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Vending machine News

Ford and Alibaba partner to open 'car vending machine' in China

Car shoppers in Guangzhou, China now have the ability to buy or try a car using a smartphone app and a car vending machine. The facility came out of a partnership signed two years ago between Ford Motors and Alibaba.

World's first vending machine for the homeless is totally free

Homeless people in the United Kingdom can now obtain food or other personal items like socks or a toothbrush from a vending machine at no cost any time of the day or night, thanks to a local charity called Action Hunger.

Vending machine feeds stray dogs in exchange for bottles

Istanbul - A Turkish company is aiming to encourage recycling and help feed Istanbul’s massive stray dog population by using vending machines that dispense dog food in exchange for plastic bottles.

Missing 3-year-old boy found in an arcade claw machine with toys

A three-year-old boy crawled up into a claw machine and enjoyed playing with the toys inside while his mother searched for him.

Colorado gets its first weed vending machine

Pro-marijuana state Colorado is bound to get even thicker with haze, following the unveiling of its most recent marijuana-friendly vending machine.

Woman torches vending machine after it takes her money

New Bern - A North Carolina woman has admitted she intentionally lit a soda vending machine at a grocery store on fire after it kept her money.

Japan unveils vending machine with animations and touch-screen

Japan has just introduced the next generation of vending machines. Boasting a 65-inch high definition screen and beautiful animated graphics, the future of mechanized soda distribution just took a turn for the aesthetically pleasing.

Evolution of French Cuisine: Baguettes sold at vending machine

Paris - The baguette comes with every meal at all times of the day. One innovative baker has come up with a vending machine that gives the French fresh baguettes. The process is very similar to the Western machine of chocolate bars and chips.

German vending machines now sell miniature art in boxes

Dozens of vending machines selling reasonably priced miniature artwork in little boxes have been installed across Germany by an artist wanting to make it easy for everyone to access the world of art.

Vending machine of the future links credit card to thumbprint

Boston - Next Generation Vending and Food Service is experimenting with biometric vending machines that would link credit cards to thumbprints. The company president feels "for a certain demographic that is pretty cool."

Ontario Slated To Allow Vending Machines For Pharmacies Special

The health minister for Ontario, David Caplan will be introducing legislation next week for the use of special drug-dispensing machines to speed up the lines at pharmacies.

Italian Vending Machine Offers Hot Pizza

Italian food is famous for being cooked fresh with fresh ingredients, but an entrepreneur wants to popularize his automatic vending machine that will cook pizza with fresh ingredients, including the dough.

Vending Machine Jewelry Poses Lead Poisoning Risk

If your child bought a vending machine necklace for $0.25 this past year, you might want to take it away from him or her. The paint on some of these (about 900,000 necklaces and bracelets) contains high levels of lead.

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Screenshot of YouTube video of Burritobox vending machine.
Screenshot of YouTube video of Burritobox vending machine.
Carvana Atlanta Vending Machine
Carvana Atlanta Vending Machine
A group of employees examining a smart vending machine.
A group of employees examining a smart vending machine.
A close-up of an average vending machine
A close-up of an average vending machine
This new age vending machine can change your life.
This new age vending machine can change your life.
A vending machine that accepts contactless payments
A vending machine that accepts contactless payments

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