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Venice News

Child soldier drama makes Netflix award contender

Venice - Officially its full title is the International Exhibition of the Cinematographic Arts.

Review: 'Comedy of Errors' takes simple approach in Toronto's High Park Special

Toronto - With an implausible plot about mistaken identity and bawdy puns, “The Comedy of Errors” may be the Shakespeare play that's closest to being a “Three's Company” episode. Thankfully, Canadian Stage's new production doesn't pretend it's much more.

Venice mayor arrested in flood barrier fraud probe

Venice - Italy's financial police on Wednesday placed the mayor of Venice under house arrest in a sweeping corruption investigation into a multi-billion-euro flood barrier project to save the island city from rising sea levels.

Italy seizes 'tank' in Venice anti-separatism swoop

Rome - Italian police on Wednesday arrested 24 alleged separatists for terrorism after thwarting a plan to take over St Mark's Square in Venice armed with guns and a rudimentary "tank" made from a digger.

Photographer Adrian McGarry–Venice, Scotland, independence, art Special

Venice - Driven by Scotland's campaign for independence, over 2 million residents in Italy's Veneto region surrounding Venice voted in a poll on breaking away from Italy. Digital artist Adrian McGarry chats about Venice, Scotland, independence and art.

Venice votes to cut ties with Italy in online poll

Rome - Italians in Venice and its surrounding region have voted in an online poll in favour of breaking away from the rest of the country and forming their own state.Over two million residents of the Veneto region took part in the week-long survey, with 89 pe...

Venice says Rome treats it 'like suburb of Roman Empire'

Rome - Rome treats Venice and the surrounding area "like the suburbs of the Roman Empire", the president of the Veneto region said Wednesday, as local residents vote on whether to split from Italy."Rome thinks it is still an empire.

Venice votes on cutting ties with Italy

Rome - Italians in Venice and its surrounding region are voting this week on whether to break away from the rest of the country and form their own country, organisers told AFP on Monday.The online vote, organised by local independence parties, is not legally ...

Review: Travel Europe on a budget, but always stay in style

Times are tough these days with the economic crisis, but we all still need a break from the stresses of everyday life in general. The good news is that you can now stay in Europe at budget prices, but still in the best of style, in a luxury hostel.

Engine fire on cruise ship 'Zenith' caused overnight ordeal

Around 1,672 mostly Spanish passengers and 600 crew members were adrift in the Adriatic Sea, after an engine fire caused the 21-year-old cruise ship to halt overnight between Ravenna and Venice in Italy.

Video: Carnival of Venice begins with 'Flight of the Angel'

Venice - The fabulous Carnival of Venice kicked off on February 3 with the spectacular "Flight of the Angel," where a costumed lady glides on a harness from the bell tower of St Mark's Basilica down to a stage below.

Video: Helicopter flood rescue in Tuscany caught on helmet cam

Following heavy rains and strong winds parts of central Italy, including Tuscany and Umbria, have been submerged by flood waters. In the dramatic footage, a firefighter winches a person to safety from the rooftop of their flooded home.

Venice, Italy flooded with high tide and rain (video)

Venice - Venice has been inundated with high water levels since Thursday, due to a high tide. The city is on high alert as the water is not expected to recede for at least 15 hours.

Venice and Veneto region seeking independence from Italy (video)

Venice - First it was Scotland and Catalonia protesting for independence, now the people of Venice and the Veneto area of Italy also want to be separate, free and on their own.

2012 Venice Film Festival changes focus looking for some respect

Venice - Film Festivals around the world seem to be battling each other for bigger stars and bigger movies but this year's Venice Film Festival, that opened August 29th, is turning its attention away from celebrity and back to the films.

Study: Make Venice float to save it from flooding

A team of Italian scientists recently suggested Venice could gain relief from frequent flooding and gradual sinking, messes worsened by rising seas, through a project centered on pumping seawater into a circle of 12 aquifers under the canal-crossed city.

