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Veterans affairs News

Study says meditation can help veterans manage chronic pain

A pilot study conduced by Washington DC-based Veterans Affairs Medical Center suggests that veterans of the armed forces may benefit from practicing meditation.

How whistleblowers exposed critical lapses at VA Department

The Veterans Administration failed far too many soldiers and former soldiers, and it was whistleblowers at many locations that brought these gaffes to light.

Op-Ed: Wounded vets need universal health care, not 'separate but equal'

The VA scandal has shocked America to its core and exposed a bloated bureaucracy run amok. What veterans, and all Americans, need is universal health care with equitable access to all citizens. Playing "separate but equal" will no longer work.

President Barack Obama releases statement concerning VA Scandal

Journalist receives unexpected reply from The White House concerning VA Scandal. Says she never expected a reply to come but went out on a limb anyway, this was a topic that breached the heart of our nation. The worst that could happen was no reply."

Human Rights Watch calls for better treatment for addicted vets

New York - A recent report published by Human Rights Watch has found half a million veterans returning home from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have become dependent on drugs.

Shinseki end up 'taking the fall' over VA health care scandal

President Barack Obama announced on Friday that he had accepted Eric Shinseki's resignation as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. This move came after a scathing internal audit that indicated a "systemic" problem has been in the making.

Senate rejects broad and sweeping Veterans Affairs bill

“I don’t know how anyone who voted ‘no’ today can look a veteran in the eye and justify that vote,” Daniel M. Dellinger, national commander of the American Legion said on Thursday after the Senate rejected a sweeping Veterans Affairs bill.

Op-Ed: Inability of the military and law enforcement to deal with PTSD

Surrey - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common in the military, law enforcement officers and first responders. PTSD has resulted in homelessness, domestic abuse, substance abuse and suicides. While PTSD is recognized, the response has been inadequate.

Op-Ed: Canada — Veteran asks veteran advocates to help stop abuse

Ottawa - The Canadian federal government has been negligent and has abused the privacy rights of veterans. One of those veterans, Harold Leduc says that he was subject to abuse by the minister and this abuse has caused his PTSD to worsen.

Canada: Ex-Canadian Veterans Ombudsman treated for PTSD

Ottawa - Colonel Pat Stogran (retired) is a long time advocate of veterans rights. He was appointed Veterans Ombudsman in 2006, but his contract was not renewed in 2010. Stogran says that he is being treated for PTSD as a result of Ottawa's treatment of veterans

Op-Ed: Veteran's Medical Center is a disgrace for Veterans

As our nation’s Veterans return from war, they seek benefits and healthcare to ensure a tolerable lifestyle. Many Veterans are discovering the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical System is more of a letdown than a help.

A Look inside the Department of Veteran’s Affairs on Veterans Day

Families across the United States are quick to forget just how many Veterans from wars that took place so long ago are still around to celebrate this special day with their friends and families.

Obama Picks Army Gen. Shinseki To Head VA

United States President-elect Barack Obama has picked returned Army General Eric K. Shinseki to fill the post to spearhead the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Veterans Affairs Committee In Search Of Geeks? VA Takes Criticism Over New GI Bill

A delay in the new GI Bill, also called the Post 9/11 GI Bill, has many law makers upset, with some going as far as saying that a "geek" could do the job of getting the new system in place. With a deadline of August, 2009, will the VA pull through?

Veterans Affairs Partners With Monster Government Solutions To Find Jobs For Veterans

In a new plan to help veterans obtain employment the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has partnered with Monster Government Solutions to help veterans gain employment.

US Dept. Of V.A. Faces Lawsuits From Veterans Groups For Failing To Stop Suicides

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs is facing numerous lawsuits from various veterans groups across the country. These groups claim that the VA failed to prevent suicides among troops that return from the war zone.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Number of Homeless Veterans Drops 21 Per cent

The number of homeless veterans on a typical night has declined 21 per cent in the past year, due to services offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs and partners in community- and faith-based organizations.

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United States Army veteran James Mitten checks in with Veteran Affairs to verify his eligibility for...
United States Army veteran James Mitten checks in with Veteran Affairs to verify his eligibility for services at the 13th annual StandDown in Phoenix, Arizona February 14, 2014. More than 1500 homeless veterans in the area were expected to receive help from 70 providers with health care, clothing and legal services
Reuters / Samantha Sais
U.S. Capital building  Washington  D.C. 
Photographed 05/04/2005
U.S. Capital building, Washington, D.C. Photographed 05/04/2005
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Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center - Richmond  VA.
Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center - Richmond, VA.
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