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Vegetarianism News

One in three vegetarians admits to eating meat while drunk

A recent study undertaken in the UK suggests that meat consumption among inebriated vegetarians is more common than one might think.

Op-Ed: 'Beef with Meat' speaks of a 'Raw' movement going on for 20 years Special

Austin - This reporter stumbled across a book that debut in 2013 called, "My Beef with Meat - The healthiest argument for eating a plant-strong diet, by firefighter Rip Esselstyn.

'A plate of human flesh': World Day for Farmed Animals in Spain

Barcelona - Under the slogan "How much cruelty can you swallow?", a live "performance" took place on Wednesday at the Mercat del Born in Barcelona, Spain, to make the public aware of all the suffering behind their food.

NYC public school adopts all-vegetarian menu

New York - An elementary school in New York City has eliminated all meat from its cafeteria menu, becoming what may be the first public school in the nation to go completely vegetarian.

Row over eggs cracks world's vegetarians

In a dispute about the status of eggs, the Indian Vegetarian Congress has split from the International Vegetarian Union. As part of the breakaway, the Indians have created a World Veg Council.

Op-Ed: World’s meat-eaters may be forced to turn vegetarian

Meat-eaters may have to become vegetarians if water shortages and population growth continue. Consumption of protein from animal-based products must drop from the current 20% of the average diet to 5% in order to feed a projected 9 billion people.

Op-Ed: Vegetarianism a ‘threat’- Sydney Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Sydney - The arguments in favour of vegetarianism go back at least to Leonardo Da Vinci. Of world leaders, two of the best known were vegetarians- Gandhi and Hitler. The “threat” of vegetarianism is based against social and cultural norms.

Climate Change Expert: Go Vegetarian to Save Planet

One of the world's leading experts on climate change has said that people becoming vegetarians would help the fight against global warming.

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