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Why are most electric vehicles still unprofitable?

The growth in electric cars has not been as great as some market analysts have predicted. A new study shows that prices have been cut but demand has yet to compensate for the price reduction.

Q&A: Looking into the future of autonomous vehicle safety Special

How safe are autonomous vehicles? rideOS CEO and co-founder, Justin Ho, believes that in order to bring AV fleets to market there needs to be an underlying technology enabling vehicles to speak with one another.

City of Calgary runs successful e-scooter pilot

Calgary - The City of Calgary has published a report on its e-scooter pilot. The full report, which addresses both shared e-bikes and shared e-scooters, shows that the mobility scheme has been a success.

Ford partners Geotab for integrated vehicle telematics

Ford and Geotab have announced their partnership to integrate Ford vehicle data into the MyGeotab platform. This is for vehicles manufactured in 2020 and beyond.

Swiss drone crashes near children, leading to drone suspension

Concern has been expressed over drone safety as a drone fell out of the sky and crashed a few yards away from a group of children in Switzerland. This has led to the suspension of the entire drone delivery network for the operating company involved.

Fiat Chrysler sees massive drop in profits in Q1 2019

Car manufacturer Fiat has not had a good start to 2019. The Italian-U.S. based company has reported a plunge in profits by 47 percent. The company is connecting this decline on a change to production methods and is confident of a turnaround.

Q&A: Dangers of operating vehicles with aftermarket brake pads Special

The Global Brake Safety Council have assessed the non-existent federal and state regulations in the aftermarket brake pad market. This shows the higher risk of brake failure if they are constructed with substandard materials.

U.S. electric car registrations double over the course of a year

The U.S. has seen considerable growth with electric car registrations, with the number of vehicles being registered growing two-fold between 2017 and 2018. The majority of these registrations were concentrated in the state of California.

Autonomous cars are not happening anytime soon: Ford

Self-driving cars, which promise to make our journeys far easier, are further away from launching on a mass scale and being sold to consumers according to the CEO of Ford, Jim Hackett

Why edge computing is key to developing autonomous cars

Edge computing, which involves bringing the processing data near the edge of a network, promises many advantages for developing self-driving vehicles including response times, as well as delivering lower costs.

Acura recalls over 360,000 SUVs due to fault

Honda has triggered a recall of some 360,000 MDX SUVs. The worldwide recall of the luxury car range has been triggered due to a fault with the vehicle's tail lights - they are not water-tight.

Study: Who will control the data for autonomous vehicles?

Dartmouth - Self-driving cars, like many inventions of the data-driven age, collect huge volumes of data, relating to the performance of the car and geospatial information. Who will, and who should, own this data? A new study assesses the importance.

Technology advances help autonomous vehicles see around corners

There have been many imaging advances with autonomous vehicles, as the technology moves towards wider implementation. One technological challenge and an areas linked to enhanced safety, is the ability to see around corners.

Key drivers for electric vehicles in 2019

Electric vehicles are set to grow considerably in 2019. Casting an eye into the new future, design company ByteSnap have put forward a set of reasons why electric vehicles and associated technologies are set to grow.

Finland produces the first AI-based driver’s log

Technology company Kiho have built an artificial intelligence vehicle log, intended to assist drivers. The digital log can differentiate between a driver's working time driving and leisure time driving, with a view to reduce accidents.

Q&A: GasMob, new app for refueling corporate fleets Special

GasMob is an innovative new mobile app that connects consumers and businesses directly to on-site refueling experts. There are no monthly membership or delivery fees. Co-founder Adam Cooper explains how the technology works.

Digital transformation strategy for the automotive sector

Automotive companies are rethinking their business strategies, in terms of how production processes can be improved and how they gain greater insights into customer preferences through digital technology. These factors are the subject of a new IBM report.

Electric vehicles and drones set to disrupt transport

Dublin - The wider use of electric vehicles and drones is among the technological innovations set to disrupt the transportation sector and aligned businesses in the near future, according to a new poll of industry leaders and consumers.

GM becomes first automobile company to have two female leaders

General Motors has become the first automobile manufacturer in history to appoint two women into senior executive positions. Women now occupy the CEO and CFO roles.

Making autonomous vehicles safer

The car company NEVS and the technology form Phantom Auto are to collaborate on autonomous vehicle technology, specifically in working on designs to help make vehicles safer.

Automobile makers come together for blockchain research

A sign of the importance of blockchain technology for major businesses, world’s largest car manufacturers have announced forming the biggest-ever consortium to examine the potential of blockchain for the sector.

VW plans reforms to move away from dieselgate

Tarnished by the diesel emissions scandals (where cars were modified to provide misleading readings) the German car giant Vollswaggen has announced a series of measures to improve the company's image.

Germany's electric vehicle adoption open to Tesla

Last years Germany introduced a plan to boost electric vehicle adoption through new incentives, including a €4,000 discount at the purchase. Tesla was left out of the progam, but after negotiation the U.S. company has been admitted.

Lowering fleet operating costs with technology

Reducing costs is paramount to any business and this includes controlling fleet costs. There are smart technological solutions that assist with this, including mileage trackers, GPS speed trackers to monitor speed, and fuel trackers.

Autonomous vehicles could be bad for the environment

Detroit - There are many advantages that can be delivered by autonomous cars but environmental impact might not be one of them unless modifications are undertaken to the size and weight of the technology, according to a new research study.

Porsche: First Car Company to incorporate blockchain

Porsche has become the first car company to implement blockchain in a vehicle. Areas covered include locking and unlocking the vehicle via an app and time-limited access authorizations.

Self-driving robotic delivery vehicles tested

The automation of retail is extending out in many directions, from self-service to drones. Another area being developed is with self-driving delivery vehicles. A new startup has unveiled a robotic solution.

Porsche doubles electric car budget

High-end care manufacturer Porsche aims to launch an electric car within the next two years. This will be the German car manufacturer’s first foray into the world of electric vehicles, a signal that many car manufacturers see the future as electric.

BMW invests in low temperature batteries

The next generation of electric cars will require more powerful and more efficient batteries. Car giant BMW is investing in a new type of low temperature battery based on lithium ion battery technology.

Essential Science: Zero emission vehicles are on the horizon

Hydrogen may be a small molecule but scientists have big ideas for the element. This includes low cost, high output fuel generation for next-generation vehicles.
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Candidates for restoration were for sale at the show.
Candidates for restoration were for sale at the show.
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A car shown room in Slovenia.
A car shown room in Slovenia.
A homeless man lives on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in 2009.
A homeless man lives on the streets of downtown Los Angeles in 2009.
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Vehicles lining up to save some money before the HST kicks in.
Vehicles lining up to save some money before the HST kicks in.
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Traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada
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Exhaust from the tailpipe of a car.

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