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Op-Ed: Can the Philadelphia Eagles offense last all year?

Philadelphia - When the Philadelphia Eagles hired Chip Kelly as their new coach they expected their offense to gain yardage and score a lot of points.

Op-Ed: Why do NFL stars throw their lives away?

Foxboro - Aaron Hernandez has joined the "I'm-too-stupid-to-play-profe ssional-football-Dream-Team". Along with teammates like OJ Simpson and Michael Vick, Hernandez has thrown away a great opportunity.

NFL: Eagles romp Cowboys 34 - 7

Philadelphia - Football fans know there is no love lost between the Cowboys and the Eagles and chances are that last night's game didn't leave the two teams all warm and fuzzy for each other.

NFL: Philly gets on track with 20-13 win over Redskins

Washington - At the beginning of the season quarterback Rex Grossman said the Washington Redskins would win their division, and so far it seems true as they got a good 3-1 start. The Philadelphia Eagles were supposed to be front runner, but have struggled so far.

NFL: Bills bounce back from a loss with 31-24 victory over Eagles

Buffalo - The Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles both took tough losses last week, but only one team could come out on top this week. Michael Vick said the ‘dream team’ label is dead, and after the loss this week they might be as well.

Op-Ed: NFL: Is Michael Vick victim of getting hit late?

When quarterbacks are in the pocket they are expected to be protected. The NFL is looking to keep their ‘Golden Boys’ protected by any means necessary, but when it comes to Michael Vick he seems to be the exception.

NFL: Despite big game from Vick the Eagles lose three in a row

Philadelphia - In the off-season the Philadelphia Eagles were deemed to be the team to win the NFC, but they have not lived up to their potential. They have been dealing with Michael Vick not being able to finish the last couple of games.

NFL: Giants shut the Eagles up with a 29-16 victory

Philadelphia - The trash talk for this game started in the preseason, and continued on all the way up to today’s game. The New York Giants took a tough loss last year at the hand of the Philly Eagles, but today revenge was avenged with a 29-16 win.

NFL: Vick is now the man in Philly with $100 million deal

Philadelphia - Mike Vick has come a long way since his prison time a few years ago. The Eagles have now rewarded him with a $100 million contract for six years.

NFL: Eagles and Vick bounce back with 24-14 win over Browns

Philadelphia - The Eagles and Michael Vick struggled last week to an ugly defeat at the hands of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but tonight they look like they are back on track. The Browns have only won one game, but have looked impressive in the process.

Michael Vick to address Congress on animal fighting

Washington - Michael Vick, the American football player who served 21 months in prison for dog fighting, is scheduled to appear on a Capitol Hill to speak about legislation which would penalize those who support animal fighting.

While Michael Vick celebrates victories his dogs still struggle

While Michael Vick celebrates his successes on the football field the dogs who who were his victims struggle to adjust to life.

Michael Vick works with Humane Society's dogfighting campaign

Michael Vick, the suspended NFL Atlanta Falcons' quarterback, was released from federal prison on Tuesday. Although he still has 2 months of house confinement, he is said to be on the road to rehab, starting with an anti-dog fighting campaign.

NFL star sentenced

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick was sentenced on Monday and he is due to serve 23 months in prison. Vick has dodged a five year prison sentence since he admitted what he did was wrong. He also apologied to the NFL and fans.

Op-Ed: Vick's Taking Responsibility For His Actions, Nothing But Lip Service

Michael Vick stood up at his press conference, a short time after pleading guilty to running a dog fighting and gambling organization and claimed he was taking full responsibility for his actions. I just rolled my eyes.

Dogfighting is a sport

"I think, you know, we don't say anything about people who shoot deer or shoot other animals. You know, from what I hear, dogfighting is a sport. It's just behind closed doors." Marbury said, according to Albany TV station Capital News 9.

Michael Vick Accepts Plea Deal

Finally arraigned last month on charges stemming from a brutal dog fighting ring who's activities took place at his Georgia home, Vick had maintained his innocence, until 3 co-defendants cut plea deals and severely incriminated the Falcons Quarterback

Where Did Professional Sports Go Wrong?

Barry Bonds amidst the steroid controversy, Michael Vick organizing dog fights, Tim Donaghy shaving points in NBA games for the mob. Wasn't sport supposed to be our escape from these real life problems? What happened? Where did it go wrong?

NFL Star Indicted Over Dog Fighting

Quarterback Michael Vick of the NFL's Atlanta Falcons was indicted yesterday on federal charges related to dog-fighting. It is being alleged that he took part in an enterprise that trained dogs to fight to the finish, known as death matches.

Michael Vick Caught with Suspicious Bottle at Airport

What's so suspicious about the bottle, well besides being a 20oz water bottle when the limit is 3oz, it had a secret compartment..and it held a substance that smelled strongly of marijuana.

Michael Vick gives the finger to fans...then apologizes

It is the season of losing it and apologizing in vain. Michael Vick, coming off from a disappointing loss this weekend when his receivers just couldn't hold on, lost his cool and fingered the fans. He apologized later.

Vick Makes Obscene Gesture to Home Crowd

"Michael Vick apologized for making an obscene gesture toward Atlanta fans as he walked off the field after the Falcons' fourth straight loss Sunday."

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