Italian couple use the law to evict grown son

An elderly Italian couple turned to the law to evict their 41-year-old son who refused to leave their home. The parents had enough of cooking his meals and washing his clothes, they told journalists.

Venice To Get Half Its Electricity From Algae By 2011

The city of Venice hopes to get at least 50 per cent of electricity from renewable sources by the year 2011. It plans to use algae to generate electricity.

‘Vampire’ found near Venice

Archaeologists have exhumed the body of a 16th Century woman near Venice. The woman was found to have a brick between her jaws.

Venice to ban rice at weddings over pigeons

Mayor of Venice is preparing a law measure to ban throwing rice at newly weds in order to fight against pigeons soiling at its famous squares and damaging the marble statues and buildings.

Brad Pitt, Woody Allen talk about their films at Venice

Venice - Brad Pitt and Woody Allen shared the limelight at the Venice Film Festival and talked about what their movies showing at the event mean to them. Pitt, 43, always thronged by fans at the Lido, stars in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Cowar

The stars come out as Venice opens its 64th film fest

Venice - The 64th Venice Film Festival formally opened Tuesday to the flashing of cameras, applause of thousands of fans, and a touch of star glamour in the form of Vanessa Redgrave, Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.

1,000 Year-old Manuscript Meets the Digital Age

How do you make the oldest known copy of Homer's Iliad available to scholars without subjecting it to wear and tear and the dangers of light, heat, and humidity? With a 39-megapixel digital camera and a 3-D laser scanner on a robot arm. And lots of care.

Venice wants St Mark's Tourists Dressed and Tidy

Venice wants to keep Saint Mark's Square clean and tidy, no fast foods or drinking outside.

Carnival time in venice

Italian lagoon city with all its charm

Venice Film Festival Honors

VENICE (dpa) - Indian film "Monsoon Wedding" has won top honors at the 58th annual Venice Film Festival. The festival's seven member jury selected Mira Nair's film about the clash between tradition and modernity from 20 films in 11 languages. The G...

Las Vegas Discovers High Art, Fine Cuisine And Theme Hotels

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA (dpa) - Just a year ago Thomas Krens, director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation hardly wasted a thought on Las Vegas, the gambling paradise in the Nevada Desert. "I could hardly imagine working together with Las Vegas as an ...

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Venice Image

Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Walking in Venice  Italy  a city built upon the Venetian Lagoon  the Mediterranean region s largest ...
Walking in Venice, Italy, a city built upon the Venetian Lagoon, the Mediterranean region's largest wetland ecosystem, all too often requires wading through flood waters.
Roberto T/
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
Nanjing Road in Shanghai.
Agnieszka Bojczuk
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Generator Venice  luxury hostel on Giudecca Island  Venice  Italy - outside the door.
Generator Venice, luxury hostel on Giudecca Island, Venice, Italy - outside the door.
Workers at a decontamination site in Venice  La.  bundle oil containment boom after it was replaced ...
Workers at a decontamination site in Venice, La., bundle oil containment boom after it was replaced by clean boom and cleaned
US Coast Guard
Tourists and locals enjoy a ride on the famous gondolas of Venice in one of the city s many waterway...
Tourists and locals enjoy a ride on the famous gondolas of Venice in one of the city's many waterways.
Piazzetta San Marco in Venezia - view from Basilica San Marco.
Piazzetta San Marco in Venezia - view from Basilica San Marco.
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
High tide floods Venice  Italy
High tide floods Venice, Italy
Video screen capture
Carnival of Venice 2010
Carnival of Venice 2010
Frank Kovalchek
High tide floods St. Mark s Square  Venice  Italy
High tide floods St. Mark's Square, Venice, Italy
Video screen capture
Flight of the Angel at the opening of Carnival of Venice 2013
Flight of the Angel at the opening of Carnival of Venice 2013
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011
Venice  Italy 2011
Venice, Italy 2011