being shown view counts next to every post on the social network, letting them see just how many times their own content has been seen as well as how popular friends' posts are.

Op-Ed: The importance of social media in promoting website content

In a world where social media increasingly decides what internet users see and do and with SEO becoming less reliable, it is more important than ever for websites to use the technology effectively to communicate with users and market their own material.

Confirmed: YouTube is launching a paid-subscription service

In an email to partners, Google has confirmed that it is launching a new subscription model for YouTube. Subscribers will pay a monthly fee to view YouTube without any adverts on videos and content creators will get a portion of the fee.

Vine gets updated on Windows Phone to be more like iOS, Android

Vine has updated its Windows Phone app to bring it more in line with what users on other platforms have access to. The update will be encouraging to supporters of Windows Phone which historically has had a large "app gap".

Photo essay: London from up high Special

London - London is a spectacular city, blending thousands of years of history alongside modernist architecture. One of the best views of London can be obtained from its tallest building - The Shard.

Op-Ed: Autumn light in the southern Spanish countryside (video/photos) Special

While southern Spain doesn't experience the glorious splash of autumn colours experienced elsewhere in the world, there are some attractive sights to see in the countryside. This article shows some views near Coín in the province of Málaga, Spain.

Photo essay: Before and after the fire in Málaga province Special

At the end of August, a raging brush fire spread through the Spanish countryside, just a few miles inland from Mijas on the Costa del Sol. Comparisons can now be made with before and after photos.

More than 700 billion YouTube videos viewed in last 12 months

According to a post on YouTube's corporate blog, more than 13 million hours of video have been uploaded to YouTube servers in the last 12 months, resulting in more than 700 billion views.

Op-Ed: Atheists Forget Einstein's Views in Light of New Letter

Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. Einstein coined these words long ago and are used today to give hope to many. Now his words are being used again, but perhaps not in a way he would approve of.

Where Does Religion Stand on Masturbation?

The role of religion in people's lives reflects much of how they view the outside world. When it comes to sexuality religion plays a huge role. Masturbation is a very common thing and yet in some faiths it is considered to be wrong. A sin even.

View our Solar System with detailed pics

Ever wondered how some of our planets looked close up? Is your kids doing a science project on our solar system? Check this out! Very detailed info about our planets and earth!

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